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diTella Watermill

In Jan of 2007, Alfonso diSanza d'Alena sent me some photos of a watermill on the Vallone near SPA that was owned by the diTella family.

From Alfonso diSanza d'Alena:
"My great grand father Tommaso Cipriano diTella, owned the mill, and actually my mother owns it too (what remains of it) and the ground that surrounds it."
Cipriano diTella is my great granduncle, brother to my great grandmother, Doristella diTella and to another great granduncle, Teridano diTella.

The Watermill.
According to Alfonso, this photo was taken after the mill was no longer operating. It was situated near the Bosco di Sant'Amico. The watermill was destroyed by the Germans in 1943.

From Alfonso diSanza d'Alena:
"The young woman in the centre of the photo is my mother Laura. There's also my grandmother Venusta, but I can't identify her. The date is about 1940."

For a closeup of the women, click here.
  Pianta del mulino al Vallone
Fatta dal 188? ?? Domenico Salvatore
Spettante per porzione ad Eliseo

Mark's note: Eliseo is the son of Tommaso Cipriano diTella.
Translated by Alfonso diSanza d'Alena:
Plan of the mill to the Vallone (Vallone is the name of the place)
designed about 188(?) d. Domenico Salvatore
being up in portion to Eliseo.

Alfonso wrote: "The Vallone is not a river; it's a stream that runs in the Bosco of S.Amico. I don't know if it flows directly in the Sangro River or if it flows in one of its affluent. For sure its water goes in someway into the Sangro River."

The ruins of the watermill today.

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