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The SPA reunions continued from the 1925 and 1926 get togethers. They didn't happen every year.

1937 Youngstown, OH

From:    "Glorine  Carozza" <>
Date:    Thu, 15 Nov 2007 14:49:57 -0500

Dear Mark, One of the pictures had a little boy and two little girls and several woman in it.  If nobody has identified them for you, the little boy is my cousin Joey DiMuzio and next to him is Daya and then Mary.  I showed the picture to Daya and she said the bigger boy is your Uncle Pauly.  I don't know who the two women on each end are.  Daya said that was a picture taken at a picnic in Youngstown, Ohio, so they may be from there.  The woman holding the little boy is Rosie D'Achille and that's her son Larry.  Next to her is my Aunt Lena DiMuzio.  Hope I have helped.  Glorine

Glorine's father is Ferdinando "Ferd" diMuzio, the brother of Jim DiMuzio who was a close friend of my grandparents. Lena was Jim diMuzio's wife. The D'Achille's lived next door to my grandparents in Beaver Falls, PA

1977 in Campbell, OH

Wendy Frazzini McFarland sent me a  photo of the 1977 SPA picnic.

1978 in Campbell, OH

Wendy Frazzini McFarland sent me some photos of the 1978 SPA picnic.
From Wendy McFarland:

Hi Mark,  I have finally scanned some photo's.  This photo is one of my favorites. It was taken at a Frazzini Family Reunion at Roosevelt Park in Campbell Ohio, August 20, 1978.  Campbell is near Youngstown.  The people in the picture are L to R.  Adam Sozio, Maria Di Tullio Frazzini, Santo (Sam) Frazzini and Nazarene Frazzini.  To the rear right is Leonard Frazzini.  The family relation among them is as follows:  Adam's mother was Giroloma Frazzini who was Sam's sister.  Maria's husband Enrico was Sam's brother.  Nazarene is the son of Maria & Enrico.  Leonard is Sam's son.  My explanation is all in relationship to Sam, my grandfather. The reunion attendee's are descendant's of Maria Grazia Ludovica Di Lorenzo Frazzini (1865-1922) & Silvestro Ludivico Frazzini (1869- before 1912) ~wendy

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