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Colaianni in Chicago

These photos are from Rayna Valentine. Rayna's mother was a Colaianni. Her family is descendents from  Pasquale Amico Colaianni and Rosa Concetta Giovanna Carlino. Rayna is the granddaughter of Pasquale's grandson Adelmo. Branches of the family ended up in Pocatello, Chicago and Beaver Falls. The page shows some photos from Rayna of the Chicago branch. You can follow the family in my family tree data base. Some other Colaianni photos, sent to me by Shirley Sinclare, can be found here.

My mother visited the Chicago Colaianni's in 1943 with Ercole Colaianni (from Beaver Falls).

The branch headed by Pasquale's son Emiddio Sabatino mostly lived in Pocatello, ID after spending time in Denver and Ogden.

This branch is headed by Pasquale's son Daniele and his wife Filomena diCianno. There was one daughter: Maria Vincenza and four sons: Ercole (who lived in Beaver Falls) and Fiorillo (Frank) , Anselmo and Arturo (Arduino, called Arthur) who lived in Chicago.

Here is some information on a different branch of the Colaianni family.

Date sent:    Wed, 19 Apr 2023 16:26:54 +0000 (UTC)
From:    Arthur Cola <>
Subject:    Arthur Colaianni family from SPA

This photo of Arthur Colaianni,( wearing suit jacket) found in your SPA articles is of my grandfather. His son (my father), and now my son and grandson carry his name as well. His brothers Earl and Anselmo stayed in Pittsburgh when he migrated to Chicago. My Uncle Bernard Colaianni dated Mary Colaianni of Pocatello ID before she met Ralph who would become her husband. This connection to Mary, I kept up through the years. 

Arturo Colaianni and his four children. His wife, Libby diSanza, died in 1950. This photo was taken in 1955.

Date:            Sun, 22 Apr 2007 21:30:33 -0500
From:            Angie Frazzini <>
Subject:         So, I talked to my dad....

Hello! I know I sent you an email earlier, but my dad just got home and I showed him the pictures from Rayna and his jaw hit the floor and kept on goin'....

My dad guesses that the connection comes in with Libbie diSanza Coliainni (sp). Her mother, like in your family tree, was married, and her first husband died, so she married, my dad's grandfather Nunzio. Libbie must have changed her name when her mother remarried. Nunzio and Maria Rosa (who may father always knew as Rosa) had three children: Pasquelina (Lina, d. 1988), Ferdinand married Margurite Kauth, d. 1983), and Josephine. Ferdinand and Margurite had three children: Ferdinand (b. 1948, aka Fred), and Lawrence and Charles (twins, b. 1951). Charles is my father, he married Mary Bizic in 1977 and I was born in 1984 and my sister Gina Theresa  was born in 1986.

I showed my dad the Coliainni pictures of the Chicago family from your website, and he noticed a few people who weren't named in the photos. In the second picture down, of the large group around the table, a few of the unnamed people are: Michael Guil(l)iano, aka Buddy...he's the unnamed grandchild (on the left). He is the son of Josephine (Frazzini) Guiliano...he's the son of my father's aunt.

My dad recognized instantly the person hiding his face--3rd from right. He is Antionette's husband George father said he died approx. 1995. Also, the spelling of these names is entirely a guesstimate.

In the 4th picture down, with the standing lady in the dark dress is my dad's aunt Lina (Pasquelina). She was the oldest sister of Ferdinand Frazzini (my paternal grandfather) and Josephine Frazzini.

My dad was 4 years old at the time these photos were taken, and he remembers going to Edward Coliainni's wedding later that year or sometime in 1956 (it may have been spring/summer 1956). My dad also remembers his uncle Arthur dying in winter 1958/59.

In the pictures...the smaller child named Ronnie now lives in Wisconsin. His father was Art (in the pictures). (Wanda married Arthur Coliainni-4th face from left...Art)

Also, in looking at the familiy trees on your website, we noticed that all the Freds in the family were labeled as Frederick. Their names are actually Ferdinand...the Italian version. My uncle Fred was born Ferdinand but always goes by Fred...same with his son, and we still call him Freddie. So he wouldn't be Ferdiand III, they named him Ferdinand Hugh (after his maternal g-gpa). His mother is Karen Rogers Frazzini, and in addition to Freddie, they have twins: Peter and Kristie (b. 1986) and Kathleen (b. 1990). My dad's twin, Larry, has 5 kids with his wife, Virginia (Ginny). They are Tony, (Anthony, b. 1983), Pamela (Pam, b. 1985), Holly (b. 1987), and Amy and Christopher (Chris, twins, b. 1990). Do you know if there's any record of twins going back further than this particular branch of Frazzini's? My father thinks there may have been but he's not entirely sure!

Anyway, not sure if any of this can help! My dad always remembers hearing about a Betty Frazzini, but he doesn't know if he ever met your mother or not...but Italians always talk about family, so he may just remember hearing your mother's name without actually having met her!

My parents can't believe all the information you've put together! We kept scanning family trees and my dad kept saying, "I've never seen so many Frazzinis in one place...." He's even searched the Ellis Island databases, but since we learned that Frazzini was once Frazzino, that explains why we can't find any good information!

Hope this links us somehow! It'd be great to know where we line up in the grand scheme of the Frazzini family!

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