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Chandernagor arriving at the Port of New York, 15 Apr 1887

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The manifest for the 15 Apr 1887 arrival shows the Chandernagor sailed from Naples, Italy.

On the manifest, it is indicated that all of these people were from San  Pietro Avellana, Italy. I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Sex Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Carlino, Domenico Antonio 23y Male Laborer 1864 Domenicantonio Carlino 30 Oct 1864 Achille  Filomena Morelli 1900 Census, Pitkin, CO. Living with Sabatino and Raffaele Colaizzi.
See 1901 Passport Application. DOB 30 Oct 1864.
Donatelli, Felice 25y Male Merchant 1862 not found        
Mosca, Antonio 12y Male ?? 1875 Antonio Mosca, born in Carpineto della Nora, Pescara, Italy Nicola (from son's SPA marriage record) Anna Luisa Fabrizio (from son's SPA marriage record) Lived in Donaldsonville, LA. More on this web page. His is also in my family tree data base. His wife, Michelina diTella is my 3C3R. They were married on 31 Jul 1892.

1893 NY arrival lists 22y which would place year of birth as 1871.
Palumbo, Vincenzo 33y Male Laborer 1854 Vincenzo Gioacchio Palumbo 26 Jul 1853 Angelo Nunziata Morelli  
Gatti, Domenico 27y Male Laborer 1860 Domenico Gatti 1859 Antonio Maria Carmina Musillo  
Morgano, Carmine 23y Male Laborer 1864 Carmelo Sabatino 1863   Maria Filomena Morelli  Ellis Island 18 Mar 1908, arrived with son Nicola Morgano, 12y, wife in SPA Giuseppa Iannacchione, going to cousin Carmine Morelli, Colorado Springs, CO.
Carlino, Domenico 45y Male Laborer 1842 Domenicantonio Carlino 30 Jan 1842 Marco Rosa Vincenza Carlino Also arrived on the 1882 Ferdinand de Lesseps.
Domenicantonio Carlino 21 May 1842 Celestino Caterina diGiacomo Another person with the same parents was on this this ship, see Angelantonio Carlino.
diGiacomo, Giuseppe 35y Male Laborer 1852 Arcangelo Gabriele Giuseppe diGiacomo 18 Mar 1851 Domenico  Aurora diGiacomo   
Colaizzi, Raffaele 16y Male Laborer 1871 Raffaele Colaizzi abt Feb 1871
Amico Antonio  Doralice diCianno  1900 Census, Pitkin, CO. Living with Sabatino and Domenicantonio Carlino.
Colajanni, Aniceto 16y Male Shoemaker 1871 Nunzio Aniceto Colajanni 1871 #42     1897 birth of son, Angelo Benedetto, wife Amalia Coia. His age as shown as 26y.
Colajanni, Domenico 24y Male Laborer 1863 Domenicantonio Colajanni 21 Jan 1863 Bernardino Elisia diGiacomo .
Labate, Onorato 29y Male Laborer 1858 not found        
Colavecchio, Felice 29y Male Blacksmith 1858 Felice Amico Colavecchio 16 Nov 1858 Michelangelo Teresa Rossi 1869 SPA Status Animarum
Colicihio, Emilio 34y Male Laborer 1853 not found        
diLorenzo, Pasquale 15y Male Laborer 1872 Pasquale diLorenzo 1871     Notation on birth record: married to Maria Concetta Labate.
diTella, Cristinziano 42y Male Laborer 1845 Cristinziano diTella 2 Jul 1845 Emiddio Daria Enrica Colajanni  
Mastrojanni, Amicantonio 27y Male Laborer 1860 Amicantonio Mastrojanni 3 May 1860 Pompilio Domenica diCianno 1869 SPA Status Animarum
Frazzini, Adonzio 22y Male Stonecutter 1865 Adonzio Filippo Frazzino 13 May 1865 Sabatino Maria Colarosa See 1900 US Passport Application
Ricci, Umberto 25y Male Stonecutter 1862 Umberto Ricci 15 Apr 1862 Alesandro Magnifica diGiacomo 1869 SPA Status Animarum
Ricci, Stefano 25y Male Laborer 1862 Stefano Sebastiano Ricci 18 Jan 1862 Luigi Diana diLorenzo 1869 SPA Status Animarum
Married to Maria Liberata diGiacomo.
Morelli, Carmine 26y Male Laborer 1861 Antonio Carmine Morelli 14 Aug 1860 Antonio Francesca Esposito 1869 SPA Status Animarum

Referenced in the 1898 EI arrival of wife, Domenica Gentile, and two children. They were going to Carmine in Rock Springs, WY.
Ricci, Fiorentino 24y Male Laborer 1963 Fiorantino Ricci 19 Oct 1862 Amicantonio Maria Colajanni Wife and children arrived on the Nubia in 1888.

1869 SPA Status Animarum
diFraino, Aurico 50y Male Laborer 1837 not found        
Carlino, Angelantonio 50y Male ?? 1837 Angiolo Antonio Carlino 7 Nov 1836 Celestino Caterina diGiacomo 1869 SPA Status Animarum

Another person with the same parents was on this this ship, see Domenico Carlino

About the Chandernagor 1887

From The Ships List :

3,075 gross tons, length 341.2ft x beam 40.3ft, one funnel, two masts, iron hull, single screw, speed 11 knots. Launched on 5th Jun.1887 by Wm. Denny & Bros, Dumbarton for Compagnie Nationale de Navigation, Marseilles, she was used initially on the Marseilles to Indo-China service. On 14th Jan.1887 she started her first Marseilles - Naples - New York voyage and made 19 round voyages on this route, the last starting on 11th Apr.1896. Sep.1899 sold to other French owners and renamed ALEXANDRE III, On 10th Mar.1902 she was sunk in collision with the British ship ASHMADI in Jeddah harbour. [North Atlantic Seaway, vol.3 by N.R.P.Bonsor]

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