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Ancestors of Charles Lee Baker

Ann Marie "Polly" Bollinger and her daughter Eliza Smith

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This web page outlines what I know about Ann Marie "Polly" Bollinger and her daughter Eliza Smith. Unless I note otherwise, this all takes place in North Carolina.

Our story starts over 200 years ago when, on 28 Feb 1761, Christian Bollinger was born to Jacob Hans Bollinger and Anna Maria Bauman. Jacob Hans Bollinger was born in Switzerland. Anna Maria Bauman was born in York County, PA. Some records show Christian was also born in Switzerland but some show he was born in PA. There are web sites that trace this family back a couple more generations.

Sometime before 1784, Christian married Maria Margaretha "Margaret" Runk (Runck) and had four children, all born in York County, PA:
    Christian b: 8 FEB 1784
    Legion b: 9 FEB 1785
    Anna Susannah b: 25 MAY 1789
    Anna Marie b: 18 DEC 1791

According to the Catawba County Heritage Book:
"Christian Bollinger came from Switzerland and settled in PA. Was an early pioneer of what is now Catawba County. He went west on a hunting trip with nine other men: only one returned. He reported that Christian Bollinger with the others had been killed and scalped by Indians. The widow of Christian and her children came from PA, by wagon train, about 1800. She settled in what is now Catawba Co."

From the NC GenWeb web site:
"Those settling in the Catawba Valley were originally of two distinct communities: Those speaking German and those speaking English. The Palatine Germans and Swiss generally found land to their liking in the northern portion of the county which resembled the ridges and rolling hills of their homeland. For the most part, the Scot-Irish and English settlers formed the communities in the south-east part of the county."

Soon after arriving in what is now Catawba County (it was all Lincoln Co then), Margaret married Jacob Seabaugh (Seabach/Sebach).

They had at least one more child, Margaret born 12 Dec 1801.

Jacob Seabaugh died 22 Dec 1809 in Lincoln Co, NC making Margaret a widow for the second time.

From "Lincoln Co NC Will Abstracts 1779-1910" FHL 975.6782 p28m : #1095 "Jacob Sebach, will dated Nov 1804, probate Jan 1810. wife Margaret. Her children and wife's children by her first husband: Jacob Sebach, Peter Sebach, Lionder Bollinger, Christian Bollinger, Susanna Bollinger, Anna Mary Bollinger. My youngest children John Sebach and Margaret Sebach. My other children: Catharina Sebach, Joseph Sebach, Georg Sebach, Magdalena Sebach, and Elizabeth Sebach. EXEC. Peter Hoyl, Henry Roth. WIT: Abraham Smith, Christian Sebach".

Note about Lincoln Co : Lincoln Co was formed in 1779 out of Tryon Co which was abolished. Rutherford Co was simultaneously formed out of Tryon. In 1782, the part of Burke Co roughly corresponding to present-day Catawba Co was added to Lincoln.

Two of her children with Christian Bollinger married:
    Christian to Sally Reynolds on 9 Jan 1837 in, Lincoln, NC.
    Legion to Catherine Killian on 24 Dec 1808 in, Catawba, NC. Legion died about 1858 and is recorded in will book 1-139 in Catawba Co.

I can't find a marriage for Anna Susannah or Anna Marie.

Church records at Daniel's German Reformed Church lists church members for 1833. Both a Polly Bollinger and a Mary Bollinger are listed as members.

Anna Marie never married. By 1840, she had (most likely) adopted a daughter, Eliza Goens Smith. Eliza was born about Dec 1832 to, as yet, unknown parents but of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction (  I think I have found Eliza's parents. Click here.  ). From Eliza's death certificate, her mother's maiden name was Lenard or Leonard. From "The Centennial History of Oregon" her maiden name was Goens (other variations that I have seen are Goins, Goin, and Goings). In the 1840 census, Margaret Seabaugh, Anna Marie Bollinger and Eliza Smith were living in Upper Regiment Militia, in what was then Lincoln County, NC

In 1842, Catawba County was formed from the northern part of Lincoln County.

In 1846, Gaston County was formed from the southern part of Lincoln County.

1895 Lincoln County
Catawba County is just to the north and
Gaston County is just to the south

Margaret Seabaugh died on 3 Mar 1848 in Lincoln Co NC and is buried by her 2nd husband Jacob Seabach (Lincolnton, Lincoln Co, NC)

From "Lincoln Co NC Will Abstracts 1779-1910" FHL 975.6782 p28m : #1096 "Margaret Sebach, will dated 25 Jul 1843, probate March 1848. Daughter Mary. To Eliza Mahaly Smith. EXEC. son Legion Bullinger. WIT. Henry Rhodes, Calab Miller. Book 2 pg 295".

By 16 Sep 1850, Anna Marie, who we now learn was called Polly, age 59 years, was living with Eliza Smith, age 17 years. From the 1850 census, we also learn that Eliza was born in NC. They were still living in Lincoln County.

Sometime in the 1850's, Polly and Eliza moved from Lincoln County to Hickory Tavern, Catawba County. They moved in next door to Polly's nephew Michael Bollinger and his family. Michael was a farmer. I believe Polly lived next door to Michael until at least 1880.

In Sep 1859, Eliza had her first daughter, Alice (a later census told us that she was Mary Alice).

By 28 Jul 1860, Polly (in the census as Mary), Eliza and Alice were living in Hickory Tavern, Catawba County. Mary/Polly was 68 years old, Eliza was 27 years old and Alice was 1 year old. Eliza was a weaver. They lived next door to Michael Bollinger and wife Catherine. Michael was Polly's nephew. They also lived next door to Wesley and Margaret Miller and their family. Wesley and Margaret had 3 children including 1 year old George W. who would, in 1877, marry Alice Smith.

In February 1861, Eliza had her second daughter, Laura (later we learned she was Laura Ann).

By 20 Jul 1870, Polly, 73y, was still living with Eliza, 33y, in Hickory Tavern and there were now two children, Alice, 10 years, and Laura, 8 years. For the first time, we learn that neither Polly nor Eliza could write, although both could read. They lived next door to Polly's nephew, Michael Bollinger, and his second wife Minerva.

About 1871, Eliza had her third daughter, Lon or Lori.

Throughout all these years, we never learned of a husband of Eliza. From the time she was 17 years old, her surname was Smith.

Alice married M. M. Bollinger on 6 Jan 1877 in Catawba County. Both were 18 years old. M.M. must have died within a short time of their marriage because by the 1880 census, Alice was remarried, to George Miller (her neighbor in the 1860 census), and had a 1 year old daughter.

[Comment from Tony Bollinger : "For M.M. Bollinger, I have no match for the 1859 time frame.  I do not have records for Christian Bollinger's (Legion's brother) grandchildren which could include the M.M. for whom we are looking.  There is also another group of Bollinger's in the area (Heinrich Bollinger line), however most of these moved to Missouri in 1800."]

Laura A. Smith married Felix Baker on 7 Feb 1878 in Newton, Catawba County. Felix was listed as "Fielden N. Baker". Laura was 19 years old and Felix was 23 years old. Felix was from Lincoln County. Witnesses were E.M. Bollinger and Robert (or Robt) Baker. To read more about Fielden and his parents, look at the web page for  Nathan and Susan Baker.

[Aside: E.M. Bollinger is probably Elbirt M Bollinger (27 May 1848 - 10 Dec 1897), the son of Polly's nephew, Michael. Robert Baker was most likely Felix's younger brother.]

1895 Catawba County
Towns of Hickory and Newton

Both Alice and Laura were married by H. (Hyman) A. Forney, Justice of the Peace in Newton, Catawba County.

By the 1880 census, Laura, 20 years old, and husband Felix Baker were living in Hickory, Catawba County. Living with them is their son, Harvey O., 1 year old, mother-in-law, Eliza Smith, 47 years old, Polly Bollinger, 88 years old and sister-in-law, Lon/Lori, 9 years old. We learn in this census that Polly was never married and Eliza Smith was widowed/divorced (although, again, we have never seen a Mr. Smith). This census confirms that Polly and her parents were born in PA. They still lived next door to Polly's nephew, Michael Bollinger, and his wife Minerva.

Felix Baker and Laura Smith were Bette Baker's grandparents.

Polly Bollinger, who adopted Eliza Smith, died about 1882 at the age of 90 years.

The following quote was written by Mrs. Mary E. Eudy (Mary Ellen Bollinger [10 Jul 1892 - 18 Aug 1970], daughter of Sidney L. Bollinger (Sidney Bollinger was the son of Joseph who was the son of Legion who was the son of Christian Bollinger)) - sent to me by Tony Bollinger:

"Miss Polly Bollinger, the daughter of Christian Bollinger, lived in Catawba Co.  She raised Lir Smith.  She was living with the family of George Miller at the time of her death in 1880.  She was about the age of 90 years and was buried at Fairgrove [United Methodist] Church in Catawba Co."

When Tony first sent this historical note to me I didn't have a clue what it meant. Since then we have realized that the transcription as sent to me originally read "raised Lir Smith". Most likely, in the original document, the "r" is really a "z" handwritten in the older style where the tail of the "z" does not go below the line and thus looks like an "r". So this Liz Smith was our Eliza!

And who was George Miller? In the 1880 census, we see George Miller, age 21y, and wife "M.A." Miller, 21y - Mary Alice Smith -  living in Newton Townhsip, Catawba Co. Alice is, of course, Eliza's oldest daughter. With them is their daughter "E.J.", age 1y - this was Emma, born Feb 1879. We learned from later information that his full name was George Wesley Miller but sometimes written as George Washington Miller. So George was her son-in-law. We also learned that Alice went on to have 10 children. We also saw Emma again in the 1900 census in Reedville, Washington Co, Oregon.

Fairgrove United Methodist Church Cemetery is located on Fairgrove Road between highway 64-70 and I-40 exit 128, east of Hickory.  Reference source: Catawba Co Cemeteries, FHL 975.6785 v3C v.3 pg 12.

Sometime between the 1880 census, when Polly Bollinger was living with Felix and Laura Baker and when she died, Polly (and most likely her adopted daughter, Eliza Smith) went to live with George and Alice Miller. To see as much of a detailed time-line from 1880 onward, look at the web page for George and Alice Miller.

Now there is a 20 year gap in information about the family. The 1890 census was almost completely lost in a 10 Jan 1921 fire in the basement of the Commerce Building in Washington, DC. I've filled in here what I could deduce from later information.

About 1889, George and Alice Miller, along with their 4 children moved to Reedville, Washington Co, OR.

Eliza's third child, Lon/Lori, died sometime before 1900 (that census indicates that Eliza had 3 children, 2 of whom are still living - Alice and Laura). From "The Centennial History of Oregon", she died at age 21 which would be about 1892.

About 1892, Eliza Smith moved to Reedville, Washington Co, OR to join her daughter Alice Smith Miller and her son-in-law who had moved there some years earlier.

By the 12 June 1900 census, we find Laura Smith Baker, 39 years old (born Feb 1861) in Gastonia Township, Gaston County, NC. She is shown as Head of Household and is with her five children: Robert, 18y (born Nov 1881), Lestor, 13y (born July 1886), Lela, 10y (born April 1890), Charlie, 6y (born Aug 1893 - Charles Baker is Bette's father) and Cornelius, 2y (born Nov 1897). Felix is gone. We don't know what happened to him. He must have been around to conceive Cornelius as late as 1896 (although Bette Baker Clarno spoke of rumors that Cornelius had a different father). Laura had been married for 22 years and is still shown as married (even though Felix is not listed). She had five children and all five are living (although she really had 8 children by then).

1895 Gaston County
Town of Gastonia

In Reedville, Washington County, OR, the 27 Jun 1900 census shows Eliza Smith, 67y born Dec 1832, living with daughter Mary Alice and son-in-law George Miller. George and Alice had 9 children, 8 of whom are still living. George and Alice's daughter Emma (who we saw in the 1880 census) was married to George W. Taylor and they had one child, Bertie, 1y old.

By 25 April 1910, Laura (49y) is still in Gastonia Township, Gaston County, NC. Living at 17 South Park Ave with sons Thomas (19y or 17y), Charlie (15y) and Cornelius (11y). Laura is shown as widowed but married 32y and she had 8 children.

The 8 children are:
    Harvey Ottis (later Harry O), born 27 Dec 1879 (1880 Census and WWI Draft Registration)
    Robert Alexander, son,  born 15 Oct 1881 (1900 Census and WWI Draft Registration)
    Fannie Alice, daughter, born Mar 1884
    Lester George, son,  born Jul 1886 (1900 Census)
    Lela Mabel, daughter, born 1890 (1900 Census)
    Thomas Loyde, son, born 26 Oct 1892 (1910 Census and WWI Draft Registration [NOTE: he does not appear in the 1900 Census] )
    Charles Lee, son, born Aug 1893 (1900 Census and 1910 Census)
    Cornelius Vanderbilt, son, born Nov 1897 (1900 Census, and 1910 Census)

In Oregon, the 27 Apr 1910 census shows George and Alice still in Reedville, OR. They had had a 10th child by then. Eliza Smith does not appear in this census. Eliza would have been about 77y. I've gone through the Reedville census (26 pages) line by line but did not find Eliza. Also, I can't find her in North Carolina.

According to Bette Baker Clarno:
"I have figured from marriage and death dates that Laura and at least Charles, my father, and Cornelius, the two youngest of the family, moved to Oregon in 1912. Possibly Robert, too."

By the 21 Jan 1920 census, George (61y) and Alice (62y) had moved to Aloha Precinct, Washington Co, OR. Living with them was their youngest son, Edward, 23y. Also with them are Tom Young (59y) and wife Laura (58y - this is Laura Smith Baker Young). Another person, identifed as Elisabeth M Miller (87y and widowed) was with them.  I have found some information on the web that tells me this is really Eliza Smith. A Miller descendent,  Kieth Black wrote
"Elizabeth M Miller is living with them, enumerator states her as being the mother, but she`s actually the mother-in-law and says she was born in NC and her parents born in Pennsylvania".

Kieth had found George Miller's parents and the mother was not this woman. In 1900, Eliza was 67y, so now twenty years later, she is 87y. The census indicates she was born in NC and her parents were born in PA (as we know that Polly Bollinger was - even though Polly was her adoptive mother and we don't know anything about her father).

According to Bette Baker Clarno:
"I have a copy of a wonderful picture that Cornelius's daughter, Ruthann, sent to me a couple of years ago. It shows Cornelius and his new wife, Fay, on their wedding day in 1919. Also in the picture are my father, Charles Lee Baker and my mother, Frances Amelia Martin. They married four months later. Besides them are my grandmother, Laura Baker, and some other men and women, and a man who was definitely a Baker in looks. Could it have been Robert? It was taken in Beaverton, OR which is a suburb of Portland."

22 Mar 1919 Wedding Photo of Cornelius Baker and wife Fay
(I believe that this photo was taken at the home of George and Alice Miller since the 1920 census shows Laura and Tom Young living with the Millers)
Note that it appears that the husband of each woman is sitting on the ground in front of his wife.
It seems like whoever setup this photo, had put people in very specific spots.

Identification (see Key photo below for Person Numbers):

Mark's guesses with help from Bette Clarno Ruthann Baker Bailey, via email May 2007
#1 Fay Etta Curtright (18y), wife of (#8) Cornelius Baker "Fayetta, my mother"
#2 Frances Martin (Bette Baker's mother), wife of (#9) Charles Baker "Betty's mother"
#3 Laura Smith Baker Young (57y), wife of (#10) Thomas Young (and previously, Fielden or Felix Baker) "Laura Smith Young"
#4 ?? Could this be Alice Curtright (56y), Fay Etta's mother, wife of (#11) Benjamin Curtright? (note 1). Alice died after 1930. "Alice Curtwright, Fayetta's mother"
#5 ?? Could this be Mary Alice Smith Miller (61y), wife of (#12) George Miller? (note 2). Alice died 19 May, 1925.
"Ivy Curtwright Brown, Fayetta's sister" (Mark's note: Ivy Brown, 27y, 1920 Census Portland, OR)
#7 ?? (note 3)

Mark's guesses with help from Bette Clarno Ruthann Baker Bailey, via email May 2007
#8 Cornelius Vanderbilt Baker (21y) husband of (#1) Fay Etta Curtright. "For the most part the men are the husbands of the women standing in back of  them."
#9 Charles Lee Baker (24y) (Bette Baker's father) husband of (#2) Frances Martin.  
#10 Thomas Young (58y) 2nd husband of  (#3) Laura Smith.  
#11  ?? Could this be Benjamin F. Curtright (59y), Fay Etta's father and husband of (#4) Alice Curtright? (note 1)
#12 ?? Could this be George Miller (60y), wife of (#5) Mary Alice? (note 2)  
#13 ?? child "I think the child is Doris Brown the daughter of Roy Brown and Ivy. This was their only child. Doris never married and had no children..She died in the l970's in Portland, Ore.  She lived her life with her parents and then lived alone until her death...." (Mark's note: Dorothy Brown, 8y - 1920 Census Portland, OR)
#14 ?? child  
#15 ?? (note 3) "The last man on the right sitting on the ground is Roy Brown, husband of  Ivy. (#6)" (Mark's note: Roy T. Brown, 34y - 1920 Census Portland, OR)

Where is Eliza Smith, mother of Laura and Mary Alice, (86y)? Eliza appears in the 1920 census living with George and Alice Miller. Eliza died August 6, 1920.


(1) On the marriage certificate dated 22(?) March 1919, the name of the bride really looks like Fay Etta Curtright. The witness was B.F. Curtright. Issued by the County of Multnomah. I've found a 1920 census with Benjamin F. Curtright and wife Alice - no children living with them. These people must be in this photo.

Person #6 has a face which has the same general shape as #1 (Fay Etta Curtright) so that is why I think #6 is Fay's mother.

Benjamin Curtright was born in MO about 1860. In the 1900 census, they were in Garfield, OK. Fay was born about 1902 in OK per the 1920 census. In that 1920 census, she is listed as wife of Cornelius.

Oregon Marriages, 1906-20
Name: Curtright, Fay Etta
County: Multnomah
Marriage Date: Mar 1919

Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
Name: Curtright, Benjamin F
County: Portland
Death Date: 30 Dec 1924
Certificate: 3236

By the 1930 census, Cornelius, Fay, 4 children and Alice Curtright were living in Seattle, WA. They are indexed on under "L.V. Bisher".

(2) I have a photo taken in 1880 of George and Alice Miller. Look on this web page. When I compare the faces of persons 5 and 11 with that photo, to me they are same people. I have a photo of George Miller taken in Oregon. It was sent to me by his granddaughter, Nita Rinehart Mede. Click here. That photo is undated but it might help us decide if George is #12 in this photo.

(3) These people look like Bakers but we don't know who they are. I have my guess but I don't have any facts.In May of 2007, Ruthann Baker Bailey told me that Ivy/Iva Curtright married Roy Brown. Ruthann identifed person #15 as Roy Brown. If that is him, then I would guess that person #7 is his wife Ivy/Iva Curtright (27y).  
In May of 2007, Ruthann Baker Bailey identified two of the people in the photo as Roy Brown and his wife, Ivy Curtright Brown. Up to this time, we didn't know of him but we had seen Ivy Curtright living with her parents. I found a little more information:

1900 Census, Portland, OR
Roy T. Brown, 14y living with parents and siblings, born July 1885

1920 Census, Portland, OR
Roy T. Brown, 34y, Trainman for the Railway, born in KS
Iva Brown, 27y, born in KS
Dorothy Brown, 8y, born in OR

Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
Name: Brown, Iva M
County: Multnomah
Death Date: 17 Feb 1962
Certificate: 2836
Age: 71
Spouse: Roy

Frances Martin and Charles Baker married a few months after Fay and Cornelius Baker married.

By 1920, Charles Baker, married to Frances Martin, was in Multnomah, OR, Cornelius Baker, married to Fay Etta Curtright (sometimes seen as Marietta), was also in Multnomah, OR, Robert Baker, married to Myrtle, was in Gastonia Township, Gaston County, NC and Harvey O. Baker was in South Point Township, Gaston County, NC

ca 1920  Charles Baker and mother, Laura Smith Baker

Eliza Smith died soon after the 1920 census. From the Oregon death index, she died on August 6, 1920 in Washington Co, OR, certificate #168. She is buried in Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery in Aloha, OR. The death certificate does not give a birth date but gives her age as 87y, 7m. It lists her father as unknown and her mother's maiden name as Lenard. She was widowed and had lived in Aloha, OR for 22y (moved frm NC in 1898).

Alice Smith Miller also died at about the same time. From the Oregon death index, she died on 19 May, 1925 in Washington Co, OR, certificate #107. She is buried in Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery in Aloha, OR.. The death certificate gives her birth date as 26 Sep 1858. She was married and had lived in Aloha, OR for 34y (moved from NC in 1891).

By 1930, Charles had divorced Frances Martin after having one child, Bette in 1921. In the 1930 census, he is shown remarried to Lucille J <?>. 23y. They may have been married about 1928. By about 1932, Charles moved to Tacoma, WA to move near to his brother, Cornelius. I've learned more about Lucille and made her own web page. Bette Baker wrote:
"About my Dad. I called him Daddy Mom was Mama Frances. He would come on a Saturday, sometimes, and take me out for a meal. ( “what do you want to eat?” Porkchops.) Then he would take me to a show. ( “would you like to go to a ball game or a show?” A show. ) So we would go to the theater downtown that had vaudeville as well as a movie. We both loved the vaudeville part. One day my Dad took me to the apartment of one of the dancers whom he got to know and dated. I heard much later that she died...of pneumonia."

Laura Ann (Smith Baker) Young died on 28 Dec 1930. She is buried in Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery in Aloha, OR. The death certificate gives her birth date as 3 Feb 1860. She was a resident of OR for 18 years.

Bette Baker Clarno wrote:
"I do know that Laura married again , probably in Oregon, to a Thomas Young. He was "Grandpa Young" to me when I was growing up. Unfortunately, my parents, Charles and Frances, divorced when I was a baby, so I never did really get to know much about my father's family. He used to tell me, though, that I had "dozens of cousins.". I only remember seeing my grandmother, Laura, twice in my life. Once, when my Dad took me to see her when I was very little, and the second time in her coffin when I was six, and he took me to her funeral (Mark's note: Laura died in 1930). There must have been other times, but I don't remember. My Dad moved to Tacoma, where Cornelius and family lived, and I didn't see him as much."
Thomas Young died on 9 Dec 1944, parents listed as Wilson Young and Latena - really Fatima - Harober. I don't think his mother's last name is right either. Buried at Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery in Aloha, OR.

Bette also wrote:

"I was looking at Laura's death certificate today. Cornelius Baker gave the information about her on it. He said that her father's name was Smith, but he didn't know her mother's maiden name. All from N.C. though. I don't rmember a Reedville in Wash. County. I wonder if it was swallowed up by Beaverton?
I also looked at my Mom's wedding certificate to Everett Abbott 1929. That's the one where she lists herself as Amelia Frances Baker from San Francisco. They were married in Vancouver, WA, like a lot of people did then. But remember....their witnesses were Robert Baker and Juanita Baker. This was 10 years after she married my Dad. I've often  wondered if they were ever divorced. Also, Cornelius, on his application for Social Security, lists Felix Baker as his father."

To see as much of a detailed time-line from 1880 onward, look at the web page for Felix and Laura Baker.

1 Jun
1 Jun
1 Jun
1 Jun
1 Jun
15 Apr
1 Jan
1 Apr
Spouse &
Death Notes
18 Dec 1791
Upper Regiment Militia
Living with her mother Margaret Seabaugh
Hickory Tavern
Hickory Tavern
Hickory Tavern
Living with
Felix and Laura Baker
deceased Never married.
Adopted Eliza Smith before 1840
abt 1882
buried at Fairgrove United Methodist Church Cemetery

At the time of her death, she was living with the family of George Miller and daughter, Mary Alice Smith..
1833 or
Dec 1832
Upper Regiment Militia
Living with Polly Bollinger and Margaret Seabaugh.
Living with Polly Bollinger.
Name listed as Eliza Smith.
Hickory Tavern
1 daughter
Living with Polly Bollinger.
Name listed as Eliza Smith.
Hickory Tavern
2 daughters
Alice and Laura
Living with Polly Bollinger.
Name listed as Eliza Smith.
Hickory Tavern
2 daughters
Laura and Lon/Lori.
Living with
Felix & Laura Baker and Polly Bollinger.
Name listed as Eliza Smith.
living with George and Alice Miller
3 children, 2 living. Name listed as Eliza Smith.
living with George and Alice Miller.  Name listed as "Elizabeth M Miller". We have later learned that her middle name was Mahaly.
deceased Husband never found (source on shows the name as Daniel Smith).
 Mary Alice 1858 or 59
 Laura Ann 1861
 Lulu 1871 died before 1900 (source on shows the name as Lulu, died at 21y about 1892).
6 Aug 1920
age 87y, 7m
buried in Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery in Aloha, OR.
By 1880, Laura Ann Smith was married to Felix Baker.

By 1880, Mary Alice Smith was married to George Miller.

Death certificate signed by son-in-law, George W. Miller
Daniel Smith
?? - 1863
not found deceased Eliza Goens 1863  
Mary Alice Smith
1859 or
26 Sep 1858
not born yet 1y
Hickory Tavern
Hickory Tavern
For 1880 and later, look at
Family of George Miller and Alice Smith
Married to George Miller about 1877
Laura Ann Smith
3 Feb 1860
not born yet 8y
Hickory Tavern
For 1880 and later, look at
Family of Felix Baker and Laura Smith
Married to Felix Baker about 1878
Lori or Lon or Lulu Smith
not born yet 9y
Hickory Catawba
deceased  none source on shows the name as Lulu, died at 21y (1892). Lulu's father could not have been Daniel Smith if he died in 1863.

Other Bollinger Links

General Notes (These may be out of date and are here for reference ONLY).

This file received from Tony Bollinger on 11 Oct 2005.

Bollinger-Smith Notes
Records found at the York Co. Library in York, PA, list a Christian Bollinger, born 1761, who married a Margaret Runk (Runck). Church records at the library show birth dates for three of Christian and Margaret's children. They are Anna Marie born 18 December 1791, Anna Susanna born 25 May 1789, and Christian born 08 February 1784. Legion is not listed.

Anna Marie Bullinger (Polly/Mary Bollinger)
Born: 18 December 1791 - Heidelberg Twp., York Co., PA
Baptized : Lischy's (St Petyer's) Ref Ch in Codorus Twp., York Co., PA
Buried: Polly Bollinger Age 90 Fairgrove Baptist Church - Newton, Catawba Co., NC

Polly is listed as Anna Mary Bollinger in the will of Jacob Sebach (2nd husband of Margaret Bollinger Sebach.)
Church records at Daniel's German Reformed Church lists church members for 1833. A Polly Bollinger and a Mary Bollinger are listed as members.

There was no mention of a husband of Polly and I'm guessing that there was not one. I'm guessing that Eliza Smith was an only child, born when Polly was about 40y and not married. Eliza is always referred to as daughter in the census. Smith may have been the family name of the father (or a false name to protect the fathers reputation?).

Federal Census.
1790 p822 Jacob Seabaugh - Lincoln Co, NC
1800 Jacob Seabaugh (1755-1809): m-10/1, m10-16/2, m16-26/1, m45+/1, f-10/2, f26-45/1- Lincoln Co, NC
1810 Margaret Seabaugh: m-10/1, f-10/1, f26-45/1?( she should be 50) - Lincoln Co, NC
1830: Christian Bollinger - (her brother) there is a female that is between 30 - 40.  (his first wife? mother of  Susannah Bollinger 1832?)
1840: Margaret Seabaugh (1760-1848) - (her mother) head of house, one female age 5-10 (Eliza), one female age 40-50(Polly) and one female age 80-90.
1850: Polly Bollinger  - Lincoln Co., NC - house 677 - head of house, name (Polly), age 59, born in PA, listed in same household is a female, Eliza Smith, age 17
1860: Mary Bollinger - Catawba Co., NC - Hickory Tavern Twp/fam 451 - head of house (Mary), age 68, Eliza Smith age 27, weaver, and Alice Smith age 1
1870: Polly Bollinger - Catawba Co., NC - Hickory Tavern Twp/fam 158 - head of house, age 73, can not write, listed in the same household is a female, Eliza Smith age 33, Alice age 10 and Laura age 8
1880: Felix Baker - Catawba Co., NC - Hickory /fam 466-489 Felix Baker 23 - head of house, Laura A. 20 wife, Harvey O 1 son, Eliza Smith age 47 Mother in law, Polly Bullinger 88 is listed as a boarder.

She was living with the family of George Miller at the time of her death in 1881/2. (is this true?)

Eliza Smith
Born: 1833 - Catawba Co., NC
Alice Smith
Born: 1859 - Catawba Co., NC

Laura A Smith
Born: 1860 - Catawba Co., NC
Married: Felix Baker
Harvey O Baker
Born: 1879 - Catawba Co., NC

Lori Smith
Born: 1871 - Catawba Co., NC

11. Christian Bollinger is also listed in the 1840 census.
    (Upper Regiment Militia, Lincoln Co., NC)
    Christian's age shows 50-59y (if born in 1784, he would be 56y old).
    No female in that same age range is shown in his family. I don't know where his wife is (Catherine Killian died in 1865).   

Lincoln Co, NC
Township:     Second Reg. Mr
Year:     1814
Database:     NC 1812-1814 Muster Rolls

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