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Otto Rudolph Martin arrived in the US on 5 Aug 1881 on the Hohenstaufin at Baltimore. This information was listed on his Declaration of Intention. I found the manifest on It lists a Rudolph Martin, age 25y, arriving on that date but the ship name was the Hohenzollern. The Hohenstafin did not start using Baltomore until 1883. The age of 25y, does not quite work out to be the correct age.

These two people are Bette's grandparents. She spent many summers with them at their home in Long Beach, WA. She callled them "Mutti" and "Dad".

Bette has her grandfather's Baptism and Confirmation certificates from Germany. He was from what was the Republic of Saxony, town of Oederan. Saxony was a semi-autonomous country until it became part of Germany after the First World War. He was known as Rudolph not Otto. On many of Rudolph's documents, where it asked for country - he used Saxony, not Germany.

Rudolph had a brother Phillip. A note on his photo (written by one of  Rudolph and Agnes's children) reads "Dad's youger brother, Philip. I think he lived in Cincinnatti". We don't know anything about that branch of the family.

Rudolph's parents were Wilhelm Martin and Mollie Spindle. Agnes Fanzenbach's parents were Casper Franzenbach and Susanna Schmidt (the family was from Köln, Germany).

1 Jun
1 Jun
15 Apr
1 Jan
1 Apr
Spouse &
Death Notes
Otto Rudolph Martin
Oederan, Kingdom of Saxony
19 Jul 1853
Entered the US on 4 Aug 1881 at Baltimore on the Hohenzollern 42y
b July 1857 Germany
immigrated 1880
Bakery & Grocery
Married 11y
Rail Road St. Pendleton, WA
immigrated 1882
Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR
-- 65y
b: Saxony
(father born in Germany, mother born in Saxony)
Oak Grove, Clackamas, OR
immigrated 1880
first married at 35y
E 30th St. Portland, OR
Own home $16,000
Agnes Franzenbach, 18 Jun 1891 Walla Walla, WA 3 May 1939
Long Beach, WA
born in Saxony.
father: William Martin
mother: Mollie Spindle
buried in Portland Cemetery
15y in Long Beach
informant: Agnes Martin
parents: Wilhelm Martin and Mollie Spindle
Agnes Franzenbach
Cologne (Cöln), Germany
4 Apr 1865
Entered US on 25 Oct 1889 at New York on the Belgenland with first husband John Michels. 33y
b Mpr 1867 Germany
immigrated 1885
Married 11y
Pendleton, WA
immigrated 1889
Portland, OR
-- 52y
b: Germany
Oak Grove, Clackamas, OR
immigrated 1889
first married at 23y
E 30th St. Portland, OR
1. John Michels ~1888 Germany

2. Rudolph Martin 18 Jun 1891 Walla Walla, WA
buried in Portland Cemetery
parents: Casper Franzenbach and Susanna Schmidt
Rudolph Otto "Val" Martin
not born yet 9y
b Oct 1890 OR
Pendleton, WA
not found
not found not found not found 1. Helen, divorced, daughter Jeanne (see email below). More at dsoderblog.

2. Elizabeth Hope Evans 1915-10 Jun 1936
10 Jun 1936
buried in Portland Cemetery
Used the name Valentine. Committed suicide after murdering his divorced 2nd wife Elizabeth. More at dsoderblog. One daughter.
Carola Susanna Martin
not born yet 6y
b Jun 1893 OR
Pendleton, WA
Portland, OR
-- not found not found 1. John Pope Graham 14 Dec 1920

2. Robert L. MacKenzie 7 Nov 1924 in California

3. Joseph Kennedy 1929
Name: Carola Kennedy
SSN: 542-10-3695
Last Residence: 97217  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States of America
Born: 26 Jun 1893
Died: Jan 1996
State (Year) SSN issued: Oregon (Before 1951 )
Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
Name: Kennedy, Carola Suzanna
County: Washington
Death Date: 23 Jan 1996
Certificate: 96-01961
Age: 2
Birth Date: 26 Jun 1993
Spouse: Joseph
buried in Portland Cemetery
No children.
Frances Amelia Martin
not born yet 2y
b Aug 1897 OR
Pendleton, WA
Portland, OR
-- 23y
Nebraska St.
Portland, OR
Husband, Charles Lee Baker
not found 1. Charles Lee Baker
(1894-1952) Vancouver, WA
18 Jun 1919

2. Rowe Davis Kennedy 1892-1974, Portland, OR. Not married

3.William Everett Abbott (1898-1975) 23 Nov 1929 WA - 1940

4. Art Hood abt 1944

5.Don Oglevie abt 1946

6. Thomas Wright (1883 - 1964) abt 1949
1963 Phoenix, AZ
Cremated, Greenwood Mortuary, San Diego, CA
Birth year on birth certificate is 1898.
One child, Bette Jane Baker.
Lewis Burdette Martin
not born yet not born yet 6y
Portland, OR
-- 17y
Nebraska, St.
Portland, OR
living with sister Frances.
not found Ethel ~1958
Buried with wife in Long Beach, WA
Known as Uncle Bob.
Name changed to Robert Lewis Martin.
No children.
    Living with them: Mary Rose Morrison, 23y
b Aug 1876 CO

For more photos of the Franzenbach's, look at this web page created by Dan Soderberg: .


Date:            Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:44:00 -0700
From:            Bette Clarno
Subject:         Re: First family of your Uncle Val

Helen married again after her divorce from Otto aka Uncle Val. to a Sam somebody (Mark's note: Sam Hussey). Jeanne always thought of him as her "real" father. Jeanne married a fellow named Bill Soderberg. When we moved to San Diego in 1952, they were living in San Marcos and had a dog kennel. Later they moved to Bonita and raised tropical fish for aquariums. Bill had his own plane with which he transported the fish to different markets.

Helen died of cancer sometime in the 60's, I think. When my Mom and Carola came here for Rob's first wedding to Sandy, we went to see Jeanne, but that was the only time I went to her home. but she used to call me once a year, just after New Years, and start to talk. It would take me about five minutes, sometimes, to figure out who it was. I saw her three times at Old Town... unplanned.  She was an artist ...making baskets, and used to display her work there sometimes. Then one year she diclosed that she had breast cancer, too. They tried "natural" remedies, but never had 'chemo", I don't think. In 1992 Bill took her in their motorhome to their son who lived near Tuscon. Her daughter-in-law and Bill nursed her there until she passed away. Bill sent us, and her many other friends, letters telling of her last days. She was two years younger than me.

Their youngest son, Danny, used to work for an elderly woman who lived just a street over from where Betty Churchill lived......Crown Point area? So that was Jeanne.
Love, Bette

California Death Index, 1940-1997
Name:     Samuel Edward Hussey
Social Security #:     554104979
Sex:     MALE
Birth Date:     27 Jun 1884
Birthplace:     Ohio
Death Date:     7 Oct 1981
Death Place:     San Diego
Mother's Maiden Name:     Burdett

Social Security Death Index
Name:     Jeanne D. Soderberg
SSN:     558-30-9789
Last Residence:     90024  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Born:     22 Sep 1923
Died:     12 Sep 1992
State (Year) SSN issued:     California (Before 1951 )
Date:            Wed, 27 Jun 2007 15:27:35 -0700
From:            Bette Clarno <>
Subject:         more

Hi Mark,

My Uncle Bob ---Lewis Burdette--- is buried in Long Beach, Wa.where he and wife, Ethel, lived. He died in the late 50's.

My Mom and her fifth husband, Thomas Wright ar both here at Greenwood. Dad and I purchased urn locations in the 50's ( what do you call that? ) Then when my Mom died in Phoenix in 1963 we had her ashes sent here to Greenwood, rather than to Portland where she and Tom lived....with his permission. He was suffering from a stroke at the time. A year later, when he died in Portland, his only daughter had his ashes sent here and he and my Mom are side-by-side.....right under Dad and me.

Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
Name:     Wright, Thomas M
County:     Washington
Death Date:     1 Jun 1964
Certificate:     9190
Age:     81
Spouse:     Frances
Date:            Wed, 27 Jun 2007 15:10:40 -0700
From:            Bette Clarno
Subject:         Martins

Hi Mark,

I was reading the Martin-Franzenbach info.....great! My Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Val and Carola are all buried in crypts in the same place in Portland. Sue, I'm sure, knows where they are.


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