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Family of Casper Franzenbach and Susanna Schmidt

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 First name also spelled Kaspar. These two people are Bette's great-grandparents.

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1 Jun
15 Apr
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Spouse &
Death Notes
10 Jan 1834
never came to the US -- -- -- -- -- Susanna Schmidt 1 Nov 1896 married 12 May 1858 
never came to the US -- -- -- -- -- Casper Franzenbach --  

4 Apr 1865
Entered US on 25 Oct 1889 at New York on the Belgenland. Travelled with her husband, John Michel and her sister, Eva. 42y
Pendleton, OR
married 11y
Husband Rudolph and 3 children
In the US since 1885, not a citizen
Agnes Martin  43y
married 21y
Husband Rudolph and 3 children
husband (Otto Martin) not found Agnes Martin, 52y
Fourth Ave, Clackamas County
Agnes Martin, 64y
109 E 30th Street, Portland, OR
Came to US in 1889
Married first at age 23y
US Citizen
1. John Michel ~1888 Germany
2. Otto Randolph Martin 18 Jun 1891 Walla Walla, WA
12 Feb 1952 in Portland, OR Divorced John Michel soon after arriving in the US
7 Jun 1874
Entered US on 5 Apr 1898 at New York on the Friesland departed from Antwerp, Belgium. Going to sister, Agnes Martin, Pendleton, OR. not found not found 44y
Oakland, CA
b 7 Jun 1874
Contact: William Franzenbach, son, living in Portland, OR
not found not found children:
William Jr., 1902-1979 (1910 census: 8y, Bandon, Coos, OR. Living with Theodore Neuhaus, 76y, and his wife, Mary, 62y ) (1920 census: 17y, Portland, OR, living with grandmother, Johana Duhrkoop)
grandchildren: William III
great- grandchildren: William IV
Eva M.
Sept 1873 or
5 Sep 1872
Entered US 25 Oct 1889 at New York on the Belgenland. She was 17y. Travelled with sister Agnes Franzenbach and her husband, John Michels. 27y, Eva M. Lamaire, Medical Lake, Spokane, WA. In US for 12y. Husband Lowe Lamaire, married 7 years, one child but none surviving. Eva M. Pratt, 30y.
Cronin, Stevens, WA,
immigrated 1893,
married 4 years, second marriage.
Husband: Herman L. Pratt, 31y.
husband (Herman Pratt) not found 46y, Eva M. Pratt, Madera, CA, immigrated 1887. Husband, Herman L. Pratt. 41y. not found 1. George Beam, 5 Jul 1892 WA
2. Lowe LaMere or Louis Lamaire, 1893.
3. Herman Pratt (probably born Nov 1878 in KS), 26 Sep 1906 WA
30 Jun 1961 in Fresno, CA  
Franzenbach 15 Aug 1878
Possible arrival as Josepha Franzenbach, 5 Aug 1893 on the New York. Departed from Southampton, England. Travelled alone, 17y, servant, going to Oregon Spokane, WA, 21y, husband Burdett N Foy. born Aug 1878, no children, Immigration 1885, in the US for 15 years. Sister Eva and husband Louis LaMere also in Spokane in 1900. Seattle, WA, 4 children 3 living, 31y, husband Burdette Nelson Foy, DOB 9 Jul 1876, 42y, Seattle WA. Contact: Sadie Foy, wife. Seattle, WA, born in Alsace Loraine. immigrated 1892, Naturalized 1899. Seattle, WA, first married at 20y 1898 Burdette Nelson Foy (1930 Census, first married at 20y).
7 children.
abt 1935 Seattle, WA, struck by a car Two more Burdette Foy links:
1 2

Another Sadie Franzenbach link.


Date:            Sun, 10 Oct 2004 16:07:37 -0700
Subject:         Franzenbach

Hi Mark,
Here's what I know about my grandmother, Agnes Franzenbach:
    She was born in 1865, I believe, in Cöln, or as we call it, Cologne, Germany. Her father's name was Caspar Franzenbach. Her mother's name was Susanna Schmidt. There were 8 or 10 children in the family, and I think, well-to-do. I just base this on pictures I have of some of the family. In 1888, when she was 23, she married John Michel, or Michael. I think it was the former, in the Cathederal in Cologne. He had been in America on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, and had returned to Germany to find a bride. This is all according to Agnes' sister, Eva.I'm not sure if Agnes knew him before he came back to Germany. Anyway, she said she would go to America, but only if she could bring her younger sister, Eva, with her. Eva says that when they got to Oregon, the "ranch" was just an isolated spot and very primitive. John's brother and wife lived on it, too. The two sisters, who were used to the city and pretty nice living, I suspect, were horrified. I don't think they stayed very long. The sisters left and went to Pendleton, which was the nearest town to the ranch. There, my grandma found work in a bakery/grocery store owned and operated by Rudolph Martin...also German. They eventually married. I suspect Agnes never divorced John Michel. She was, up to then, a good Catholic. I would think that he, maybe, would have had the marriage annulled? My Grandpa, Rudolph Martin, was Lutheran.

> Bette,
> Can you tell me a little about Eva and her life after she married Herman Pratt?
> Mark

Date:            Fri, 27 Jul 2007 18:34:51 -0700
From:            Bette Clarno <>
Subject:         Re: Eva Franzenbach

Hi Mark,
I really don't know too much about her life with Herman Pratt. I do know that they lived in Fresno. They bought a little plot, probably 50 by 100, outside of Bakersfield, when it was thought there was oil there. It was willed to Carola by Aunt Eva, and to me by Carola. When we looked it up one time when we went to Bakersfield, we found it was in some fellow's  vegetable oil. We looked him up and he gave me $100 for the plot. But I digress. I have no idea when Herman died. Aunt Eva lived into her nineties in Fresno, and after she died, Carola received a copy of a letter that Eva had written to her good friend, and it looked very much as if Eva commited suicide. I still have that letter. 
Love, Bette

From:    "Todd Sorensen" <>
Cc:    "'Robert Sorensen or Sharie Todd'" <>
Subject:    Franzenbach
Date:    Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:17:11 -0800


I happened upon your webpage while doing some Google based genealogical research. I believe that you are my third-cousin in law!

I have a great-great grandfather named Kasper Franzenbach from Koln whose children settled in the Pacific Northwest, and my great-grandmother's (Kasper's daughter) first name was Sadie, so I think it must be the same family.

It was great to see your site and learn a little more about that side of the family. At some point I'd like to send you along some documentation from genealogical research my father, uncle and I have done.

Our research started when my grandmother Evelyn Sorensen (maiden name Foy), the daughter of Sadie Franzenbach, died in May or June of 1998. We found some old letters that had belonged to her mother. In 2001 or 2002, we paid an emeritus professor at the University of Washington to have the letters translated. There were two big issues in have them translated: 1) they used a German cursive like script that no one has formally been taught since the early 20th century, and 2) it seems that the Franzenbach's were ethnically Alsasian, and corresponded in Alsasian (can you think of a last name that better epitomizes being in-between France and Germany better then Franzen-bach?). So after paying one of the few people in the country who could translate script Alsasian, we have several pages of correspondence between Sadie and her family. A lot of the names in the letter didn't mean a lot of us at the time, but I'm sure if we were to take a closer look at them now we could find some useful information on Agnes and Eva. We also have some information on Kasper, including something like a death certificate or funeral announcement.

What I do remember about Sadie is that she actually did immigrate the U.S. I don't know where she first lived (I thought it was with her sisters, but I don't remember). She ended up marrying a man in Seattle (last name Foy, I forget his first name right now) and they had several children, one of whom was my grandmother Evelyn Sorensen. Evelyn was born in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle March 15th, 1912-she died of cancer in 1998, about 10 blocks away from the house in which she was born. I believe that Sadie died after being hit by a car in Seattle sometime in the 1930s.

As of last year, I have an appointment with an economics think tank in Bonn, and before I went to a conference there last year, we dug up these letters so that I could search for the home of Kasper Franzenbach, though my search through phone books for the street he lived on was unsuccessful. We had sent the address from the letters on to a friend of my mother's who spends a number of months each year in Koln, who in turn passed it on to a German friend of hers who know people who work for the city government and has good access to the archives. He had sent a package of information along to my father that included old city plans (before the post war rebuilding of the city center that was heavily bombed). It seems that they lived on Frakenplatz 8, which was right in between the main cathedral and the east bank of the Rhine. There is now a bunch of public buildings in this area, and the Koln Philharmonic's building is on top of where their house used to be. He also sent us 10 or so recent colored photos showing us where the house was.

I will be back in Germany in May and might be able to go to Koln for a day or so (unfortunately I probably won't be there on a weekday, so archiving will be hard), but I might visit some of these places. I'll send along to you the hard copies of the translated letters and photos at some point too.

I look forward to hearing from you,

From:    Robert Sorensen or Sharie Todd <>
Subject:    RE: Franzenbach
Date:    Fri, 1 Feb 2008 18:41:49 -0800

Hi Mark:  It is great that my son Todd has made a connection with you regarding the Franzenbachs!  I do have the translated letters and funeral notice for Kaspar that I will make copies of and mail on to Todd.  He can then probably get them to you electronically.   The funeral notice has Susanna Schmitz as his wife, so I know we have the right family! 
     I know I will have lots of questions, etc. later but the one name that I recognize from the information on the website is Carola.  That must be the Carola I knew as my mom's cousin, if her husband was Joe and they lived either in Portland or a suburb.  My brother last saw her in the early 1990's he thinks it was when he took my mom down for a visit. 
Bob Sorensen sent me these dates for the family of Sadie and Burdette Foy:

Sadie Franzenbach  b. 8/15/1879    Germany  d. about 1937   Seattle
married in March 1902   Burdette Foy     b. 1/9/1876  d.? in Seattle

1) Howard   died as an infant    b.?
2) Herman    b.8/29/1904 d.?    married 8/18/1926 to Mabel Wilbarger  a) Donald b.1928  b) Gordon b.1930
3) Evette      b.2/20/1907  d.11/1925
4) Gilbert      b.9/27/1909  d.12/1991  married 9/15/1940 to Victoria Adams (she died 10/1974)  a) Kenneth b.1949
5) Evelyn      b.3/15/1912 d.5/2/1998   married 9/12/1936 to Andrew Sorensen    b.5/1/1911 d.6/9/1988  a) Richard b.1944  b) Robert     b.1949
6) Lucille      b.4/30/1919 d.5/2003    married 11/17/1941 Phillip Oakley  a) Janet  b.1942  b) Dale b.1946  c) Karen   b.1946
7) Austin      b.11/3/1921 d.?     married Betty Bronson  a) Georgia b.1948  b) Jacqueline b.1950 
From:            Robert Sorensen or Sharie Todd <>
Subject:         RE: Burdette Foy's Ancestry
Date:            Tue, 5 Feb 2008 19:38:49 -0800

> Thanks, Mark.  You are uncovering lots of stuff for us!  I have looked at Ellis Island and many other
> sites using all kinds of spellings for Franzenbach but can't find Sadie anywhere.  Did find Willy!


After hearing your comment about Sadie's immigration not being found, I checked the Castle Garden web site. Castle Carden was the disembarkation point for immigrants before Ellis Island opened and even a few years after it opened. Castle Garden was located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island.

I checked there and I found a Josepha Franzenbach. I then checked on and found the manifest there. She was listed as 17y on the 3 Aug 1893 arrival, going to Oregon. Her occupation was listed as Servant.

On Ellis Island, this woman is indexed as "Frangenbach, Josepha"

Well now if I were a betting man, I'd say this is Sadie. The odds seem overwheling - age is about right, year is close to what Sadie wrote in the 1920 census (1892), Josepha was going to Oregon, was from Germany. She was traveling alone and being so young, she had to be going to a relative already in the US.

The clincher for me is there are no other Frazenbach families in Oregon. Every Franzenbach that I found on is descendent from the four children of Casper and Susanna! (mostly in Oregon but Willy's branch was in California)

This may be the ONLY Franzenbach family that came to the US from Germany.

I've found Eva and Agnes coming over together (via New York) on 25 Oct 1889. They were travelling with John Michel, Agnes' first husband.

I've also seen the arrival of Willy on 4 Apr 1889.


More about Sadie Franzenbach and Burdette Nelson Foy

Burdette Foy was born in Whiteside County, IL which contains the city of Tampico.

On 15 Feb 2008, I posted this message on the Tampico Area Historical Society message board

My wife's great grandaunt, Sadie Franzenbach married Burdette Nelson Foy about 1898 in either Oregon or Washington. After they married, they lived mostly in the Seattle area. They had 7 children. Sadie was the daughter of Caspar Franzenbach and Susanna Schmidt. Sadie was born 15 Aug 1878 in Cologne, Germany and died after being hit by a car about 1935 in Seattle, WA. Burdette Foy died on 8 Jan 1952

More at:

There were two responses:

Feb 19, 2008
My name is Ralph Ledingham Foy, Jr. I come down from William Foy and John Foy. John goes down to Almon Foy marries Rachel Austin. It looks likeAlmon and Rachel produced Angie Foy and Burdette Foy, and that Burdette marries Sadie Franzebaugh, spelling unclear. After that, my info is blank. Please contact me: Thanks
Dear Ralph,

I just saw your posting on the Tampico Historical Society message board

I'm sorry that this reply is so late but I neglected to check the board until I was alerted that there were responses to my posts. I've copied three other descendants of Burdette and Sadie. They are Sorenson's, descendants of Burdette and Sadie's daughter, Evelyn Foy.

As I mentioned in the posting, Sadie is my wife's great grandaunt. So everyone here (except me!) are cousins.

I've attached a file with everything that I know about the Foy family. Maybe you can tell us a little about how you are related to Burdette Foy.

Mark, got your note, thanks. When I get a little time, I will review and  get back to you. In summary: bill foy begat john foy; he begat my grfa, Ed  foy, who begat my dad, ralph foy, sr., then to me and my son JR Foy.
later. regards, Ralph

Dec 08, 2008
Burdette Foy is my 2nd cousin, 3 times removed.

I have a website that contains further details on Burdette Foy family connections. The URL is:

You can also search through the database for other connections or follow this hyperlinks for family connections.

I have checked out your website and notice that you have some additional details that I do not, especially on the descendants of Burdette and Sadie.

Hope this is useful.
Brian Sanders

Dear Brian,

I just saw your posting on the Tampico Historical Society message board

I'm sorry that this reply is so late. I've copied three other descendants of Burdette and Sadie. They are Sorenson's, descendants of Burdette and Sadie's daughter, Evelyn Foy.

I've looked at your family tree at

As I mentioned in the posting, Sadie is my wife's great grandaunt. So everyone here (except me!) are cousins.

I've attached a file with everything that I know about the Foy family.Maybe you can tell us a little about how you are related to Burdette Foy.

Hello to my cousins!

Hello Mark,
Thanks for answering my email and introducing me to my cousins.  I will review the material you sent and update my website/database in the near future.  If anyone is interested in other information, you can search my website on   

To answer your question, the connection that I have to Burdette Foy (a 2nd cousin, 3x removed) goes way back to William Foy, father of John Foy and George Foy et al.   George Foy is my 3x great grandfather and John Foy my 4x great uncle.  Here is a link that shows how Burdette Foy connects, at least to my maternal grandmother (Foy).

Great to meet everyone and thanks for sharing this information Mark. 

Happy New Year
Best Regards



Other Links

Oregon Death Index, 1903-98

Name: Franzenbach, William
County: Multnomah
Death Date: 5 Mar 1979
Certificate: 79-04459
Age: 76
Birth Date: 3 May 1902

California Death Index, 1940-1997

Name: Eva M Pratt
Social Security #: 555445293
Birth Date: 5 Sep 1872
Birthplace: Germany
Death Date: 30 Jun 1961
Death Place: Fresno
Mother's Maiden Name: Schmitz

Oregon State Archives - Births -

Date 5/3/1902
Record Type Portland Births
County no county
Source City of Portland

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