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Ancestors of Bette Baker Clarno 1921-2007

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Bette Jane Clarno

Bette Jane (Baker) Clarno was born on June 3, 1921 in Portland, OR, and died December 21, 2007. She spent most of her childhood summers at her grandparents' beach house in Long Beach, WA, of which she often fondly spoke. She moved with her husband, Robert Clarno, and their four children to San Diego in 1952. She spent 19 years playing the piano for Adult Education School choruses. Upon retiring, Bette and Bob enjoyed 10 years of travel in their 5th wheel exploring all 50 states. Bette was predeceased by her husband of 59 years in 1999. She is survived and will be greatly missed by her son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Jan Clarno of Burbank, WA, daughter and son-in-law, Sue and Ron Tenison of Beaverton, OR, daughter and son-in-law Sally and Mark DiVecchio of San Diego, daughter Mary Clarno of San Diego, and sister Charlene Baker of Tacoma, WA, 14 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and two great-great- grandchildren, and her many friends from Belmont Village of Sabre Springs. The family thanks San Diego Hospice for their invaluable support and suggests donations to them in lieu of flowers.

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Bette wrote down her Autobiography.
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1925 ca Betty Baker

1925 Betty Baker

In front of beach house at Long Beach, WA.
Photo sent to me by Bob Sorensen, grandson of Burdette and Sadie Franzenbach Foy.
(left to right)
  Art - who is this??
  Sadie Franzenbach Foy
  Rudolph Martin (Agnes' husband)
  Burdette Foy (Sadie's husband)
  Frances Amelia Martin Baker
  Betty Baker

Bette's Father's Side - Kennedy/Davis

Bette Baker Clarno's father was probably Rowe Davis Kennedy. Rowe's parents were Clarence Bolton Kennedy and Emma Davis. Rowe's grandparents were Henry Levi Davis and Henrietta Deter.

This is new information that came to light in early 2020. This web site is being redesigned to reflect this information

Read more about the new research showing Rowe Davis Kennedy as one of the Parents of Bette Baker
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The 3rd of June 2021 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bette Baker (Kennedy) Clarno. It took us 100 years to fully understand who her father really was. I have more evidence now that Bette's father was Rowe Davis Kennedy not Charles Lee Baker. I presented DNA evidence that (in my view) showed that Bette was NOT a Baker and much more probably connected with the Davis and Kennedy families from the Portland area. Now I have found a newspaper clipping from 9 Aug 1920 that places Rowe back in Corvallis, OR after attending and graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (My alma mater!) and working in Bethlehem, PA for several years. That date is just about 100 years and 9 months from 3 Jun 2021. Read about it and see the newspaper clipping here:

Bette's Mother's Side - Martin

Bette's mother was Frances Martin. Bette's grandparents were Otto Rudolph Martin and Agnes Franzenbach. Both Rudolph and Agnes were born in what is now Germany.

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Major Outstanding Questions on the Martin Side

1. Where is Otto Rudolph Martin buried?

A new web page made up by Dan Soderberg. Shows his mother, Jeanne Martin Soderberg and Bette during the summer of 1938 in Long Beach, WA.

For more photos of the Franzenbach's, look at this web page created by Dan Soderberg: .

Bette's Former Father's Side - Charles Lee Baker

Bette Baker Clarno knew her father as Charles Lee Baker. Charles was the son of Felix and Laura Baker. I originally started doing a lot of research in to the Baker family, gaining the assistance of several Baker descendants. Now that we have discovered who Bette's real father was (Rowe Davis Kennedy), I'm keeping these pages around for history and for any actual Baker descendants that find this page.

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Read more about Eliza Smith and the woman who adopted her, Polly Bollinger, here: Eliza Smith. Read about who we think are Eliza parents.
Read more about the parents of Eliza Smith (Laura's mother), Aaron Goins and Ann Leonard.
Laura Smith and her second husband Thomas Young as well as Eliza Smith and her daughter Mary Alice (along with her husband, George Miller) are buried at Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery near Aloha, OR


Much of the first hand information on these web pages is from Bette Baker Clarno. She had a wonderful memory for what happened in the early 20th century. Bette passed away on 21 Dec 2007.

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