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Ancestors of Charles Lee Baker

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This page is being redesigned to reflect the fact that Charles Lee Baker was not Bette's father.

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Charles Baker

The person that Bette Baker Clarno knew as her father was Charles Baker. Charles' parents were Felix Baker and Laura Smith. Laura Smith's mother was Eliza Smith. Read more about Eliza Smith and the woman who adopted her, Polly Bollinger, here: Eliza Smith. This is the best page to start reading about Charles' ancestry.

Read more about the Family of Felix Baker and Laura Smith
Read more about the family of Alice Smith (Laura's sister) and George Miller:  Family of George Miller and Alice Smith
Read more about Felix Baker (Laura's 1st husband) here: Family of Nathan Baker and wife Susan.
Read more about Eliza Smith and the woman who adopted her, Polly Bollinger, here: Eliza Smith. Read about who we think are Eliza parents.
Read more about the parents of Eliza Smith (Laura's mother), Aaron Goins and Ann Leonard.
Laura Smith and her second husband Thomas Young as well as Eliza Smith and her daughter Mary Alice (along with her husband, George Miller) are buried at Cooper Mountain Evangelical Cemetery near Aloha, OR

Major Outstanding Questions on the Baker Side

1. The last we saw of Fielden/Felix Baker was the 1880 census in NC. What happened to him? He was fathering children with Laura Smith up until 1897. We have found Felix. Look on his page.
2. Charles Baker had a wife named Lucille J. , born about 1907, whom he married about 1928. She may have died about 1932/3. They appeared in the 1930 census. Where was she born? Where were the married? When did she die? Where is she buried? Where is her death certificate?  I've found the answers to some of these questions. Look on this web page.  But wait!! Now we have found that Charles had a fourth wife - Nell Olive Frazier who he married on 4 Apr 1926.
3. Eliza Smith appears in the 1900 census (Reedville living with George and Alice Miller) and 1920 census (Aloha living with George and Alice Miller). She does not appear in the 1910 census. Where was she that year? Did she go back to NC?
4. Who was Daniel Smith? Did he even exist? Who was the father of Eliza Smith's three children? Here is a page about Daniel.

Baker Articles from North Carolina Newspapers


Much of the first hand information on these web pages is from Bette Baker Clarno. She had a wonderful memory for what happened in the early 20th century. Bette passed away on 21 Dec 2007.

My co-researcher who first showed me the marriage of Felix Baker and Laura Smith and has been a constant source of information is Angie Baker Ryan, the great-granddaughter of Lester George Baker, one of Felix's sons. You can reach Angie at

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