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Prospero Pio Frazzini Supporting Information

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On this page, I will present some supporting information to the main Prospero Frazzini Page.

Denver City Directories

From Heritage Quest Online, I found a series of Denver City Directories. Here are the Frazzini entries:

1893: Ballenger & Richards twenty-first annual Denver city directory : Ballenger & Richards, c1893, 1426  pgs

Frazzini Frank (Frazzini & Milano), 2138 15th
Frazzini Tony, lab Frazzini & Milano, 2138 15th
Frazzini & Milano (F Frazzini and F Milano) saloon 2138 14th
Milano Frank, (Frazzini and Milano), 2138 15th

1898: Ballenger & Richards twenty-sixth annual Denver city directory, Ballenger & Richards, 1898, 1441  pgs.
Frazzini Prospero, 2130 15th
Frazzini Cesare, bartdr, P Frazzini r 2132 15th
Frazzini Prospero, saloon, 2130 15th, r 2132 15th

1902: Ballenger & Richards thirtieth annual Denver city directory : Denver, Colo.: Ballenger & Richards, 1902, 1445  pgs
Frazzini Felix (P Frazzini & Bros) r 3256 Bell
Frazzini Julia, Mrs, r 3522 Palmer
Frazzini Prospero (P Frazzini & Bros) r 3522 Palmer
Frazzini P & Bros (P, F and T), saloon, 2130 15th
Frazzini Tony (P Frazzini & Bros), 2130 15th

1909: The Colorado state business directory : Denver, Colo., Gazetteer Pub. Co.?, 1909, 1558  pgs.
ITALIAN-AMERICAN BANK, P Frazzini, pres and cashier, C Frazzini & A Frazzini, 2nd vice-presidents, T Frazzini, asst cash, 2134 15th
Delicatessen : FRAZZINI & BRO. CAV. PROSPERO, 2136-40 15th
BANCA POPULARE ITALIANA, Cav Prospero Frazzini pres, 2134-40 15th

1910: The Colorado state business directory : Denver, Colo.: Gazetteer Pub. Co., 1910, 1648  pgs.
BANCA POPULARE ITALIANA Cav Prospero Frazzini pres, 2134-40 15th
Italian American Bank; P Frazzini pres, C Frazzini, vice-pres, F Frazzini cash, A Frazzini, asst cash, 2134 15th
Frazzini & Bros Prospero, 2134-40 15th
Frazzini & Bros Mercantile Co P, 2136-40 15th

1911: The Colorado state business directory : Denver, Colo.: Gazetteer Pub. Co., 1911, 1637  pgs.
Banca Populare Italiana, Cav Prospero Frazzini, Pres, 2134 15th
Italian American Bank; P Frazzini pres, C Frazzini, vice-pres, F Frazzini cash, A Frazzini, asst cash, 2134 15th
Frazzini & Bros Mercantile Co, P, 2136 15th

1913: Denver Colorado City Directory, unknown publisher, pg 867
Frazzini, Cesare, vice-pres Italian-American Bank, r 2657 Bryant
Frazzini, Daniel, Lab, r 3547 Lipan
Frazzini, Felicito, cshr Italian-American Bank, r 2649 W 26th av
Frazzini, Frank, printer, r 2138 15th
Frazzini, Prospero, pres Italian-American Bank, r 2657 Bryant
Frazzini, P& Bros Mercantile Co, 2136 15th
Frazzini, Tony, lab, r 1125 W 36th av

1920: Colorado state business directory : Denver, Colo.: Gazetteer Pub. Co., 1920, 1531  pgs.
Frazzini & Bro Merc Co, 2136 15th
Frazzini D, shoemgr, 2330 15th
Shane Furnace & Metal Appliance Co, Emile J Riethmann press, Geo H Shane  vice-pres, P Frazzini treas, Wm A Shane sec, T Canino mgr, office and factory W Warren Ave cor S Delaware, tel South 1748

1921: Colorado state business directory : Denver, Colo.: Gazetteer Pub. & Print. Co., 1921, 1507  pgs
Shane Furnace & Metal Appliance Co, Emile J Riethmann press, Geo H Shane  vice-pres, P Frazzini treas, Wm A Shane sec, T Canino mgr, office and factory W Warren Ave cor S Delaware, tel South 1748

These two directory are from Pueblo, CO. Not Prospero's branch but might be interesting someday:

1914: The R.L. Polk Directory Co.'s Pueblo city directory, 1914 : Pueblo, Colo.: R.L. Polk Directory Co., c1914, 529  pgs.
Frazzini Paul, saddlemkr R T Frazier, r 716 W 4th

1923: The R.L. Polk Directory Co.'s Pueblo city directory, Colorado Springs, Colo.: R.L. Polk Directory Co., c1923, 541  pgs.
Frazzini, Ferre  r 721 W 11th
Frazzini Gaetano (Mary) lab h 721 W 11th
Frazzini Louis  baker r 721 W 11th
Frazzini Mike D  clk r 721 W 11th
Frazzini Paul (Rosie) saddlemkr  r 721 W 11th

Gaetano Frazzini, the great-greatgrandson of Berardino Gaetano Frazzini, identified this family for me. His GGGF is the head of the household listed here, Mary (Montague) is the wife. The children are Paul, Michael Domenic, Charles Ferry and Louis. The younger Gaetano is the greatgrandson of Charles Ferry Frazzini. In Dec of 2010, Gaetano wrote: "I found my family on this page of your site. 1914 and 1923 of Pueblo, Colorado. Gaetano Frazzini was my great grandfather, who we believe was born in 1868. The rest of his family is also listed on this page as well." You can find more about this family in my GED family tree.

Newspaper Clippings

Jerri Frazzini Bottomly sent me a series of newspaper clippings about the Frazzini family in Denver (The second article in the list was sent to me by Franklin Smith). Here is short summary of each article.

Date & Newspaper
Summary ("quotes" are from the article, other comments are mine)
P. Frazzini and Bros
17 Nov 1902 Denver Times
Describes the new P. Frazzini & Bros. store at 2138-40 Fifteenth Street. Mentions four partners Mr. P. Frazzini, Mr. F. Frazzini, Mr. T. Frazzini and Mr. C. Frazzini. I believe the T. Frazzini referred to is really Antonio "Tony" Frazzini. The others are Prospero, Felicito and Caesare.
Romance of Two Worlds in Wedding
15 Nov 1907
Rocky Mountain News
"Chevalier Frazzini Wins Bride in Italy; Last Saw Her a Babe in Arms".

Very nice article describing how Prospero meet Eugenia Milano on one of  his buying trips to Italy.

"They were married October 11 according to the rites of the Catholic church by Bishop Angelo Baizano of Castel di Sangro, but because Frazzini was unable to furnish documentary proof  of the death of this first wife, who died in Denver two years ago, the government of Italy would not permit a civil ceremony.

Frazzini arrived in Denver with his bride last Friday and  yesterday secured a  license for the civil ceremony, which will be performed in a few days

The article includes pictures of Prospero and Eugenia. See the copy of the license below, it was dated 14 Nov 1907 but the wedding didn't take place until 16 Feb 1908.
A. Frazzini Dies After Operation
25 Feb 1912 Denver Post
"Antonio Frazzini, vice president of the Italian-American Bank and partner of the P. Frazzini Brothers Mercantile company, died at Ogden Utah, Friday, as a result of an operation for appendicitis."

The death date would be 23 Feb 1912.

House Journal of the General Assembly of the State of Colorado
1 Jan 1913
"Members House of Representatives, Nineteenth General Assembly
Prospero Frazzini, from the Representative District comprising the City and County of Denver
Probe Starts into Accounts at Institution - Police Throw Out Dragnet as Bank Head Disappears 30 Jan 1925 Rocky Mountain News
"A dragnet was thrown out by police last night for Prospero Frazzini, president of the Italian-American Bank, which closed its doors yesterday morning with insufficient cash .... when it was learned that the bank president had disappeared from his home the night before. "

Prospero had invested heavily in the International Fuel Company which had just gone bankrupt.
Denver Banker Sought as Lost Calls on District Attorney - Closed Bank Head Visits District Attorney 31 Jan 1925 Rocky Mountain News
"Fear of Violence from Depositors Caused Him to Seek Safety, Says Frazzini"
Two Bankers Held as $50,000 Shortage is Found by Probe
1 Feb 1925 Rocky Mountain News
"An apparent shortage of  at least $50,760.51 exists in the accounts of the Italian-American Bank, which closed its doors last Thursday. ... Frazzini was arrested a few minutes after the information against him was filed at noon. He made no attempt to raise a bound of $10,000 on which he might obtain his freedom ..."
Further Shortages Revealed in  Probe of Defunct Bank
6 Feb 1925 Rocky Mountain News
"Eighteen Notes Discovered Believed by Officials to be Fictitious"
Banker's Fortune Lost, Says Receiver 8 Feb 1925 Rocky Mountain News "Frazzini Sunk $287,000 in Fuel Company, Probe of Account Shows."
Frazzini  is Sentenced to Pen - Pleads Guilty to Larceny of Bank's Funds
11 Feb 1925 Denver Post
"Prospero Frazzini, president of the defunct Italian-American Bank, pleaded guilty in the westside court Wednesday to a charge of embezzlement and grand larceny of bank funds and was sentenced to from five to seven years in the penitentiary."

"Before entering the courtroom to make his plea and receive sentence, Frazzini, accompanied by his wife and his counsel, L. J. Stark, said "Whatever I have done that was wrong was done with the hope of saving the bank. I'm ready to take my medicine. I don't wish to to put the state to any expense by fighting the case"."

""What do you say to the charge - guilty or not guilty?", the clerk asked. "Guilty." Frazzini replied, adding "but without malicious intent"."

"The courtroom was crowded with depositors of the defunct bank and with friends of Frazzini. Frazzini was accompanied by his wife, who sobbed while her husband took the witness stand to tell the dramatic story of the rise from day laborer to bank president, and his crash from bank president to felon."

"In passing sentence, Judge Sackmann scored Frazzini severely. "Your conduct thruout the whole case has been most despicable", he said, "You betrayed the confidence of your friends, brought disgrace on yourself and shame on your good wife and children."

"... Attorney Stark broke in saying: "He invested in a small way in the International Fuel Corporation. Later he advanced more money to protect his first investments. Ultimately he put every penny he owned into it in a effort to save the bank. He mortgaged his own home and put the money into the company to save the bank. His brothers mortgaged their homes.""

""All I did that was wrong I did in an effort to save the bank," Frazzini said. "I admit I advanced large sums to the International Fuel Corporation but I was only throwing good money after bad. The money I put in later was all an attempt to get back what the bank had originally put in"."

""I came to the United States forty years ago. I started out here as a day laborer. I have two children by my first wife and two by my present wife.""
Denver Banker Sentenced to Prison
11 Feb 1925 Denver Express
Same information as previous article.

"He was married twice and had two children by each wife."
Frazzini Case Summed Up By Attorneys and $217,476 Shortages are Itemized.
11 Feb 1925 Denver Post
This article itemized the source of each piece of the shortages.
Frazzini Title of Chevalier May be Revoked by Italy Because of Denver Fraud
11 Feb 1925 Denver Post "The title of "chevalier" conferred by the Italian government on Prospero Frazzini, president of the defunct Italian-American Bank, for distinguished services to the Red Cross during the World war, may be revoked as result his pleading guilty to an embezzlement charge... according to Louis Cavallaro, secretary of the Italian consulate in Denver."

The title was "Cavalliere Officiale to the Italian Crown"

"Frazzini made frequent visits to Italy. On his return from one of these visits, he announced a branch of the 'Banca Popolare Italiana' of Denver had been established at San Pietro Avellana, his birthplace, and that thereafter the bank would do an international business."
Record of Others in Frazzini Bank is Being Probed
12 Feb 1925 Denver Post
"More Claims Filed." "Depositors for Fake Institution in Italy Continue to Present Books"
Frazzini is Suspected of Hiding Bank Loot in Italy
13 Feb 1925
"Denver Authorities Are Joined by Consular Agents in Investigation of Whether Convicted President Transferred Stolen Wealth to Europe"

No money was ever found.
Frazzini, Convict Banker, Dies of Broken Spirit in Prison
29 May 1926 Rocky Mountain News
"Former Head of Italian Bank Had Served 15 Months of Five to Seven-Year Term"

"The prediction of Prospero Frazzini ... that he would not live to see the end of his five to seven-year prison term imposed on Feb 11, 1925, ... was fulfilled yesterday when the former leader of the Italian colony here died in the state penitentiary at Cañon City."

"Despite the fact that he had been made a trusty in the penitentiary and had been given every consideration, his broken spirit was not equal to the task of driving his ailing body further."

"Death came suddenly at 8:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon."

"The body was at the penitentiary last night awaiting word from his wife and two brothers in Denver. His two children, a young boy and a small girl also reside here."

Note: Steve Frazzini set us straight here. The two children were both boys, Nestor (named after Emma's maiden name) and Bertholdo (or Bert), Steve's father.
Former Denver Banker Dies in Colorado Prison - Prospero Frazzini found Dead in His Cell.
Denver Post
(about 28 May 1926)
"Prospero Frazzini, former president of the defunct Italian-American bank.... was found dead in bed in the state penitentiary, Friday afternoon."

"Death was due to natural causes. Penitentiary officials said Frazzini simply "wore out." His heart had gradually been growing weaker and for the last three months he had been bedfast. At 3 o'clock Friday afternoon, a nurse talked for a few minutes with him. Returning fifteen minutes later, the nurse found him dead."

"Remorse killed Frazzini, his friends said, altho it is known that he was in failing health at the time of his arrest. He was forced to go to a hospital immediately after he was taken into custody."
Frazzini Family Stricken by Death Twice in 24 Hours
22 Dec 1931 Denver Post
"Twice within twenty-four hours death has visited the Frazzini family, one of the prominent Denver American-Italian families and claimed Mrs Degna A. Frazzini, widow of Cesare Frazzini, Italian vice consul and banker, and her grand-nephew, Norman Frazzini, 3 years old."

"Mrs. Frazzini who was born in Italy fifty-five years ago, migrated to the United States thirty years ago. She came directly to Denver, where a romance begun in Italy resulted in her marriage here to Mr. Frazzini."

Cesare "Frazzini died two years ago. Both Mrs. Frazzini and he took an active part in the work of the American Red Cross during the World war and for it Mr.Frazzini was decorated by the Italian government."

This article gives a good accounting of her history in Utah and Denver. Her maiden name was Cioffi.

"She is survived by one son, Joseph Frazzini, three daughters, Constance, Lela and Beatrice and a sister Mrs. Joseph Mapelli. ... Burial will be in Crown Hill cemetery."

"Norman Frazzini, was born in Denver, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Frazzini. Burial will be in Mount Olivet cemetery. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother, Fred, and two sisters, Constance and Lucille."
Felicito Frazzini, Pioneer Denver Merchant Dies
13 Dec 1937 Denver Post
"Felicito Frazzini, 74, pioneer Denver businessman and father-in-law of Anthony F. Zarlengo, deputy district attorney, died Sunday night at the Denver General hospital of a heart attack."

"Mr. Frazzini was born in Italy in 1863 and came to Denver as a youth. He had lived here continuously for fifty-seven years. With three of his brothers he was engaged in the importing business and later in the old Italian-American bank, which was situated on lower Fifteenth street."

"Besides his wife (Carolina), he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Zarlengo, Miss Jennie Frazzini and Mrs. Edith Austin; two sons, Nicholas and Fred Frazzini of Denver, and a stepson, Louis Francisco of Monterey, Calif."

"Interment will be in the family plot in Crown Hill cemetery."
Frazzini Funeral Set for Tomorrow
14 Dec 1937 Rocky Mountain News
"Mr Frazzini died late Sunday night at Denver General Hospital as the result of a heart attack a week ago on a street car as he was en route home."

"Born at San Pedro, Italy, in 1863..."    really San Pietro Avellana.
Miss Beatrice Frazzini 20 Feb 1946 Rocky Mountain News "Miss Beatrice Frazzini, a resident of Denver for more than 25 years, died yesterday in St. Anthony's Hospital after an illness of a month."

"Miss Frazzini was born in Italy, April 16, 1912 and came to Denver as a child with her parents."

"Surviving are a brother Joseph, and three sisters, Mary, Constance and Lela Frazzini all of Denver."
Miss Frazzini
30 May 1956 Denver Post
"Requiem mass will be sung for Miss Constance A. Frazzini ... Miss Frazzini, 49, died Tuesday at St. Anthony's Hospital. She had been an employee in the accounting department of Montgomery Ward & Co. for 26 years.... Born in Ogden, Utah, Jan 6, 1907. Miss Frazzini came to Denver with her parents in 1911."

"Survivors include two sisters, Mary F. Frazzini and Lela E. Frazzini, both of Denver; a brother, Joseph of Denver and three aunts, Mrs. Carolina Frazzini and Mrs Emma N. Frazzini of Denver and Mrs Silvia Mapelli of Italy."

Emma Nestor Frazzini was Prospero's third wife. Mrs. Silvia Mapelli was the sister of Degna Coiffi, wife of Cesare Frazzin)
Woman Banker an Artist, Great Friend of Orphans 7 Nov 1956 Rocky Mountain News Article about Mary Frazzini, vice president and treasurer of Empire Savings & Loan Association.

"Her father, Caesar Frazzini was a Denver banker. He and his brothers owned the Italian-American Bank which they started here in 1898. It was located in the old Moffat Depot on Main and 15th sts."

"Caesar came to the United States when he was 14. He worked for the railroads throughout the East, taking care of their books.... Later, her father settled in Ogden, Utah and was appointed vice consul for a 4-state area."

"Mary was born in Ogden, one of three children. When she was a small girl the family moved to Denver. For a while, she and her mother and brother and sister lived in Italy."

"My mother was descended from a family of barons, the Cioffi family from the Province of Campamosti".

"She is also an avid  fisherman, hates housework and is particularly active in aiding Denver's orphans."

Mary died in 2002.
24 Feb /2002  Post-News                2/24/02

Horan & McConaty - FRAZZINI - Mary Frazzini, 97, daughter of the late Cesare and Degna Frazzini, co-founder of Empire State Bank and benefactor of many Catholic charities died February 21, 2002. She is survived by the families of Bob, Lewis, Richard and Connie Frazzini, Jerry Bottomly, Phyllis LaGuardia, Norma Krasovich, Lucille Wilson, Betty Horan, Felicia Robbie and Vincent Zarlengo. Rosary, Monday, 7:00 p.m., Horan & McConaty Family Chapel, 3020 Federal Blvd. Funeral Mass, Tuesday, 10:00 am, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, 4200 Federal Blvd. Interment, Crown Hill Cemetery. Location: CO. Date: 2/24/2002. Source: Post-News

Ellis Island and other Immigration Notes

Here is a list of people that I've found on immigration records that indicated they were going to Prospero's address in Denver. I just found these people by chance as I searched the records for my relatives (All via Ellis Island unless noted in the Date column):

Date Arrived in US
Town in Italy
Anselmo Carlini
26 Aug 1903
Going to cousin Felicito Frazzini, 2140 15th Street, Box 747. Travelled with Deliderio Colaianni, Oresti Gatti,  and Carmine Carlini.

Found a possible birth record: Film 1448676
10 Dec 1886
Anselmo Ercole Carlino
    f: Eliodoro  42y
    m: Berardina Carlino

If this is correct, then Anselmo is the person who sent my mother a postcard.
Maurizio Carlino
5 Jun 1903
Cousin, Prospero Frazzini, Denver CO.
Maurizio Domenico Carlino
11 Nov 1905
Maurizio traveled with my grandfather Emiliano Frazzini on this trip. He ended up in Ely, Nevada from his WWI Draft Registration.
Giovanni Ricci
2 Mar 1913
Wife Enrichetta Gatti, going to Brother-in-law Antonio Frazzini, Denver CO
Carmine Frazzini, Angelo Frazzini, and Maria Antonia Carlini

There is an Ellis Island entry for Angelo Frassini, arrived 20 Nov 1907 age 5. with mother Maria Antonia Carlini 28 yrs. Lived with mother-in-law, Giuseppa Morelli in SPA. Going to husband Carmine Frazzini 2136 15th St Denver CO. Carmine and family ended up in Dawson, New Mexico.
Damiano Frazzini
10 Mar 1904
Cousin, Prospero Frazzini, 2138-40 Box 747, Denver, CO. Damiano and family ended up in Dawson, New Mexico in the 1910 census..
Domenico Palumbo
24 Jan 1901
Father, Vincenzo, Box 747, 2138 15th, Denver, CO. I don't think this is the Domenico that ended up in Dawson, New Mexico, This Domenico would have been born in 1880 and our Domenico's father was Giuseppe.
Pasquale Settifrati
June 11, 1907 ?
Brother Giovanni, 2136-40 15th, Denver, previously in Ogden, UT.
? Settifrati
June 11, 1907 24y
friend Prospero Frazzini, 2136-40 15th, Denver
Francesco Colaianni
May 18, 1905 22y
friend Prospero Frazzini, 2138-40 15th st. Denver, Colo
Errico Mariani
April 26, 1905
friend Prospero Frazzini , 2138 15th, Denver
Pasquale Tonti
16 May 1913
Cousin, Felice Frazzini, 2134 15th St. Denver, Colo. wife in SPA - Costanza Mucilli(?)
Amico Mucilli
16 May 1913
Cousin Carlo diIullo, 2134 15th St. Denver, Colo, wife inSPA - Modesta Iasella
Amico Morelli
16 May 1913
Cousin, Felice Frazzini, 2134 15th St. Denver, Colo. wife in SPA - Leonilda (?) Colaianni
Domenico Carlini
31 Ma 1909
Cousin Cesare Frazzini, 200 25th St., Ogden, UT., wife in SPA - Teresa. Francesco DiCroce and Vincenza Iasella also going to same address but did not list Cesare's name.
Giovanni Ricci 2 Ma 1913 21y SPA
Brother-in-law Antonio Frazzini, 3600 Calmali (?) st. Denver, Colo, wife in SPA - Enrichetta Gatti
DiSanza, Germano 6 Dec 1907
married, nearest relative - wife Domenica DiSanza  at SPA, never in US before, going to Denver, Colo to see cousin, Sabatino Frazzino at 2138-40 15th St. SS Konigin Luise arrived at NY on December 6, 1907.
Frazzino, Biase 6 Dec 1907 28y
married, nearest relative - father Benedette at SPA, in US from 1900-1906, going to Denver, Colo to see BROTH. PROSPERO, at 2138-40 15th St., has scar at temple. SS Konigin Luise arrived at NY on December 6, 1907.
Carlo Frazzini
Felice diSanza
Sabatino diMartino
Cipriano diTella

15 Aug 1910
has wife's names for all four men but I can't read them. All going to 2140 15th street. Carlo is going to cousin Prospero Frazzini.
Michele Carlini
8 Jun 1913
brother-in-law Domenico Frazzini, 2134-2140 15th Street. Never in the US previously. Wife in SPA - Giovanna Frazzini. (note : in the Ellis Island index, this record is under the first name of Carlini and last name of Michele).
Giuseppe Carlini
14 Feb 1907
going to brother-in-law Francesco Frazzini 2134-40 15th St, Denver CO.
Rosina Colarosa Frazzini 16 Sep 1913 23y SPA going to husband, Giacinto Frazzini, 2138 15th St., Denver, CO, father in SPA: Agostino Colarosa.
Pasquale Carlini 28 Apr 1903
18y SPA going to cousin, Prospero Frazzini, PO Box 747, Denver, CO

Wine or Olive Oil (?) Jug

Richard Barnitz left this entry in my questbook and sent me this photograph:

"I googled P.Frazzini and found your site. About 15 years ago, I found a crock jug half buried behind an old home site west of Trinidad, CO. On the crock is written "P.Frazzini & Bro., 2138-40 15th Street, Denver, COLO." There is no other writing on the jug so I have no idea what it may have contained. I have always wondered about Frazzini & Bro., so I found your website very interesting. Thank you - I enjoyed it very much.

Richard Barnitz"

Friends of Prospero or other related information

Here is a photo sent to me by Jolene Frazzini. Pat Lauterbach is certain that this was taken in front of the Mapelli Brother's store at their 201-15th street location about 1928-1930.  Pat related " The three boys on the right are my uncle and two of his cousins." You can click on the image for a slightly higher resolution version. I'm hoping to soon have a much higher resolution scan of this photo available.
1910 Census (found by Wilberta)

Microfilm Series T624, Roll 114, pages 69 and 70
2138 15th Street (the address of the Frazzini store)
Mapelli, Joseph, head, age 30, married once for 5 years, born Italy, bookkeeper-bank,rents;
    Mapelli, Silvia, wife, age 28, married once for 5 years, born Italy; (sister of Degna Cioffi, wife of Cesare Frazzini)
    Mapelli, Emil, son, age 1/12, born Colorado;
Mapelli, Ambrogus, brother, age 20, single; born Italy; retail grocer-retail  grocery;
Mapelli, Armando, brother, age 18, single, born Italy, peddler-street;
Mapelli, Rudolph, brother, age 16, single, born Italy, peddler-street; (grandfather of Pat Lauterbach)

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