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Moffat Road Terminal Denver, CO

Prospero Frazzini and his brothers, Cesare and Felicito, ran a bank and a store on 2138 15th Street in Denver, CO between about 1900 and 1925. The building, called the "Frazzini Block" was near the Moffat Road Terminal. Prospero, Cesare and Felicito are my distant cousins from the town of San Pietro Avellana, Italy. To read more about Prospero Frazzini and his brothers, click here.

When Don Karch released his Rollins Pass route for the Microsoft Train Simulator, I found that he included the Moffat Road Station. I saw this as a chance to make a few custom objects and use other released objects to make the scene around the terminal look more like it did in 1908.

Don has included these new objects into his Rollins Pass route. You can download the latest version (v4.0 as of 17 Jun 2004) of the route from Here is a description of the route.

Oct 2005 - Here is an article by Fredrick Bauer about the Rollins Pass Route. In it he mentions this scene and the Italian American Bank.

Here is the original photo used to make the scene:

Title  Moffat Road Terminals, Denver
Call Number MCC-1104
Summary Moffat Road station (Denver and Salt Lake Railroad, formerly Denver, Northwestern and Pacific), 15th (Fifteenth) Street and Bassett, Denver, Colorado; engine number 109 loading on track one, excursion train loading on track four, two railroad coaches on track two; trolley in distance; horse-drawn delivery wagon (Adams Express Company) backed up with supplies being loaded onto train; "Moffat Road" sign and billboard; other signs includes "White & Bower, Wholesale Hay", "Cremo Cigars", and "Drink Zang's Beer"; Frazzini & Brother (Felix & Prospero) Banchieri e Commerciant (2138 15th - Italian American bank); edge of gas expansion tank behind Moffat Depot.
Date  [1908 or 1909].
Photographer  McClure, Louis Charles, 1867-1957.
Collection  McClure, Louis Charles, 1867-1957
Used with permission : ©Denver Public Library, Western History Collection (

Click on each 640 x 512  image for a 1280 x 1024 version.

Here is a screen shot that is roughly the same as the original photo. In the background are Prospero's store, the Zang brewery, the gas expansion tank and The Walker Manufacturing Company. You can also see the Moffat Road Billboard, the White & Bower Wholesale Hay Store (phone: Champa 951) and a horse-drawn delivery wagon (Adams Express Company).

Here is a close up of the Prospero Frazzini & Bros. Italian-American Bank and Banchieri e Commercianti, 2138 15th Street, Denver, CO. In the background "Drink Zang's Pilsner Beer".

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