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Trinacria arriving at the Port of New York, 17 Oct 1887

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The manifest for the 1877 arrival shows the Trinacria sailed from Naples, Italy.

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
D. Gatti 20y  Laborer  1867 Possible:
Domenicangelo Gatti
R. diIullo 24y Laborer 1863 not found        
V. diTella 24y Laborer 1863 Vincenslao Amico di Tella 3 Nov 1862 Eliseo Lucrezia Frazzini From the 1869 SPA Status Animarum
A. Labate 15y Laborer 1872 Alfredo Labate 1872  Vincenzo Labate Maria Elisabetta della Croce  Information from Lorry Labate.
C. Carmini (?) 45y Laborer 1842 not found       possibily not SPA.
C. Carlino 23y Carpenter 1864 many possibilities        
F. Carlino 40y Carpenter 1847 many possibilities        
P Colarosa 16y  Laborer  1871 Perigio Pasquale Colarosa 13 Apr 1871 13 Apr 1871 Giuseppe Caravita Eufrasia diTella Data confirmed by research done by Fran Daly in Jun 2004.
D. Mastroianni 29y Laborer 1858 Possible:
Domenico Antonio Mastroianni
Sep 1863 Silvio Domenica diIullo 1900 census, Kelton, Box Elder, UT. With brother Paolo.
D. Colaianni 21y Laborer 1866 many possibilities        

About Trinacria 1871

From Norway-Heritage : Hands Across the Sea:

Launched Jul 1871. Maiden voyage 2 Sep 1871 from Glasgow-Liverpool-Halifax-St. John-New York. 1893 wreaked northeast of Cape Villano Spain.

From The Ships List :

The TRINACRIA was a 2,107 gross ton ship, built by Robert Duncan & Co, Port Glasgow (engines by Finnieston Steamship Works, Glasgow). Her details were - length 306ft x beam 34.4ft, straight stem, one funnel, three masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 11 knots. There was accommodation for 75-1st, 100-2nd and 500-3rd class passengers. Launched in July 1871 for the Anchor Line of Glasgow, she left Glasgow on 2nd Sep.1871 on her maiden voyage to Liverpool, Halifax, St John, NB and New York (arr.26th Sep.) On 19th Oct.1871 she started her first Glasgow - New York voyage and commenced her 18th and last sailing on this service on 14th May 1874. Meanwhile, in Dec.1872 she had commenced the first of two voyages between Glasgow, Trieste, Messina, Palermo, Valencia, New York and Glasgow, and started the second sailing on this route on 6th Jul.1874. Between April 1875 and Oct. 1879 she made 13 round voyages between Liverpool and Bombay, and in 1879 made two Glasgow - Mediterranean - New York - Glasgow sailings. On 24th Apr. 1880 she made a single London - New York voyage and from 1800-1881 made six London - Halifax - Boston sailings. From 1881-1892 she was used on the Glasgow - Mediterranean - New York - Glasgow service and made 28 round voyages on this route. Rebuilt to 2,256 gross tons, with accommodation for 69-1st and 910-3rd class passengers in 1882, she sailed from Glasgow in June 1883 for Liverpool - Calcutta - Marseilles - Genoa - Naples - New York and Glasgow. On 3rd July 1892 she commenced her last voyage from Leghorn to Palermo, Naples and New York (arr 29th Jul.) and on 7th Feb.1893 was wrecked near Cape Vilano, Spain.
[North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.1,p.457].

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