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Hosea Ausbrooks Peden Genealogy

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This site is dedicated to Hosea Ausbrooks Peden, his daughter Georgia Estella (Peden) Churchill and her daughter Wenona Billee (Churchill) Clark. The three of them had a sense of ancestry that moved them to save all of these pictures and memorabilia and pass them down generation to generation.

The family lived in Simpson County, KY, El Dorado Springs, MO and San Diego, CA.

 29 Oct 2003 - I've updated the Family Tree with new information. It is from a handwritten note to Stella from Florence dated 16 Dec 1944. "Dear Stella, this is what you had wanted long ago. Hallie took this from the Old Bible." Could the Florence be Mary Florence Peden Lewis, daughter of James Tompson Peden and Josephine McNeil Bryant?  That would be Stella's cousin.  And the Hallie must be Hallie Lewis, Florence's daughter.
7 Nov 2003 I've added some photos all around. 
19 Nov 2005 - Prompted by a question from Tim Healy, I went through all of the photos again looking for photos of Lillian Huntley Boyer and her Healey decendents. She married Chester Healy (one of at least 5 husbands). Chester is Tim's GGF to another of Chester's wives. I've gathered all those scans into two files. The first is about a 5MB ZIP file. Click HERE to download it. The second file is also about 5MB. Click HERE to download it. You can also see a photo of Lillian on Frank Churchill's web page.
20 Nov 2005 - Here are some more letters and photos that I found. I have not had time to document them and add them to the web site. I've gathered those scans into two files. The first is photos, mostly of Frank and Stella Churchill. It is about a 2MB ZIP file. Click HERE to download it. The second are letters to Hosea Peden. It is about a 5MB ZIP file. Click HERE to download it.
22 Nov 2005 - Here are more letters from the Healey's. Its about a 4MB ZIP file. Click HERE to download it.
1 Dec 2005 - I've updated the Family Tree with new information about Lillian Huntley Boyer.
4 Jan 2007 - Just a note to let you know that I'm still here. Nothing much new to report. I'm still looking for close relatives of the people who are listed on my pages. Also here is a web site about the Paden/Peden family.
9 Jul 2007 - I scanned many newspaper articles and postcards about Frank Churchill and his contracting business in El Dorado Springs, MO
1 Sep 2007 - John L "Jack" Taylor died in an aircraft accident in Hawaii during WWII.
15 Sep 2007 - Three semi-famous people who all somehow touched the lives of Frank and Stella Churchill in El Dorado Springs, MO : George Allan England (science fiction writer), Janet Malbon (opera singer) and James Eads How ("millionaire hobo").
2 Nov 2007 - Peggy Norcross sent me a bunch of photos, mostly unidentified, of her family descendent from Price Snider.
13 Nov 2007 - I've taken all the information about Frank and Stella Churchill's Honeymoon trip to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair and put it on this web page.
30 Mar 2011 - Another note to say I'm still here. 99% of the stuff saved by the Peden's has been given to relatives and historical societies as I list below. I'm still looking for relatives of  John L "Jack" Taylor , Bette Frank Churchill's first husband who died during WWII.
19 Apr 2011 - After receiving an email from Richard Churchill Leroy, I've learned more about the Churchill Family.
Summer 2013 - I've located the only 1st cousin of  John L "Jack" Taylor . His name is Gene Taylor, the son of Jack's uncle. Gene now has all of Jack's memoribilia.

Hosea Ausbrooks Peden
  Georgia Estella (Peden) Churchill
Wenona Billee (Churchill) Clark

My goals for this web page are two fold 1) to honor the memory of Hosea, Stella and Billee and 2) to find their nearest living relatives to give all these photos, notes and other memorabilia.

Who am I?

My name is Mark DiVecchio. My wife is the trustee of the Estate of the late Fred B. Churchill, the last person to descend from Hosea Ausbrooks Peden. The line died with Fred. He saved all the stuff I now have that was originally saved by his sister Billee and mother Stella. Fred's wife, Betty, gave us access to all of their memorabilia and my wife and I started this web site in 2001 in order to find an appropriate person or organization to inherit all the photos and other memorabilia. Billee died in 1997, Fred in 2000 and Fred's wife Betty died in 2008.

At this point (mid 2013) we have found homes for all of the memorabilia:

The majority of the stuff has been sent to the Preserve Our Past Society (P.O.P.S.) in El Dorado Springs, MO. This includes all of the stuff from about 1878 to about 1940. This period covers when Hosea and Mary Peden moved to El Dorado Springs from Kentucky up until their daughter, Stella, and husband Frank Churchill moved to San Diego, CA. This includes the photos of  George Allan England (science fiction writer) and the newspaper articles about  James Eads How (the "millionaire hobo").

For the period before 1878, I've sent the memorabilia to the Simpson County Kentucky Historical Society in Franklin, KY. This covered the earliest memorabilia from before the Civil War (stuff from Hosea's father Andrew Peden) up until Hosea and Mary moved from Kentucky to Missouri.

Memorabilia from Frank Churchill's involvement with the El Dorado Springs Opera House was sent to Troy Allison, who with his brother, Davin, is renovating the Opera House. This includes the letters from Janet Malbon.

All of Fred Churchill's memorabilia from his time working for Ryan Aeronautical in San Diego have been donated to the San Diego Air & Space Museum which now  has a special research area dedicated to Fred.

All Delpha Fain (Fred Churchill's first wife) photos to Dean Whitesitt, Delpha's son.

All Aunt Nancy Bonaparte Owings Rogers stuff to Brec Morton, Nancy's great great grandson.

All the Bryant Photos were sent to Betty Bryant Barker, granddaughter of one of the Bryant brothers.

All Dorothy Loraine Lorenz (Fred's girlfriend before he met Betty) stuff to Rachael Barlow, Loraine's granddaughter.

All Korabek (Betty Frank Churchill's parents and ancestors) photos, quilts, stitching, misc to Betty's cousin, Ruth Louise Weiss Buckner (via her daughter Judy Buckner Hughes).

All the Healy-Huff-Trammell stuff to Gene Dana, whose great grandfather was Chester Healy, one of five(?) husbands of Lillian Boyer.

Stella's Hair Booklet to Jane Eason (granddaughter and grandniece of women whose hair was in the booklet).

The memoriabilia about John L "Jack" Taylor , Betty Frank's frist husband who died in an aircraft accident in Hawaii during WWII, was sent to his only 1st cousin, Gene Taylor. This was in 2013, it took me almost 10 years to find Gene.

General Information

I entered all the genealogical information in the Personal Ancestral File v 5.0 (PAF5) downloaded from the LDS site

The photos you will see on the main pages are thumbnails. They have been reduced in size and resolution so that they can be quickly downloaded. I actually scanned the photos at 1200 dpi, the best my scanner can do.

My original goal was to put high resolution scans of the photos up on this web site for anyone to download but I quickly exceeded my Disk Quota at my ISP. Until I get that fixed, the high resolution scans won't be here. BUT if you are relative of Hosea or anyone I mention here or in the GED file, I will be happy to send you this web site as well as scans of all the photos on a DVD. Send me your relationship and name/address. Email me :

My Sources

The main source of information for this web site is a set of handwritten notes and photos handed down from Mary A. Peden, her daughter Georgia Estella Peden and her daughter Wenona Billee Churchill. I tried to mark each piece of information that came from these notes as coming from "Stella's and Billee's Handwritten Notes" sometimes shortened to "Notes".

Also in Billee's stuff is Henry C. Peden Jr's book "Genealogy of the Pedens of Kentucky 1756-1986".

4 Dec 2003 : I got this email from Henry:

Date sent:         Thu, 04 Dec 2003 08:01:29 -0500
From:               HENRY PEDEN <>
Subject:            Re: Peden ancestry letter

Hi Mark,
My 1986 book has been out of print a long time and I have since accumulated more Peden information, often thinking of, but never getting around to, doing an update. Perhaps some day I will do it, so in that regard I don't mind your putting my e-mail address on-line. Also, keep me in mind for any updated information on Hosea's family line.

Best regards,

Also in Billee's stuff is an address book which appears to date from the 1940's or 1950's. It appears to be Stella's address book because it has Billee's address in it as a regular entry.

I found a lot of information on the web, at the LDS web site, and

I tried to mark each piece of information with the source, but I was probably not 100% successful.

In my GED file, I started by putting everything in the Notes that I found. I marked all entries as coming from the Notes. I filled in some holes by downloading several GED files from the net. Those may or may not have source attribution. I tried not to put information into my GED file that was already common knowledge available on the Web or in Henry Peden's book. That information which is not from the Notes consists of:
    John Carpenter Peden's Descendants (to get information on his daughter Gusta Peden)
    Price Snider's Descendants and Ancestors (to get information on Charles Price Snider who married Gusta Peden)
    Nancy Bonaparte Owings ( I have a sewing needle owned by "Aunt Nancy", this must be her)
    Ben R. Peden Descendants (I have a picture of his daughter Faye Peden)
Doris Ellis had a chance to transcribe the notes in the old Peden Bible owned by Hallie Lewis. Hallie was the only child of Mary Florence Peden and "Jay" Leonard Lewis.  Doris sent her transcription to me on 12 June 2004.

Family Tree

Here is a small portion of the Peden family tree. Just to give you an idea of where the main characters fit in. All the details are in the GED file and in the GED4WEB Family Tree.

Andrew J. Peden
Rebecca Owings -----> Hosea Ausbrooks Peden
                                    -----> Georgia Estella Peden -    Betty Jane Frank
Allen Boone Bryant -> Mary Angeline Bryant                       |--> Fred Bert Churchill
Sarah Snider                                                     |--> Wenona Billee Churchill
                                           Frank Bert Churchill --    Walter Rothwell Clark

New Information

Here is some information that may be new from the Notes, at least I could not find it on any of my web searches.

1. Hosea and Molly apparently had twin sons. In Molly's obit, it refers to their 'three children'.

From the El Dorado Springs (MO) Sun
Thursday, December 6, 1928

She was married to Hosea A. Peden at Franklin, Ky., November 16, 1873 and
to this union were born, twin brothers, Daniel and Charles, having preceded
their mother in death. Surviving is the daughter, Mrs. F.B. Churchill of this
place, also two grandchildren, Wenona Billie and Fred B. Churchill.
Molly had twin brothers Daniel and Charles and her twin sons were most likely named after her brothers. I have not been able to find any other reference to them and there was nothing more in the Notes. A copy of that obit is here on Molly's page.

4. The Notes contain a lot of nicknames for many of the relatives. The most interesting one I found was that Pamela Augusta P. Peden who married Charles P Snider (a cousin via Molly's mother Sarah Snider) had a nickname of "Gusta". It took me a while to figure that out. Of course, Hosea Ausbrooks was "Hosey", Mary Angeline was "Molly" and Georgia Estella was "Stella".

5. Stella Peden is "Georgia Estella Peden". I've seen all sorts of different variations of spelling on the web and in the Notes.

6. There is a connection to the Bell family. It appears the Mary "Polly" Peden (one of the two daughters of Benjamin and Mary Peden named Mary) born about 1805 married  George Bell. I found a reference to this in Henry Peden's book, page 176B. In Hosea's Pocket Photo Album, I found a picture of  a George Bell. I'm pretty sure this is not the George Bell that married Mary "Polly" Peden but must be a descendant. The photo is only marked "George Bell". My guess is that it was taken about 1870-1880 as most of the other photos were taken during that era.

7. In Hosea's Pocket Album, there is a photo of a woman identified as Miss M. J. Butt. It also took me a while to figure out who this was. I searched for the Butt name. I found that, in many sources, Moses R. Peden, son of Andrew J and Rebecca Peden married a women only identified as Marinda J. PEDEN. I figured that that meant Peden was her married name. On the web I found a Butt family that had two daughters Marinda J. and Nancy J. That Marinda was identified there as married to Moses Peden. I've also seen the name spelled as Malinda. Newer info: going through more of the Notes, I found a direct reference that Moses married Marinda Butt.

22 May 2003 - I just got an email from a descendent of Moses Reed Peden. He confirmed that Moses married "Murinda Isavilla Butts" in 1867. She died in 1912 in Quincy MO. He had a yet different spelling of her first and middle names. He also said that Moses ended up in Idaho. This information from Darrell Peden.

All of this information is in the GED file that you can download from this site.

Unanswered Questions

1. Middle names - I wonder if Ausbrooks (Hosea's middle name) or McNeil (Josephine Bryant's middle name - that is, Molly's sister, husband of James Thompson Peden) were family names. I didn't find anything to substantiate that.
Update: I found one Wlliam Clay "Buck" Ausbrooks, a member of the Ellis Harper Raiders during the Civil War. Harper was active in KY and TN.

I have found several web sites with the family name Ausbrooks from the Sumner County, TN area.   Reference here to William C Buck Ausbrooks    Here as well.

Here is an email I received:
On 4 Feb 2004 at 13:23, Linda Chesser wrote:

Date sent:       Wed, 04 Feb 2004 13:23:54 -0500
From:             Linda Chesser <>
Subject:         Ausbrooks and McNeil

I don't know if this will help or not, but several of your names were in my database from Sumner County, TN which borders Simpson County, KY.

First:  You have a great Peden website and I have no Pedens in my database.  The Pedens were living among my ancestors Perdue, Brown, Butt, Ausbrooks/Ozbrooks and others.  Re: "McNeil", I have Jonathan McNeil married Catherine Perdue b. 1820 VA.  Re: "Bryant"  John Bryant married Mary Kimbrough, sister of my 5th great grandmother who was married to Leonard Brown. Leonard Brown was bondsman or witness to the marriage of Sterling Ozbrooks and Polley Barker on Aug. 11, 1804 in Sumner Co.

The Browns intermarried with Perdues and Ausbrooks.  My great grandmother Flora Brown married George A. Perdue.  His sister was Queen Louisa Elizabeth Perdue who married William Clay Ausbrooks. His father was William Crisley Ausbrooks who married Irena M. Adaline Brown b. 28 July 1832, dau of Jeremiah and Nancy Hodges Brown.  Also, in the June 1838 District 17 Sumner Co. TN School Inhabitants list are:  Moses Peden, Nancy Butt, and Hosea Pedue (misspelling of Peden--He wasn't a Perdue).

My Butt connection is a son of Arthur Butt marrying a daughter of a Perdue, both still living.  Most of my relatives in Sumner Co. had middle names of neighbors as frequently as family names. (Thomas, Bush, Ewing, Witham, Bell, Pope, Anderson, Dudley, etc.) Good luck in your continued research.


2. I found one reference in the Notes to "John married Miss Pruitt". I don't know who that refers to.

3. There are several pictures in Hosea's Pocket Album that I could not identify:

    Dr. Jno White
    Lulu Bell (Mrs. Dr. Douglas)
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

    Those pictures are on this site in Hosea's Pocket Album Page.

4. Spellings of names change a lot:

    Bryant or Briant
    Snyder or Snider (the old Peden Bible confirms the spelling as Snider)
    Rebecca or Rebecka or Rebekah
    Billee or Billie (she signed her name Billee so I'll use that here.)
    Molly or Mollie

5. There were several pictures in Billee's stuff  who I could not identify. Click Here.

6. The father of Sarah Snyder, Price Snider, married Mary "Polly" Holland. He may also have married a woman named Lovelady. I don't have a first name. I can't find anymore about her except what was in the Notes. It is also not clear which children came from which mother. The Notes seem to imply that Mary was the mother of Sarah and Julius and the rest of the children were from Lovelady. I can't be sure. On the web I've found references that her name was Sarah "Sallie" Lovelady and she had two children with Price Snyder, Cinderella and Martha. I recently found the 1850 census data and found their family. I'm still working on trying to figure out who is who. Mary Holland (who may have had 17 children) died in 1833 and Price Snider married Sarah Lovelady about 1835.

7.  Why did Hosea and Mollie move from Franklin, Ky to El Dorado Springs, Mo? When did they move?

The Locations

Franklin, Simpson County, KY

El Dorado Springs, Cedar Country, MO

El Dorado Springs Sun

The Stuff

So here are the sub-pages. They don't contain many dates or places of birth/death, etc. Look in the Family Tree for that.

Hosea Ausbrooks Peden     The hero of our story.

Andrew J. and Rebecca Owings Peden         Hosea's father and mother.

Aunt Nancy Rogers (Nancy Bonaparte Owings)      Rebecca's Owings sister and Aunt to Hosea Peden.

Hosea Ausbrooks Peden's Pocket Photo Album             Includes information about George Bell and Nancy J Butt.

Hosea's Brothers and Sisters         He had a bunch but I only have pictures of Ben, Mary and Andrew.

Mary Angeline "Molly" (Bryant) Peden      Hosea's Wife

Georgia Estella (Peden) Churchill     Hosea and Mollie's daughter. Includes info on Frank Bert Churchill, her husband.

Frank Bert Churchill - Newspaper articles and postcards about Frank Churchill and his contracting business in El Dorado Springs, MO

Frank and Stella Churchill's Honeymoon - Their trip to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

Wenona Billee (Churchill) Clark       Hosea and Mollie's granddaughter. Includes info on Walter Rothwell Clark, her husband

Fred Bert and Betty Jane Churchill         Fred was the last descendant from Hosea and Molly. He was their grandson and Billee's brother.

The Briants and Sniders         Mollie's mother and father and siblings.

    For more information on the Howell line (who married into the Perdue's married into the Bryant's), look at Tom Howell's excellent site.

Cousins      Cousins of the Pedens and the Churchills

Friends      Friends of the Pedens and Churchills

John Ledbetter Taylor - John L. "Jack" Taylor was Betty Frank's first husband. He died in military service in 1943.

Janet Malbon - One of the performers at the Opera House managed by Frank Bert Churchill.

James Eads How - The Millionaire Hobo paid a visit to El Dorado Springs, MO.

George Allan England - Science Fiction writer paid a visit to El Dorado Springs, MO.

Unknown         These people must have some connection to Hosea.

My notes         These are my web references for information. Contains lots of web links.

Family Tree as created by GED4WEB

The Family Tree as I uploaded it to

PAF File and GED File - as created by Personal Ancestry File from the LDS site - both in one ZIP file.

Useful technical sites:

Kentucky Genealogical Society

Simpson County Kentucky Archives Home Page - Franklin, Kentucky

Sumner County, TN

Official Sumner County Archives Website

Deciphering Old Handwriting

Early Photographic Processes

Dating Old Photos

Medical Conditions

Universal Relationship Chart

This site prepared and maintained by Mark DiVecchio

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