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Frank and Stella Peden Churchill's Honeymoon

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Stella Peden married Frank Bert Churchill in 1904:

This Certifies That
Frank B. Churchill of
Parsons, State of Kansas,
and Miss Stella Peden of
El Dorado Springs, State of Missouri,
Were United in
Holy Matrimony
At Nevada, Mo. on the 22nd
day of October, AD 1904, by authority of
a license bearing date the 22nd day of
October AD 1904, and issued by the
Recorder of Deeds of Vernon County Missouri.
Witness my signature,
T. J. Myers
Judge of Probate
Vernon County, Mo.
Wm. Parsnell

Probably from the El Dorado Sun. They were married in Nevada, MO.
Stella Churchill in Wedding dress and hat.
Dated on front: Feb 21, 1909. She was actually
married on 22 Oct 1904.

There is a "Dragon Memo" red notebook which details the wedding and honeymoon trip to the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. Inside cover is handwritten "Miss G. Stella Peden". Here is a transcription of Stella's diary (with my comments and clarifications in (black)):

Frank Bert came Oct. 21, 1904.

Sat Oct 22 we went to Nevada (Missouri). Ate dinner at Resturant then went to Court House procured license and was married by Judge Myers at about 2PM.

We then secured a room at the Eagle House and started to the Asylum.

Car didn't come so we walked out and took car back. After supper went up town and fixed lunch for next day. About 4 o'clock went down to depot to catch 4:55 train whch was 3:35 late. We then waited for the World's Fair Special which arrived 2 hrs late.

A cadet, Mr. Johnson, came on train and gave me a hat pin at Boonville.

Herb, Clara & Lillian Khuner got on there. Frank could not get seat in coach with me so went into the smoking car. I sat by a boy from Tex. I went into smoking car and Mr. Sheply gave us a bottle of beer.

Arrived at St. Louis at 9 o'clock and went to the Portland Hotel ($2.00) across from Union Station and registered. Then walked up the street came back early and went up to room (85) (1817 Market).

Next morn. met Dr & Mrs Harlan. (Dr. Warren Harlan and Dell Churchill, a 1st cousin of Frank. Dr. Harlan had a general medicine practice in St. Louis.)

About 10 o'clock took a Laclede car for grounds, visited Mines, Liberal Arts. saw book made 1742.

Lunch - about 1 o'clock met Will Billingsley & Harvey Withers in Mines and Metallurgy bldg. Varied Industries. Heard Weil's Band. Saw Cascades then to the Fine Arts. Admired 226 Twilight 82,83,84. Boot blacks by J.G. Brown. 528 Forest Fire. Went into Jap. Bazaar then to the Pike. Rode on Scenic Railway. Saw outside Exhibit of Old Plantation. Cliff Dwellers. Went into 'Peggy from Paris' out of a sudden shower. Heard "I've got a sticky feelin in my heart for you" outside Exhibit of Streets of Rome. Fair. Japan. Saw Cascades at night. Went to resturant and was back to Hotel by 8. Staid at Park Hotel ($1.50).

Next day - Tues. ate breakfast at the Gem. went to Flanders Drug Store to see Dr. and about 11 went to Fair grounds. Went into New Hampshire State bldg. Agriculture then to Phillipine Reservation. Met Phil & talked with him. Got signatures in front of book went into Forestry bldg. then saw the Scouts drill. Came in early & went out to Dr. Harlans.

Wed - took an Olive car for Pike entrance about 11. Went thro the Transportation bldg, Machinery Hall, Electric. Saw Floral clock whose dial is 50 ft. & weight of hands is 500 lbs. Machinery weighs 40 lbs. Time by Floral Clock was 3:10 PM. Went to Fine Arts bldg. Ate supper on grounds saw a leap from tower 199 ft into vat of water. Went by Circle Swing then home.

Thurs - Frank & I went out to Shaws garden. Bot book of scenes. Then went back to Dells for lunch. In afternoon, Dell and I went to town. Went to the theater and afterwards thro a 10¢ Store. Then home.

Fri - 28th - Frank, Grace & I went down town to Mermod and Jaccards and bot Dell a Havlin dish. Left Frank in town to get a shave & were to meet at the Forestry, Fish and Games bldg. We saw the high dive. Went thro France then to the F.F.&G. bldg to wait for Frank. Saw bridge of 3000 varieties of wood. Bufferflies mounted on cotton. Registered. Waited till tired then went thro Italia, Belgium & Administration bldg. Spent some time in there. Saw one mummy 800 BC another 200 BC also Stela Rep deceased adoring Osiris and Isis XXth Dynasty or later.

Saw chair of W'm Ellery one of the signers of the Dec. of Ind. Chair of Washington, Pine Tree flag used at Bunker Hill. A letter written from Genoa Mar. 17 1439 by Faddeo Visco.

Flag that waved over American Exhibit at London World's Fair in 1851.

Canip Jackson's Flag captured by Lyons troops May 10, 1861.

1st St. Louis church bell 1774. Daniel Boone rifle. We then thot an air ship was ascending and rushed out to find it only a balloon.

We then went into another section of the bldg and cafe the Queen's Jubilee presents.

From this we went to Alaska saw a square of gold valued at $21,817,296.19 another representing the price paid for Alaska, $7,200,000.00. We then went to the Indian tents. Saw the Pigmies & saw them dance.

We then took dinner in the Agriculture Bldg. Went Idaho then to the Jap. Bazaar. When we came out it was quite dark so we went to the Pike. Found Frank and went into 'From New York to the North Pole' which was very good. We then started home & were delayed for some time by a wreak on the car line of a LaPage & Olive car.

Sat 29th - After Dinner, Grace, Frank & I went to the Opera - Odeon - to see the World's Fair Play. We then went to the Drug Store and bot souvenirs and went home.

Sun - Dr Harlan had to go to the store. Dell, Grace, Frank & I went to see Mrs. Musgrove & Bessie and Mrs. Marvin. From there we went to the depot. Dr Harlan came over & we told them goodbye and at 8:30 the Flyer started out. We reached Nevada (Missouri). Total expenses $60.00.

An advertising card titled
"The KATY Fair Special. A World's Fair Train that is Fast-Modern-Daily. The Acme of Comfort on Wheels. A Daylight Ride Through Missouri".
The card is hand dated 22 Oct 1904, 2 PM, "Bridal Boquet".
The Katy is the M.K.T. - the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad.

They must have spent a small fortune on souvenirs.

a 'nut' with photos of the Fair inside

A small plate.
An ashtray.
A Bookmark
A calling card holder which contained cards "Stella Peden Churchill". Cascade Gardens waterfall.
Ceramic Boots
There is a Stereoscope (stereo viewer) with photos of the St. Louis World's Fair
Stereo Photos
An ash tray of the Electric Building.
An envelope knife made from Water Buffalo bone from the Philippines Exhibit
Written on the program:  Thurs Oct 27, 1904, Dill Harlan & D Churchill.
"Dill Harlan and D. Churchill" must be Dr. Warren Harlan and his wife, Dell Churchill, the 1st cousin of Frank.
They appear in the 1900 census in St. Louis, MO
Stella referred to this as the 'book of scenes' in her diary.

I have dontated all of these souveniers to the Preserve Our Past Society (P.O.P.S.) in El Dorado Springs, MO.
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