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I don't know who these people are:
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My current thought is that is Katherine "Hannes" Johannes, close friends to the Churchills in El Dorado Springs. MO. I found another copy of this picture, dated April 1950 with this "Easter Orchid from Richard's friend in Honolulu". It does not name the person but in other photos she is idenfied. If that is her, she was born in 1862 so she would be 88 years old.
This is a  side view of the house at 606 Kirkpatrick in El Dorado Springs Mo.

I don't know if this is the rear of the house.

Tintype in a wooden picture box, could it be the same person as the next photo. Tax stamp on back is hand dated March 1862.
Handwritten "Perdew   Mrs. Bryant - aunt". On the back is a religious passage. This is either Mary Frances Perdue Bryant or Martha Ann Perdue Bryant. Both would be Stella's aunts. They married Mary Angeline Bryant's twin brothers, Daniel and Charles.

This photo was taken in Troy, MO. Both sisters lived there at one time.

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