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The Bryants and Sniders

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1. Hosea A. Peden married Mary Angeline Bryant. Here is some information about her brothers.
2. Mary Angeline Bryant's mother was Sarah "Sallie" Snider. Here is some information about her parents.

This photo might be the 1873 funeral of Price Snider. He was the father of Sallie Snider. There is just a note on the back which reads "This is the picture of grandpa Sniders cemetery".

1. Daniel and Charles Bryant, brothers of Mary Angeline Bryant

Daniel Charles Bryant, wife Martha and two sons.
Bullison, Kans
Brother of Mary Bryant Peden

Above written on back of undated photo. Daniel was twin brother of Charles. Wife is Martha Ann Perdue. Printed on back of photo:

F.A. Withers
Photographer and View Artist
Pratt, Kan.
From an undated newspaper clipping (my comments in normal typeface - also, the name was spelled Perdue in the obit):

    Martha A. Perdue was born October 4, 1837 and answered the summons, "Come Home" on the morning of July 3rd at 7:10, 1921 being eighty-three years, eight months and twenty-nine days of age.
    There were in her family, three brothers and eight sisters, all having gone on in death except one brother, J.G.
(John Gilbert) Perdue, of Croft Kansas, at whose home she passed away. She was married to D.C. Bryant on November 1st 1863. To this union were born seven children. Wm. (William Bradford), John (John Mintlow), Bert (Bertain Yancy), and Allie (Allen Edward) of Haviland, James (James Henderson) of Croft, George (George Washington) of <missing line> Mrs Eliza Vandroff (Sarah Eliza) of Copeland. All, with the aged father and brother, being permitted to be at her bedside except George, he being unable to get here.
    At an early age she heeded the Master's call and united Baptist church, living a consecrated christian life. Leaving a testimony in her last conversation, bidding them to make sure the reunion in Heaven; quoting the words of that beautiful hymm, "I'm Nearer My Home today, than I'd ever been before" just before death.
    The funeral was conducted from the Haviland Methodist church, by Rev. Charles W. Owens of Belvidere, assisted by Rev. A.H. Dent, paster of the Baptist church in Greensburg, Monday afternoon, and the mortal remains were laid to rest in the Haviland cemetery until resurection's morning dawn.

For more details on Martha A. Perdue and her family, check out Tom Howell's web site, see his email below.

Charles Bryant and wife
Twin brother of Dan Bryant
Brother of Mary Bryant Peden
Sept 2, 1899

Above written on back of photo. Charles Washington Bryant and wife, Mary Francis Perdue

Hosea and Mollie's twin sons were named after the twins, Daniel and Charles Bryant.

For more details on Mary Francis Perdue and her family, check out Tom Howell's web site, see his email below.

Here are recently discovered Bryant photos

These photos are mostly from Kansas and most (I believe) are the children or grandchildren of Daniel Charles Bryant and Martha Ann Perdue and of Charles Washington Bryant and Mary Frances Perdue (sister of Martha Ann).

Bert Bryant
Son of D.C. Bryant (bro of Mary Peden)
(Bertain Yancy Bryant)

Dan Bryant
Martha Bryant

James and Ethel Bryant
Son of Daniel Bryant brother of Mary A. Peden
FA Withers Art Studio
Pratt, Kans
(Ethel Hankins)

Johnnie Bryant
Son of D.C Bryant (brother of Mary A. Peden)
(John Mintlow Bryant)

Cecile Bryant
6 months
Daughter of Will Bryant (possibly William Bradford Bryant, son of D.C. Bryant)
Cain, Haviland, Kans

From:            "Sue Woods" <>
Subject:         RE: William Bradford family history
Date:            Tue, 22 Apr 2008 23:07:08 -0500


By the way I noticed the 6 month old baby was referred to as a son of William Bradford Bryant.  It is in fact a girl, Cecile Bryant, who was my mother's aunt and I knew her well.  Just wanted to clarify that.

Thanks again

Bryant Brothers
Harvesting Wheat
Jim - Allie - Bert - George

Children of Chas. Bryant
FW Withers, Art Studio
Pratt, Kans
(Don't know which ones)

Daniel and Martha Bryant
Brother of Mary A. Peden

Eliza Bryant (Vanderhoff)
Niece of Mary A. Peden
Daughter of Daniel Bryant
(Sarah Eliza Bryant)

Will Bryant
Haviland, KS
Son of D.C. Bryant

Garry and Eliza Vanderhoff
Eliza Bryant neice of Mary Peden
(Sarah Eliza Bryant, daughter of Daniel Charles Bryant and Martha Ann Perdue)

E. Bryant
Haviland, KS

Bryant Ranch

Mollie Angelia
and little neice
Lucy Francis Bryant
six weeks old
to Aunt Mollie Peden
(Molly Jane Bryant who married E.B. "Bert" Angles)
(Lucy Francis Bryant is the daugher of
Thomas Bradford Bryant and Virginia Lee Owen)
(Thomas Bradford Bryant is the son
of Charles Washingon Bryant and Mary Frances Perdue)

Mr. Tom Bryant
W W Moore, Franklin, Ky
(Must be Thomas Bradford Bryant)

James Bryant, Nephew of Mary A. Peden

Mrs. D.C. Bryant

Unknown Bryant

Unknown Bryant

Mrs. Geo. Bryant

Will Bryant and Children

Will Bryant

Geo. W. Bryant
Stanton Photo Co
Trilby Photos
Springfield OH

1901 Allie and Bert Bryant

Bryant Brothers Store, Haviland, KS

Bryant Brothers Drill

Depot at Haviland, KS. Will Bryant at center.

Bryant Brothers with Steam Tractor, Haviland, KS

From:          Betty Barker  <>
Date:            Thu, 5 Jul 2001 01:31:35 EDT
Subject:         Descendant of Price Snider and Mary (Polly) Holland

My name is Betty Bryant Barker.  I am a descendent of Price and Mary.  Their daughter, Sarah, born August 19, 1811 in VA died December 8, 1886, in Franklin, Simpson Co., KY and is buried in the Peden cemetery.  She married Allen B Bryant, my ggrandfather between 1837 and 1841 in Galletin, Sumner Co, TN.  I have the children of Price and Mary as

Permelia Snider, born Aug 23, 1810, married Christopher Meador;
William Snider, born 19, 1812, married Nancy Kerley;
Julius Snider, born Jan 8, 1814, married Mahala J Harges;
Henry Price Snider, born Feb 28, 1814 (?1815) married Amanda Jane Carr;
Elizabeth Snider, born July 25, 1815, married Harges;
Hardenia Snider, born Feb 24, 1819, married 1840 to Andrew J Adams,
Jordon Snider, born July 6, 1821, married S.A. Unknown
Paulina Snider, born April 3, 1824, married George Atkerson
Charles Price Snider, born June 1, 1825, married Augusta Peden
Almary Snider, born 1827, no other info
Angeline Snider, born Dec 25, 1829, married John Gibson
Judith Snider, born Oct 30, 1822, married Billy Hendricks
Minerva Snider, born June 25, 1827, married Stanley Wilkerson, then Levi Short
Another name without other info is Serena Snider.

Mary Angeline Bryant, born 1845 in Gallatin, Sumner Co, Tn, child of Allen and Sarah Snider married Hosea Ausbrooks Peden on November 16, 1873.  She was a sister of my grandfather, Daniel Bryant.  There was another brother, twin of my grandfather, whose name was Charles Bryant and another sister, Josephine Bryant who married James Thompson Peden on Feb 16, 1860 in Simpson Co, KY.

Parents of the Pedens were Andrew and Rebecca Owings, per the info I was given.  Most of this information came from a granddaughter of Charles who lives in Tennessee.

Josephine and James Peden had three children,
Sarah Peden, born May 29, 1862, married in 1877 to Joseph Lewis, d 1950
Mary Florence Peden, born Nov 7, 1870, married 1892 to Jeremiah L Lewis, d 1952
Martha Jane Peden, born Nov 17, 1872, married in 1889 to Francis M Humble, d 1958

I have what I believe to be the original of the picture of Sarah Snider.  It is a charcoal drawing and was owned by my grandparents.  I should probably explain that my grandfather, Daniel Bryant, was a veteran of the Civil War, as was his brother Charles.  They fought in the Union Army and each was left disabled by the experience.  My own father, Bertain Yancey Bryant was born in 1879 in Troy MO and walked into Kansas beside a covered wagon in 1885.  I was born in 1934, a child of BY's second wife.  This should explain what may seem to be very strange ages!

I have other photos of Mary, Josephine and the Bryant brothers.  Possibly the Pedens moved to Missouri before the Perdues and Bryant left for Kansas??

Betty Bryant Barker
Date:    Wed, 11 May 2005 03:00:49 -0500
From:    Jeff & Paula <>
Subject:    Bryant Relative

Hello, I am currently researching my family and came across your site. I couldn't believe it at first! My G-grandfather was James Henderson Bryant (born 8-14-1871). He and Ethel (Hankins) were the parents of Dora (Watson) who was my grandmother. She died in 1994 and all I had (until now!) to go on was that Daniel Charles Bryant and Martha Ann (Perdue) were his parents. I had no clue that he had a twin brother. The only picture I have is of James and Ethel from their wedding which is on your page. Thanks for your website and all the great pics and info that you included.

Sincerely, Jeff Watson(Raymore,MO)
From:    "Sue Woods" <>
Subject:    William Bradford family history
Date:    Mon, 21 Apr 2008 22:43:07 -0500


I am a great granddaughter of William Bradford Bryant.  A week ago I found a third cousin, Jeff Watson.  I have frequented your web site (which by the way is really great) often and have seen the pictures you have posted under Bryant/Snider.  Jeff said he found your web site a couple years ago and also saw the Bryant pictures and emailed you requesting a disk of those pictures which you complied.  I'm wondering if you would be interested in sending me one also.  I would be happy to pay for it and also your time.  I have been working on the descendents of William Bryant and have found your website very informative.  I will wait to hear from you.

Sue Woods
Date:   Tue, 8 Mar 2011 10:57:52 -0600
Subject:        The Bryant Family
From:   Dakota Sims <>

Dear Mark,
    I found your site while i was looking for more information on my family The Bryants.  I noticed you have some of the same photos my grandmother does.  There is a lot of information I would like to exchange with you! I am 16 years old, but I know a lot about the Bryants.  I think we could learn a lot from each other!  If you could email me back, it would be much appreciated!  I even have some photos I could photo copy for you that you could add on to your site!  Hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you,
Dakota Sims

2. The Snyders

The Snyders (Sniders) where the family of Mary Angeline Bryant's mother, Sarah "Sallie" Snider. Sarah married Allen Boone Bryant.

Sarah Snider's glasses

Grandpa Bryant's Corkscrew

Photo of Sarah Snider is here.

I received this email and these photos from Doris Ellis:

On 8 Jun 2004 at 22:41, Doris Ellis wrote:

Date sent:          Tue, 08 Jun 2004 22:41:18 -0700
From:               Doris Ellis
Subject:            Mary Margaret Reed Peden

Mark I was just looking up Cornelius Reed and found your posting.  Mary Margaret Reed Peden wife of Benjamin Peden (My ancestors) was born 22 Sept 1779 not 1774.  Bible records prove this.  Just fyi.
Doris Ellis
Mark, thanks for the reply.  Yes, you have a nice site and I enjoyed it so much.  The Pamela Augusta J. Peden Snider you mentioned was a sister to my great grandmother Catherine "Kate" Vianne Peden Smith.

I have an old picture sent to the family by Pattie Grace Coghill Snider who married John Peden Snider and she has written on the back of the picture Mrs. J.P. Snider and Nellie, our youngest now twenty.  This to confirm that the family spelled their name Snider.   Catherine Peden Smith's grandparents were Benjamin Peden and Mary Margaret Reed Peden. 

Regarding Hallie Lewis you mentioned.  I met her when we visited Franklin, Ky.  She was in possession of the old Peden Bible and I was privileged to read the family records from that Bible.  She was the only child of Mary Florence Peden and "JAY" Leonard Lewis.  The story was that she would not marry until her folks were gone although she had a sweetheart of many years, David H. McFarlin.  Her mother died Oct 30, 1952 and she and David wre married a year later.  Don't know if that is true or just a legend.  Well I know she and David married. 

Good chatting with you.

I am sending you the picture of Pattie Snider and Nellie and also a copy of the back of the picture.  I am also sending a transcription of the old Peden BibleI am glad to hear from you at any time. 


Nellie Gordon Snider was born in1903, the 11th child of Pattie Coghill Snider and John Peden Snider.

Peggy Norcross sent me some photos of her family. Her 2G grandmother was Judith Snider, the sister of Sarah "Sallie" Snider who married Allen Boone Bryant. Judith married William Hendricks. Click here for those photos. Maybe you can help identify some of them.

Macon County, Tennessee  - History and Families

I received this series of emails in 2003:

15 Feb 2003
Hi, Mark:

I have digital copies of photos of Charles and Daniel Bryant, born 1838, with their wives.  Do you have photos of these people?   If you would like me to email these to you,  contact me by email and I'll send them right out to you.

Bud Pittman
Kingsport, TN
Hello, Mark:

Received your email and visited your website.  Your pictures, especially of Charles and his wife, are far superior to photos I have.  Your big photo looks like it was scanned from an original or good copy.  My photos are ones which I took with a digital camera.  I photographed an existing picture as it appeared in a book.  I also digitally photo'd several paragraphs of written material about the lives of these people.  These are all jpg. files.

I will forward them to you in a few minutes.
I am not related.  Just enjoy doing this.

Bud Pittman
Mark, I've attached five files:   one photo of Charles, one photo of the source book, and 3 photos of printed genealogy information.   I will send the same type of information shortly for Daniel.


BRYANT, Allen Bradford Bryant was born 1803 in Halifax, VA. He was the son of Jessie Bryant and Mary Hill Nelson. Jessie Bryant was a Revolutionary soldier in Virginia. He signed an oath dated 30 Apr 1778, in Virginia. Allen kept the certificate in the family. His son, C.W. Bryant had the oath notarized by a judge in Franklin, KY, as being an original signed oath. It is now located at the Historical Society in Simpson County, KY.

Jessie's children were listed in his son's will. Edmund F. Bryant's will in 1841 in Anderson Country, KY. His siblings were, Eli, Jesse, George, Rhoadhaven, the heirs of David, Allen, Polly, Nancy, Sally (Keeling), Elizabeth (Gilly) and Martha Maram (Stewart).

Edmund was listed in 1830 in Smith County (Macon). In 1840, Edmund and Allen were listed in Smith County. In 1850, Allen was listed in Sumner County. In 1857, Allen's family moved to Franklin, KY.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In June of 2021, I received an email from Tom McMillian. Tom found new information that indicates the Edmund Bryant is not the person referred to in  Jessie Bryant's 1841 will. Read Tom's email below.

Allen married "Sally" Sarah Snider. Sally was born 19 Aug 1811, in Virginia. She was the daughter of Price Snider and "Polly" Mary Holland of Virginia.

The children of Allen and Sally are: Charles Washington and Daniel Charles, twins (b. 26 Aug 1838, in Macon County); their daughters are Mary Angeline and Josephine (b 21 Jul 1844, in Macon County).

Charles Washington married Mary Frances Perdue 23 Oct 1857, in Gallatin, Sumner County. Mary Francis (b 31 Jan 1833, in Allen County, KY) was the daughter of William Hale Prdue and "Sally" Howell of Virginia. Daniel Charles married Martha Ann Perdue 01 Nov 1863, in Gallatin, Sumner County. Martha was born in 1836 in Lafayette, Macon County. She was the sister of Mary Francis.

Mary Angeline married Hosea Ausbrooks Peden.

Josephine married James Thompson Peden 16 Feb 1860, in Franklin, Simpson County, KY. The Pedens are sons of Andrew Peden and Rebecca Owings of Kentucky. The Peden and Bryant brothers  served in the same cavalry company for the Union during the Civil War.

Mark, this concludes my information on the Bryant's.  I've attached a photo of Daniel and 4 photos of printed genealogy information. Were you aware of this information about the lives of the Bryant's?  Did you know about the source book?

Hope this will be of use to you.

BRYANT-PERDUE, Daniel Charles Bryant (b 26 Aug 1838 in Macon County) was the twin son of Allen Bradford Bryant and Sarah Sally Snider. He married

Martha Ann Perdue on 01 Nov 1861, in Portland, Richland, Sumner County, TN. She was born 04 Oct 1837, in Lafayette, Macon County. Her parents were William Hale Perdue and Sarah Howell of Virginia. They lived on a farm in Allen County, KY. This land was involved in the land dispute between Kentucky and Tennessee. After the land settlement, this farm ended up located in Sumner County, TN. In 1864, the Perdue family and Dan and Martha Bryant moved to Bedford Township, Lincoln County, MO.

In a local newspaper, Mr  Perdue and Mr Bryant were described as pioneer residents of the Troy Community. Following the close of the Civil War, the two families of Franklin, Simpson County, KY, located in Troy, MO. After 19 years in Troy, MO, they moved to Pratt County, KS in 1884. The former Kentuckians loaded their families in covered wagons for the five strenuous weeks on the road to reach Pratt County, in central Kansas.

Daniel and Martha  Bryant were parents of John Minlow; James Henderson; William Bradford; Sarah Eliza; Allen "Allie" Edward; George Washington and Bertain Yancy (b 12 Oct 1879).

Children of Bertain Yancy Bryant and Florence Barnes are: Charles Elbert; Edward Dean; Raymond Wesley; and Donald Dwight;

Children of Bertain Yancy and Bertha Cantrell are: Betty Lou (Barker) (b 16 Jan 1934) and Virginia Lee (Hamilton)(b 27 Oct 1935). [Note from Mark:  I have been in email contact with Betty Lou Barker]

Daniel Charles served with his twin brother, Charles Washington, in the Civil War as a private in the Union. He enlisted 11 Aug 1862, in Co. G, 8th Regt. of Kentucky, Cav., Clark's Bde. under Brig. Gen. Charles Clark. He enlisted 23 Sep 1863, in Co. E, 17th Regt. of Kentucky Cav. under Brig. Gen. Wagner. He was hororable discharged at Louisville, KY, 20 Sep 1865.

He applied for a Federal pension 19 Aug 1921, at the age of 82 years old. In his application, he stated: 1) he was resident of Haviland, Kiowa County, KS; 2) his disabilities were blindness in one eye and almost blind in the other; 3) he was almost deaf; 4) he was born in Hartsville, Macon County, TN; 5) since leaving the service he has resided at: Troy, MO, Springvale, KS; Croft, KS and Haviland, KS.

He contracted measles in Jan 1863 in camp at Hopkinsville, KY. In Jul 1863, after riding in a raid after the Rebel, Gen. John Hunt Morgan, through the states of Indiana and Ohio, he developed a medical problem that excused him from horseback duty. He was mustered out of the service 23 Sep 1865, in Russellville, KY.

D.C. Bryant was a farmer. He died 21 Aug 1925, in Springvale, Pratt County KS. Martha Ann Perdue Bryant died 03 Jul 1921, in Haviland, Kiowa County, KS.

By Carol Coker.
Mark, the next time I am in Macon County, TN, I will go into the library and get the information you need regarding the book with the Bryant genealogy.  (author, publisher, copyright date).  I may be there this week.  If not, then I will be returning there in the next few weeks.

I'm glad the information is useful to you.


Will the real Edmund Bryant please stand up?

In June of 2021, I received this email from Tom McMillan

Date sent:    Mon, 28 Jun 2021 23:27:12 +0000 (UTC)
From:    Tom McMillan <>
Subject:    Follow up about Bryants at your website

Greetings Mark

I communicated with you some years ago, when I was looking into the possibility my Bryant family could be related to the Bryant family you so kindly keep at your website.

After a lot of research, including DNA I can say we are definitely related to them. Ten of my known Bryant cousins shared their ancestry DNA with me. Also, several who descend from the Bryants shown at your website shared their DNA with me also.

My 3rd Great Uncle, Rev Thomas Jefferson Bryant had written about the connection in his autobiography back in 1890, and it proves true. My 3rd Great Grandfather, William Whaley Bryant’s mother was actually the Bryant we connect to the others for. I’ve found William’s father was surname Moore.

You had shared information from a Macon Co, TN book. It was indicated that Edmund Bryant’s will from 1841 at Anderson Co, KY named his siblings in his will. However, I and other researchers have read the Anderson Co, KY will, and it is not the correct Edmund Bryant. A fellow researcher and I found a Tennessee Supreme Court case involving Edmund Bryant of Macon Co, TN which was finalized in late 1845, so he would have died after that. Someone must have had a copy of the will to know the names in it, but wills for Macon Co, TN were destroyed in a courty house fire many years ago.  I imagine Edmund died at Macon County between 1846 and 1850 as he’s not on an 1850 census. A sister had lived with Edmund to help him for a number of years, from what was said in the court case. I suspect that sister was Polly Bryant, who was shown as Molly and Mary on the 1850 census, she was with Rhodes/Rhodeham/Rhodehaven Bryant on one census, and another census taken at a differnt time, she was with Allen Bryant's family shown as same age on both. My suspicion is that Polly Bryant was the mother of my William Whaley Bryant.

I recall this is not your family, and you had posted the Bryant info for a friend. I so appreciate what you posted, and want to share my thanks, as I’m not sure I would have made the association without it.

I prepared a video, which is a little rough, and under the video I give a link to my final research paper that includes a copy of Rev Thomas Jefferson Bryant’s Autobiography. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might have interest.

I’m now experiencing major vision problems, so have try to write large print to see what I’m doing. It was found I have a rare condition, a large mass behind my right retina blocking vision. I had radiation treatment, but could be 4 more months before I’ll have an idea if I’ll regain any sight. My left eye is very poor due to glaucoma loss, so it's very hard for me to see much.

Here’s a link to my video with a link to the PDF file (Local Copy) in the description below the video: Tom McMillan research of William Whaley Bryant and Margaret Massey parentage

Thanks so much!! Tom McMillan (State of Washingon, I live across the Columbia River from Portland, OR)

Thanks for your email.

Its very interesting to see how one person can be mixed up with another person with the same name.

May I use your email on my Bryant web page? I will link to your video and your write up. I will try at the same time to fix up any references to the wrong person.

Hi Mark,

Yes, do feel  free to use my email, video and information as you see fit for your website. I surely appreciate what information you've shared there for a long time. Thanks so very much!!

 Tom McMillan

The Howell Family (Cousins to the Purdue's)

I got this email from Tom Howell:

On 20 Jan 2004 at 18:52, Tom Howell wrote:

Date sent:          Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:52:00 -0700
From:               Tom Howell <>
Subject:            The Briants and Sniders


I ran into your website searching for CROFT, KANSAS where I was raised.

The Briants and Sniders or Bryants and Snyders. Mollie's mother and father and siblings.


I am also researching these families. Martha Ann Perdue, who married Daniel Bryant, would be my 1st cousin 3 times removed. Her grandparents were Raleigh & Sara Sally Howell.  Raleigh Howell is my GGG Grandfather.

You can find information and photos in my KENTUCKY, MISSOURI and KANSAS chapters.

Sarah Sally Howell  (Continued in MISSOURI Sally Howell chapter)

More detailed information can be found in the Howell Family Tree

Sarah "Sally" Howell was born 11 Aug 1811 in Allen Co., KY. She died 20 Jun 1885 in Troy, Lincoln Co., MO. Sara married William Hale PERDUE (aka "Hail or Hill"), son of Daniel PERDUE and Karen Happy WARD, on 9 Jul 1830 in Allen Co., KY. William Hale Perdue was born 10 Jul 1803 in Franklin Co., Virginia. He died 7 Apr 1877 in Troy, Lincoln Co., MO.  They settled on a farm in Allen County. This land was in the involved area of the Tennessee/Kentucky boundary line dispute. After the settlement, Hale's land ended up in Sumner County, TN. In 1864 Hale and Sarah moved to Bedford Township, Lincoln County, Missouri. (Source: Betty Bryant Barker).

"I find in the Surveyor's Book A, this notation, dated 1861 or 1862. The courses and distances of the change in the line of Barren County and Allen County. By an act of legislature. "Beginning at the corners of Allen, Barren and Monroe Counties a Red Oak thence N20 W356P to Willis Wood's including his residence thence N49 W472P to a White Oak (including the residence of W. H. Perdue) Thence N57 W338P to and including in Allen the residence of Joseph Shiveses. Thence S61 W416P to the bank of Barren River at the mouth of Glover's Creek which line was run by me one week after the Barren County Surveyor run the same which was done by a misunderstanding with us, the houses mentioned included in Allen.  Signed, W. J. McELROY, S.A. C., Jno Hagan & Jno Benedict chain-carriers."
Source: Earliest Tax Lists of Allen County, Kentucky: 1815-1824" Bowling Green Public Library.

They had the following children in the neighboring counties in Tennessee:

  1. Melvina PERDUE was born about 1832. Melvina married Edward GLOVER.
      b. Mary Francis PERDUE was born about 1832. Mary married Charles BRYANT, son of Allen B. BRYANT and Sarah SNIDER, on 23 Oct 1857 in Sumner, Tennessee. Charles was born 26 Aug 1838.
      c. Celia PERDUE was born about 1834. She died 1861. Celia married John Joshua PERDUE, son of Daniel PERDUE and Harriet WYATT, on 24 May 1854 in Sumner Co., TN. John was born 4 Dec 1836 in Sumner Co., TN.

  They had the following children:
    1.. Sarah PERDUE
    2.. Mary PERDUE
    3.. Margaret PERDUE
        d. Martha Ann PERDUE was born 4 Oct 1837 in Lafayette, Macon, Tennessee. She died 3 Jul 1921 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas and was buried in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas. Martha married Daniel C. BRYANT, son of Allen B. BRYANT and Sarah SNIDER, on 1 Nov 1863 in Richland, , Tennessee. Daniel was born 26 Aug 1838 in Galletin, Sumner, Tennessee. He died 21 Aug 1925 in Springvale, Pratt, Kansas and was buried in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
        e. Sara PERDUE was born about 1838.
        f. Nancy PERDUE was born about 1840.
        g. Thomas PERDUE was born about 1844.
        h. Sina Adaline PERDUE was born about 1846. Sina married James Madison HOWELL, son of Young HOWELL and Christiana Catherine WELTY. James was born 7 Sep 1852 in Lincoln Co., MO.
        i. James PERDUE was born about 1851. He died 1912 in Lincoln Co, MO and was buried in Hunter Cemetery, Lincoln Co., MO. James married Mary E. HILER.
        j. John Gilbert PERDUE was born 1 Apr 1854 in Sumner Co., TN. He died 30 Sep 1932 in Pratt Co., Kansas and was buried in Coats Cemetery, Pratt Co., KS.  John married Eliza Ann DOUGLAS, daughter (Adopted) of William H. DOUGLAS and Martha SLAVENS, on 13 Apr 1876 in Lincoln Co., MO. Eliza was born 1857 in Lincoln Co., MO.

Would you mind if I created a LINK to your site?


Tom Howell

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