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Old Peden Bible

Doris Ellis had a chance to transcribe the notes in the old Peden Bible owned by Hallie Lewis. Hallie was the only child of Mary Florence Peden and "Jay" Leonard Lewis.  Doris sent these notes to me on 12 June 2004.

The following is a transcription of the old Peden Bible owned by Mrs. Hallie Peden Lewis McFarlin of Franklin, Ky.


The Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the original Greek, compared and revised by His Majesty's Special Command, Edinburgh; Printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's Printers, MDCCLXXXIX (1789)   

John Peden, son of James, was born January 19, 1734, old Stile
Ann Peden was born April 25, 1757
James Peden was born February 23, 1759
John Peden was born September 5, 1760
Elener Peden was born June 23, 1762
Moses Peden was born March 9, 1764
Mary Peden was born February 13, 1766
Francis Peden was born March 13, 1768
Benjamin Peden was born April 22, 1771
Mary Thompson Peden was born October 21, 1773
Margaret Peden was born October 28, 1776
Francis Peden was born September 1, 1778
Lewis Collins was born June 17, 1789
Mary Smith, wife of John Peden was born December 13, 1734 Old Stile (see Mark's note below)
Eleazer Smith was born February 18, 1776
Sarah Plumby was born October 20, 1791

John Peden and Mary Smith  June 25, 1756
John Peden and Susannah Beckett  December 7, 1806

Mary Peden Junior died February 13, 1771
Elener Peden Collins died June 14, 1790
Mary Peden, wife of John Peden died January 3, 1806
Margaret Peden, wife of James Beckett, died 1813
John Peden, son of James, died March 4, 1815
James Peden died October 9, 1829
Francis Peden died March 14, 1816
Moses Peden died May 8, 1839
Mary Thompson Peden Wilson died May 12, 1849  

Note: the notation "Old Stile" on many date does not refer to a place. Rather it refers to the date changes to the Gregorian Calendar when Pope Gregory XIII decreed that the day following 4th October 1582 would be 15th October. This change took effect at different times in different countries, with the change in England and her American Colonies taking effect in 1752. To read more about this, click here.

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