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Nancy Bonaparte Owings  

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Nancy Bonaparte Owings was born on 2 Dec 1824 to Richard Owings and Minerva Holcomb in Warren, KY. She was the sister of Rebecca Owings, the mother of Hosea A. Peden.

She married John Powell Rogers in 1840 and had eight children.

In the notes from Stella and the many pictures, she is referred to as Aunt Nancy. I wish I knew more about her but all I found were these photos.

Celia Rogers and Aunt Nancy Rogers, El Dorado Springs, MO. Celia was her daughter who married Albert Doermann.
Birthday party
Aunt Nancy Rogers
her son Dick Rogers
his wife Lou Rogers
her daughter Mary Butler
her daughter Celia Doermann

"Stella Photo"
"To Stella from Aunt Nancy"
Aunt Nancy Rogers
Celia Doermann
Mary Butler
Lou Rogers
Dick Rogers
Written on the back:

Birthday Dinner of Nancy Rogers  80+

Nancy Rogers
Mary A Peden, niece
Mary Butler, daughter
Lou Rogers, son's wife
Celia Doerman, daughter
Albert Doerman, her husband
Frank Churchill
Dick Rogers, son
Billie Churchill, foregound

ElDorado Springs, MO

Aunt Nancy died on 1 Nov 1916 in Weaubleau, Hickory County, MO.

From an obit in the The News (possibly El Dorado Springs, MO), 9 Nov 1916:

    Mrs. Nancy B. Rogers, one of the oldest residents of Cedar County, who had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. A.H. Doermann, in this city, died at the home of another daughter, Mrs. John Cutsinger of  Weaubleau, Wednesday, November 1. She went to visit there a few weeks ago. Mrs. Rogers was 92 years old and is survived by 6 children, 26 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren and 6 great great grandchildren.
    She was born in Kentucky in 1824 and was married in 1840 to John P. Rogers. The next year they came to Missouri, stopping first in Barton county where they remained a year, and then going to Hickory county. There, they settled and remained until Mr. Rogers' death in 1875. Mrs. Rogers lived on the old place until Al Doermann married her baby girl and she has since made her home with them.
    Mrs. Rogers was the mother of eight children, two of whom died in infancy. She in survived by Mrs. John Cutsinger, D.R. and J.P. Rogers of Hickory county, Mrs. Owen Butler of Fort Scott, Mrs. Nancy Harriman of Kansas City, and Mrs. Doermann. The funeral was held last Thursday, interment being by the side of her husband in the Robinson cemetery near Weaubleau.
    Mrs. Rogers was a very lovable old lady, one who always tried to brighten the corner where she happened to be. Truly can it be said, a good old mother in Israel has gone to her reward.

Feb 2006 From Brec Morton
I took a trip to the Robinson Cemetery in St Clair County where Aunt Nancy was buried. I have included the pictures of Nancy and John's stones and what look like cedar trees planted by the Rogers family, since there are three of them in the small area surrounded by Rogers graves.

In Dec of 2005, I received these emails from Brec Morton, whose family is directly descendent from Aunt Nancy:

Date:            Sat, 03 Dec 2005 20:20:37 -0600
From:            Brec Morton <>
Subject:         Nancy Bonaparte Owings Rogers -Photos

I was wondering if you would be willing to share any other photos you have of Nancy Bonaparte Owings Rogers and/or her parents, husband, siblings or children. Or any documents you may have. She was my ggg grandmother and I don't know of anyone in my known family who has pictures of them. I would be willing to share anything I can with you.
I was delighted to find the picture of her with her daughter on your web site.

Nancy Bonaparte Owings m. John Powell Rogers
Emily Elizabeth Rogers m. John Goddard Crutsinger
Nancy Angeline "Nannie" Crutsinger m. Marshall Josiah Morton
William Frederick Morton m. Elsie Opal Hardy (Birdsong-adopted)
William Hardy Morton m. Thelma Elizabeth Sorrow
William Breckenridge Morton (me) & Frederick Marcus Morton

I have high speed internet connection and can accept large files readily.

Brec Morton

Please let me know if you would like me to send you some money for your CD of photos.
I should have included this in my other email but I went to the Peden homepage after I hit send.


CD going into the mail on Monday. It is a copy of my entire Peden folder. No charge - I'm happy to find a relative to some of these people.

I've corrected the death location for Aunt Nancy. You don't need to send the census images. I have an account at and I can dig them up. I'll have to see if I can find the document that listed all those children for Aunt Nancy.

From the earlier email I sent you, I had been in contact with decendents of siblings/parents/grandparents of Aunt Nancy, you are the first direct decendent.

IStories - boy I wish we could find them. I have the same problem with my own family. I've traced my Italian ancestors back, in some cases, for 400 years. But I don't know how to find stories... Sometimes, though, finding a piece of data often has a story attached. I found that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother didn't get married until about 14 years after my grandfather was born. Thats a small story - but of course, I don't know why the marriage was delayed.

Maybe for you, some of these photos will generate stories.

I was wondering if you have the actual photo of "Aunt Nancy Birthday 1". The reason I asked was to find out if you could scan the note by Aunt Nancy to Mollie. Or if you have a note or a letter written by her, in her handwriting, I would really appreciate a photo of it or them, at your convenience.

I do have the actual photo of "Aunt Nancy Birthday 1". I will scan the note for you. I'll also go through all the stuff again and look for anything more directly related to Aunt Nancy. Give me a few days.

I'm going to do you one better - I would like to send you the originals of these photos of Aunt Nancy and her family.

Over the years that I've had my Peden website on-line, you are the only person that has contacted me who is a "direct" descendent of Aunt Nancy. Getting the genealogy "bug" for your adoptive family is an indication to me that you are as part of this family as if you were born into it.

My main goal in putting up the web site was to find people who I could give the photos and memoriabilia. As I mentioned on the web site, Fred Churchill died in 2000 and had no close relatives.

I would like to send you everything that I could find of Aunt Nancy and her descendents. Since I have several copies of many of the photos, I will send you the best version (like with Aunt Nancy's note on the back) of the duplicates and all of the non-duplicates.

The only thing I ask of you is to care for and preserve these items and to share them with any and all family members.

For the most part, all of this stuff was saved by Stella Churchill, Frank's wife, and then by their daughter, Billie. When Billie died in 1997, Fred inherited them and now that Fred is gone, you get them. If I find more, you get those too.

If you are interested, I have your address, and I'll ship them off on Monday.


PS: May I use excerpts from your emails on my web site? That way maybe others will find you.

I would be honored. I have been trying to get my mother to let me take the large collection of photos she has so I can get them stored in much safer containers than she has them in. Some of the pictures she has are the only ones I have ever seen of some of the relatives. And I know that when it is time to pass them on, that my niece would be an appropriate choice and still a blood relative of Nancy. I may yet find other blood relatives of Nancy who might be appropriate as well.

You may use anything I have sent you and I will send you anything I have that you would like. I have a fairly extensive database of the individuals descended from Aunt Nancy and would be happy to share it with you.


In Sep of 2008, I was contacted by a descendant of Jonathon Owings, brother of Aunt Nancy:

From:    "David Valentine" <>
Subject:    Richard Owing's children
Date:    Fri, 26 Sep 2008 22:51:14 -0500


I am a descendant of Jonathan Holcomb Owings, brother of your Nancy Bonaparte Owings Rogers.  I am looking for information about Johnathan H. and his wife Margaret Goodson.  I know that they lived in Jackson county, MO in 1850 (he was a saddler) and she lived in Hickory County in 1870.  Several of their children (as well as several of Johnathan's siblings) moved to Boone County MO sometime in the 1860s.  I have an unsuppported report that Jonathan was killed in 1863, possible as a result of involvement in the Civil War.  Do yo have anything about this family?

I was very impressed with your pictures.  They were of good quality, frequent, and annotated.  Someone had a very good sense of the present as history.  Thankfully!

Any help that you can provide will be appreciated.

David Valentine
Columbia MO

I'm afraid that I don't have any more information about Jonathan Owings besides his date of birth ( 8 Jul 1820 in Warren, KY).

I've copied fourother people who are descendant from Richard and Minerva Holcomb. They might be able to supply
you with more info. They are:

David Owings
Brec Morton
Ramona Herron
Cindy and Tom Stotts.

If you would like a CD with all the photos, send me your mailing address and I'll be happy to send it.

I did a quick searth on and found:

Missouri Marriages, 1766-1983
Name:     Jonathan H. Owings
Spouse:     Margaret E. Goodson
Marriage Date:     1 Dec 1842
Location:     Polk
State:     Missouri

Also found them in the 1860 census with 9 children and I found several land purchase records.

From:    "david Owings" <>
Subject:    Re: Richard Owing's children
Date:    Sat, 27 Sep 2008 14:57:03 -0500
               Hello All, my great great grandfather is Joshua Holcomb Owings - Jonathan's twin.  Janet is descended from their older brother Jehial.  I have always wondered what became of Jonathan and his family - great to hear from you!  I have some questions about the 1863 death date as well - meaning don't know the source unless it's the "Owings & Allied Families" book.  The 1840 census shows that he and the other brothers are still in Audrain County, Missouri, Nancy Bonaparte in Hickory with their father the Baptist minister the Rev. Richard Owings.  Joshua is the only on in Jackson County for the 1840 census.  In September 1842, church meetings began in the home of David C. George for what was to become the Little Blue Primitive Baptist Church - the same year and month Joshua married first wife Mary Jane Peden who died shortly after the birth of her second child on February, 22nd, 1846. On July 21st, 1847, Joshua married David's daughter Martha Elizabeth George who raised Joshua's son Andrew Peden Owings as her own.  Jehial, Jonathan and Samuel Ralston (father-in-law to Frank James) attended the wedding.
               Jehial joined The Little Blue Primitive Baptist Church in April of 1846.  Jonathan joined the following April 1847.  On July 7th, 1851, David C. George sold Jonathan some land.  The church meeting minutes are a bit of a riot to read - they were a rambunctious bunch.  David C. George was a Baptist messenger rider among many other things.  On February 15th, 1863, he was murdered in Cedar County and we don't know if he was killed for being a known Southern sympathizer (as was Cole Younger's father) or merely during church business.  If the latter, I have wondered if he might have been riding to Hickory County to visit Nancy.
               As you can see in the attached Quantrill roster found on the Sorency farm (a.k.a. The Battle of the Ravines) on July 16th, 1862 - Joshua was under immediate sentence of death throughout the war.  As were his two brother-in-laws and Cole Younger.  Things would not have gone well had the Union Missouri Militia found Jonathan or any other family member for that matter.  His brother-in-law John Hicks George was hung/tortured three times on August 15th, 1862 (the same technique used on Frank and Jesse James step-father Dr. Samuels).  The following day August 16th, 1862 was the Battle of Lone Jack.
               We have only one known photograph of Joshua (not a very good one), I will send you some other pictures.  Do you have any pictures of Jonathan and his family?  Brec, your Nancy Bonaparte's family right?

David Owings
Kansas City, Missouri
From:    "David Valentine"
To:    "david Owings"
Subject:    Owings!
Date:    Sat, 27 Sep 2008 16:29:48 -0500

Mark and David,  Thank you both very much.

There is much to absorb here and I appreciate your sharing it with me.

 I have been looking for Jonathan Owings for a long time without success.  The only reference to his death that I have found was in information provided by Opel Rippeto Schneiderhahn.  She was a grand or great-granddaughter of Jonathan.  In the 1970s she traveled Missouri gathering information about her family and about 10 years ago gave it all to the Boone County Historical Society.  She indicates that Jonathan was killed in the Civil War but does not provide any other information and does not provide a source. 

This suggests that she used family sources and probably suggests that she did not wish to explore the facts further.

I have no pictures of this family.

Again, I appreciate your kindness very much.

Here are thee photos sent to me in Jul of 2010 by David Owings. 

Elizabeth Ann Owings 1828-1914 & Albert Joel Hunter 1833-1919.
Elizabeth was the daughter of John Cockey Owings. John was the uncle of Aunt Nancy (so Aunt Nancy and Elizabeth were 1st cousins).

This is NBOR nephew Judge Urias Harrison Owings (1813-1886) by her oldest brother the Rev. Richard Owings (Baptist).

Wm. C. & Emily Margaret Owings Chaney 1831-1896
The is Judge Urias Harrison Owings daughter.

This photo sent to me Nov 2010 by David Owings.

From David Owings: "A good picture of NBOR older brother Joshua.  Joshua Holcomb Owings & Amanda Geneva about 1871".

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