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Friends of the Pedens and the Churchills

There are many photos of friends and acquaintances of the Pedens and Churchills from El Dorado Springs, MO. The Dills and Johannes figure as the most prominent. Here are some.
Bertha Elliott Owings - Hosea's mother was Rebecca Owings. I don't know how Bertha is related. Her maden name was Elliott. So she married into the Owings family. Photo holder imprinted with Myers Studio, El Dorado Springs, Mo.

I found an obit, undated, probably from the El Dorado Springs Sun:

Mrs. Vina Crabtree, Aged Resident Dies.

Following a serious illness of one week, Mrs. Vina Simmons Crabtree died at her home at 603 South Kirkpatrick, Saturday afternoon, April 25, 1936. She was born in Cedar county, MO, June 27, 1850 and was nearly 86 years of age when death came.
For the past several years her granddaughter, Mrs. Bertha Owings, had been her sole companion, taking the place of a daughter.

Her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott passed away Dec. 3, 1926. They were neighbors of Frank and Stella on Kirkpatrick St. See photo below.

There is a 1953 Christmas card from Bertha to Stella, where Bertha writes "Do you remember how you and I used to use the old cellar for a dark room?". A reference to Stella's hobby of photography.

I found an notation in one of Betty Churchill's address books that Bertha died on 24 Mar 1981 in El Dorado Springs, MO.
I'm not sure if this is Bertha Elliott again. Maybe with her husband, Mr. Owings. I don't know his first name.

Both this photo and the one to the left, has the same Myers Studio, El  Dorado Springs, Mo. So I think they were taken around the same time.

In Dec 2005, I received a letter from Bonnie Ruebush whose family was from El Dorado Springs. She sent me a clipping from the 1928 El Dorado Springs Sun which listed the divorce of Bertha from her husband Milton J. Owings. That must be the man in the photo. She also sent me a copy of the Bertha's obituary from the Sun. Bertha was born on 26 Nov 1896 and died on 24 Mar 1981. Some excerpts:

"One of El Dorado's best loved teachers, Mrs. Bertha Owings, died Tuesday at the age of 84. Mrs. Owings was born in Cedar County near Stockton, MO. Her parents were John and Elizabeth Elliott. She graduated from high school in El Dorado Springs in 1914 and received a BS in Ed degree from SMSU and her Masters from M.U.

Mrs Owings taught school for 45 years, 39 of them in El Dorado Springs. She was high school principal for 18 years, longer than anyone else who has held the post. When she retired in 1962, the town declared May 6 Bertha Owings Day and more than 500 people came to wish her well.

She was a member of the Baptist Church for 50 years and a charter member of the American Association of University Women."
Aunt Vina Crabtree
Mother of Elizabeth Elliott
Grandmother of Bertha Elliott Owings
(see obit above)
Charley Dill, Flora Johannes, Bertha Johannes,
Charles Dill, Josephine Dill, Clara Dill
1898 Clara Johannes, Flora Johannes, Gertrude Johannes, Walter Johannes
M. Johannes
Katherine Johannes
Walter Johannes
Clara Johannes
Gertrude Johannes
Flora Johannes

House at 612 Kirkpatrick
El Dorado Springs, MO

They were neighbors of Frank and Stella on Kirkpatrick St.

1910 Mr and Mrs Johannes. This would be Katherine Johannes. Undated but probably taken the same time as the photo above in 1910. All I know of the husband's name is his first initial "M" from the photo.
1940 Gertrude Johannes Bates, Clara Johannes Dill, Walter Johannes, Flora Johannes Buchanan Date:    Mon, 31 May 2010 14:13:49 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Jane Blackmore <>
Subject:    Johannes family in el Dorado springs

I saw your site on the Churchill family with the pictures of the Johannes family in El Dorado Springs.  I am a descendant of a branch of the Johannes pictured.  I know they aren't your family but do you have any other photographs you could share?
we are getting ready for a Johannes family reunion in august in Missouri and I'm putting together the history book for the event.  anything you have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I sent Jane the scans of all the photos of the Johannes and Dill family that were in the memorialablilia. The originals of these photos were sent to the Perserve Our Past Society in El Dorado Springs several years ago.
July 2, 1944. Norwood, Me, Nell, "The Three Stooges".

That's Betty Jane Frank Taylor in the middle. On the left is Nell Vaughn Westmoreland, Betty's best friend in high school. Norwood is Nell's sister. Nell's son told me that Norwood died soon after this photo was taken. Most likely taken in Dallas, TX.
1942 February
Nell Vaughn and Ross Westmoreland, Dallas, TX

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