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arriving at the Port of New York, 17 Nov 1890

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The manifest for the 17 Nov 1890 arrival shows the Neustria sailed from Naples, Italy. I originally found these manifests on but now you might be able to find them for free on

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Grazia Mosesso 28   1862 not found       Mosesso is a good surname from SPA but I could not find these people.
     Carolina 5   1885 not found       daughter of Grazia. SPA records are missing for 1885.
     Arcangelo 2   1888 not found       son of Grazia
Bambina Colaianni 36   1854  Maria Bambina Colaianni
22 Dec 1853
Giovanni Antonio
Maria Floriana Morelli
wife of Prospero "Joseph Detell" diTella who was living in Freedom, PA.
GGM of Cris Swetye.

     Cristina   1882  Maria Cristina deTella  8 Jun 1882  Prospero "Joseph Detell" diTella  Maria Bambina Colaianni   

About Neustria 1883

From The Ships List :

The NEUSTRIA was a 2,926 gross ton ship, built in 1883 by Claparede & Cie, Rouen for the Fabre Line of Marseilles. Her details were - length 328.4ft x beam 40ft, straight stem, one funnel, two masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. There was passenger accommodation for 18-1st and 1,100-3rd class. Launched on 19/8/1883, she sailed from Marseilles on her maiden voyage to Tarragona, Malaga, Cadiz and New York on 21/9/1884. In 1898 she was chartered to repatriate Spanish troops from Cuba. She sailed from New York for Marseilles on 27/10/1908 and went missing. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3,p.1133]

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