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Chateau Leoville arriving at the Port of New York, 28 Nov 1881

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The manifest for the 28 Nov 1881 arrival shows the Chateau Leoville sailed from Bordeaux (France). These men probably took a train to Bordeaux from Italy.

A note about spelling - on ships sailing from Italy, the Italian names are usually spelled correctly - on this ship, sailing from France, the names have many mis-spellings probably because the transcriber was French and may not have spoken Italian.

I tried to find each of these people in the SPA birth records. I'm still looking. Some of these names were read by Wilberta Illig.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Occupation Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
Ditella, Christiagano 36 written in French 1845 Cristinziano Ulisse diTella 2 Jul 1845 Emiddio Daria Errica Colaianii Some descendants lived in Dawson, NM.
In my Family Tree data base.
Labati, Andrea 27   1854 Possible:
Orazio Andrea Labate
7 Mar 1854 Biase Annantonia Frazzini My 2C4R.
In my Family Tree data base and in my Labate Graphical Tree.
Colazzo, Giuseppe 25   1856          

About Chateau Leoville 1881

From The Ships List :

Built as the CHATEAU LEOVILLE in 1881 by Sunderland Shipbuilding Co (engines by North Eastern Marine Eng. Co, Sunderland) for the French owned Bordeaux Line. She was a 3,354 gross ton ship, length 365.5ft x beam 41ft, one funnel, three masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. There was accommodation for 20-1st and 1,200-3rd class passengers. Launched on 14th Jun.1881, she started her maiden Bordeaux - New York voyage on 7th Sep.1881. Her last sailing on this service started 7th Dec.1887 and in Jan.1888 she was chartered to Bossiere for service between France and Canada. In May 1888 she was purchased by Bossiere, who resold her in Nov.1888 to R.M.Hudson, Sunderland who renamed her CONNEMARA. In 1895 she went to G.B.Hunter, Sunderland; managed by T.Ronaldson and ran for the Puritan Line under the name of BELGIAN KING. On 21st Sep.1914 she foundered near Cape Kureli in the Black Sea with the loss of 22 lives. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.3,p.1063-4]

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