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Burgundy arriving at the Port of New York, 1 Jun 1848

The manifest for the 1 Jun 1848 arrival shows the Burgundy sailed from Le Havre, France.

I believe that I found this person in the SPA birth records.

From the Ship's Manifest From the SPA Birth Records
Name Age Sex Destination Country to which they belong Est Birth Year Name Date of Birth Father Mother Notes
J Frazzini 24y Male US
Switzerland (he traveled with a few Germans but mostly French)
1824 Giuseppe Giovanni Frazzino 18 May 1824 Ippolito Maria diFlorio 1850 census, Amherst, Erie, NY, 35y born in Switzerland (abt 1815), occupation Catholic Clergyman. Living with 3 other men (from Germany) with the same occupation. It is possible that this age is wrong and might be 25y.
If this is a correct identification, he is my great great grand uncle and arciprete of SPA from 1862 until his death in 1903 (he appeared in the 1869 SPA Status Animarim as Giovanni Frazzini).
Possibly the same person who arrived on the Main in 1869.
There are no Frazzini in the 1860, 1870 or 1880 US census. More at his own web page.

About the Burgundy

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