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IBM 1401 at CIT

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This page continues the documentation of the computers at Carnegie-Mellon University  in the 1960's. You can click on the links above to learn about some of the other computers.

Hi All,

Well the mad scanner has been at it again.  I located a number of B&W Tri-X negatives I took the first couple of years I was at CMU (CIT :-)

These photos were taken in the basement of Warner Hall in the 1401 machine room.  As some of you may remember, my father designed machines mostly for manufacturing and processing film for Kodak but did briefly get into designing machines which coated magnetic material on film and thus he knew the folks who continued to do this.  From this connection he got me quite a lot of half inch "instrumentation" magnetic tape not to mention inch wide stuff to use on the G-20's.  The very first roll was wound onto one of those half sized 1200 foot spools and used by Dave Rodgers who wrote a program to store and update the WRCT record library on this tape.  Most of the following photos show Dave.  One shows the row of 7330 tape drives with their short horizontal vacuum columns and one even shows me sort of leaning over Dave as he examines the listing.  After I disconnected the scanner I found yet another strip with a 1401 photo so that may be coming later.  Enjoy!

Chris Hausler

  Also I've included another 1401 shot I found on the same film strip as 2-8, showing Dave Rodgers and Jean (sp?) Stevens in front of the 1401 (image1-6).
This explains who took that photo I sent previously which showed me and Dave's hand in the 1401 room.

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