Hike at Iron Mountain 15 Nov 2003

Sally and I led a hike for the Torrey Pines Ski Club to the top of Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain had burned off about 10 years ago. Now it burned again right at the northern edge of the Cedar Fire on 26 Oct.

We were greeted right at the trailhead by evidence of the fire. Notice the wires in the ditch . They are temporary phone lines as the fire damaged all the lines and poles in this area.
These trees were planted 10 years ago after Iron Mountain burned. They are most likely dead.
Here is Sally looking at the damage.
When you look at these photos, you have to remember that this whole mountain burned just 10 years ago. Enough had grown back to support another burn off. You can see a few knolls in the distance that did not burn.
The devastation is complete.
The peak of Iron Mountain is at the left, about 2500 feet.
This used to be the 2.5 mile marker. A lot of the 6" logs used across the trail for erosion control were completely burned away.
One of the interesting things that I noticed was that the east side of the mountain (where the trail mainly is) burned but the west side did not. The wind was blowing from the east. It appears that since this area burned only 10 years ago, the fire was not so intense that it burned down the west side of the mountain. When we got to the peak, we could see that fire basically stopped when it reached the summit.
Here is a panoramic view looking southeast. San Vincente Reservoir is the body of water just right of center. Virtually everything you can see in this photo out to the horizon burned (and even more).
Here is a shot on the way down.
Life does begin anew. After only a few weeks grasses have begun to grow.

My photos during the fire are here.

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