Ham Radio - K3FWT
I got my novice license in Dec of 1964.

Early Influence

Lafayette Radio HE-10

March 1962

1963 Sep

My First Station

My dad bought me my first station at Cameradio Co in Pittsburgh, PA.

Halicrafters SX-140

Halicrafters HT-40


My Second Station

So my dad traded in the Hallicrafters station for a rig suitable for a general class license. This rig cost less than the HT-40 and SX-140 combined. I don't remember what I got for the trade-in. We got it again, at Cameradio Co in Pittsburgh.

EICO 753

A good and bad radio.

The receiver and transmitter were very well balanced. I could work pretty much anything that I could hear.
I always got good comments on the transmit audio quality.
Its downfall was the VFO. Originally these had tube VFO's which drifted very badly. By the time I got mine, it was replaced by a transistorized VFO.  This new VFO drifted only somewhat badly. I sent it back to EICO at least three times but they never could make it solid. I tended to have short QSO's because of that.
I gave this rig away in the 1980's to some poor unsuspecting newbie.



My various moves:

This section as been under construction for 15 years.....

Hams I've Known

Dave Posmoga
2012 SK see http://www.philipsburg-ara.org/k3mgc-sk.htm
Dave lived in Morrisdale, PA.

I wrote this after his death and sent it to the Philipsburg ARC:

From: Mark DiVecchio <markdsilogic.com>
To: n3spwarrl.net
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 4:42 PM
Subject: I never had a QSO with K3MGC

I never had a QSO with K3MGC but he sent me the last QSL card that I received......

Back in the middle 1960's, I was KN3FWT from Aliquippa, PA. Dave lived a few blocks away from me.

I don´t remember how I met Dave. He was probably a Junior or Senior in High School and I was a lowly sophomore.  I had just passed my Novice test. I was green behind the gills and Dave was a real Ham. His house on Burton Street was capped by the largest 6 meter beam in the world (or so it seemed). His station was 6 meters only - a Clegg Zeus - how he ever swung the purchase of that rig, I´ll never know.

Dave could work more DX during 6 meter band openings than I could dream of doing on 40 meter CW with my crystal controlled 75 watts.... and he could operate voice.

Me and a couple of other newbies followed Dave around and were sometimes given the opportunity to sit next to him at the transmitter during one of these band openings.

Dave, though, did have a bit of the devil in him. Nearby in Pittsburgh was KDKA-TV channel 2 - yep,  right next to the 6 meter band. When Dave keyed that Zeus, half of Aliquippa had to switch to channel 4. One night Dave got on the air and asked anyone who heard him on their TV to call. Then he gave out my phone number!

I eventually got my General but I never had a 6 meter rig. So I never had a QSO with Dave. In 1998, he sent me a QSL card - vintage 1965. Its on my wall.

73's Dave, thanks for the QSL,  Mark      K3FWTarrl.net

Paul S. Demshur, Jr
Paul passed away on 28 Jun 2022

Harry M. Dushac
Now K3FSE. Harry lives in Indiana, PA.

Herb Anderson, Jr.
I've looked up Herb at qrz.com and it appears that he is no longer licensed.

Rudy Mrozoski
Rudy sent me an email a few years ago but I accidentially deleted it. Sorry Rudy.
He was in the class of 1967 at Aliquippa High School.

I learned that Rudy died on 25 May 2019 in Aliquippa.

John Bilinecz, Jr.
John died in 1987

H. Roy Engehausen
Roy and I were both in High School during the summer of 1965 when we were in a summer program at Carnegie Institute of  Technology.
Roy was my college roommate during freshman year at CMU.
I was best man at his marriage.

John M. Coleman
John and I were both in High School during the summer of 1965 when we were in a summer program at Carnegie Institute of  Technology.

Per qrz.com:


College ROTC MARS Station.
We had some interesting old boat anchors at this station.

College ham radio club station. The club station was located in the tower of Machinery Hall.

The call sign changed sometime in the past and is now W3VC.

Harry Hess
Harry and I worked together at Burroughs in the mid 1970's.
Harry died on 14 Aug 2001
This call sign is now assigned to someone else.
Ham I should know, from my mother's hometown of San  Pietro Avellana  :  
IZ8PUY Valentino Frazzini San Pietro Avellana , Isernia IT

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