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Georgia Estella (Peden) Churchill's Address Book
Stella had a lot of address books over the years. Many names I don't recognize. Here are the ones that I know:

First Address Book - a brown spiralbound 3½ by 6 inches

(a few corrections added were sent to me by Gene Dana, decendent from Rupert C. Healey)

    Fort Scott, Kansas
    Nevada, Mo
    El Dorado Springs, Mo
    Kansas City, Mo
    Tucson, Az
    Franklin, KY
Johannes, Walter Bertah Richard
4511 Vermont Ave
Kansas City 33, MO

Clara Dill
3016 Walnut
Kansas City 8, MO
612 S Kirkpatrick
El Dorado Springs, MO

Buchanan, Flora
3016 Walnut
Kansas City 8, MO

Bates, Gertrude (Lester)
7241 E Teresa Ave
San Gabriel, CA
Box 997 Hurley, NM

Bell, Josephine, Charley
1256 Franklin Dr
Independence, MO

Dill, Charles, agnes, Johnny, Michael

John Harrison Healey, Helen
216 W Martin St
El Dorado Springs
Died June 17, 1954

Col. F Healey, Bessie
Colton Ca

R.C. (Rupert) Healey, Lelia, Pat
Tracy Ca

Olive Heath, Mrs A.L. , Uncle Arn
Chetopa, KS

Boyer, Opal, Dick H.L.
Route 1
Turlock, CA

Harmon, Hazel, Mrs. E.R
Chetopa, KS

Hazel Heath Harmon, Mrs. E.R. Harmon
Chetopa, KS

Heath Orville

Mc Farlin, Hallie David
410 E Cedar St.
Franklin, KY

Mrs. David McFarlan nee Hallie Lewis
410 E Cedar St
Franklin, KY

Ethel M. Hainline
329 W Marshall
El Dorado Springs, Mo

Owings, Bertha Eliott
603 S Kirkpatrick
El Dorado Springs, Mo

Churchill, B. Frank  (dead) Erma
Route 2
Louisville, Tn

Churchill, Maude B
621 E 31st St
Kansas City, 9 Mo

Bert & Bertha Bryant
2035 Jackson
Pratt, KS

Harlan, Dell L   Everett  Bea
515 So Washington
Iola, KS

Bert & Nettie Churchill  & 2 daughters
Box 382
Barbourville, KY

Lewis Florence (Mrs Jay) (dead)
Route 6
Franklin, Ky

Humble, Mattie F.M.
    J.C. Clarice (sons)
Route 6
Franklin, Ky

Clark, Wenona Billee
    Walter Rothwell
218 No.Montezuma
Prescott, AZ
Veterans Hosp Whipple

Churchill, Fred Bert
3405 Ingraham
San Diego, CA

Churchill Georgie Stella
3875 Rivira Dr

Ryan Aeronautical Co
2701 Harbor Drive
Woodcrest 6681
Fred's extension  225
Betty's extension 206

Billee Clark
925 Rush St.
Prescott, Az

804 Country Club Dr
Prescott, Az

Fred J. & Eunice Korabek
4661 Muir Ave
San Diego, CA
Earl D. Prudden
1301 Sassafras St
San Diego, CA

Korabek, Eunice  Fred Jr
3209 Madrid
San Diego CA

Note: handwriting on the early pages is neat and precise. Toward the back of the book, the handwriting becomes ragged and almost illegible.

Second Address Book

Bertha Owings
603 Kirkpatrick
ElDorado Springs MO
Marie L  Aug 15th
Gertrude 7/31

Mrs D.L. Harlan
515 S. Washington
Iola, Kans

Helen & Harry Healey
216 W Martin St
El Dorado Spgs MO

B.F. Churchill
Route 2
Louisville, Tennesee