San Diego & Arizona Railway (v2.0 Only)

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I'd like to apologize to everyone for releasing my San Diego & Arizona v2.0 route with all the missing *.con files and non-default trainsets.

The activities were only done to get starting points for Explore Route and were not meant to be run. They are all pretty boring and generally only run from the one end of a yard to the other end.

But I need to set this straight. I will do that now.

I used several non-default trainsets which I downloaded from train-sim. Mostly Southern Pacific. They are:

MNA_DB01 ZIP     3,300,793  07-20-02  1:45p
SDA_DB43 ZIP     4,734,741  09-11-02  7:59p
10000GAL ZIP       799,649  02-02-03 11:52a
SPMP15AC ZIP     9,298,198  07-07-02  8:13p
SPBOX    ZIP     1,251,629  02-02-03 11:58a
SPCAB    ZIP       855,901  02-02-03 11:58a
SP245479 ZIP       792,837  02-02-03 12:01p
SP245828 ZIP       823,342  02-02-03 12:01p
SPBWCAB  ZIP     1,010,476  02-02-03 12:02p
SPGP9    ZIP     1,117,454  02-02-03 12:09p
SP_TANK  ZIP       438,715  02-02-03 12:08p
SP_BOX3  ZIP       737,972  02-02-03 12:54p
GON_SP2  ZIP                                for gon_sp2.wag
SP_COAL1 ZIP                                for sp_484149_fl.wag
SP_BOX5  ZIP                                for sp_box_4.wag
SP_BOX3  ZIP                                for SP204263.wag
SP_ALCS4 ZIP                                for sp_alcos4.eng
SPC44-9W ZIP                                for sp_x44-9W\SP8175.eng and sp_x44-9W\SP8192.eng
GONLO_SP ZIP                                for sp_gonlo\gonlo_sp.wag

There are 6 missing consists. They are here.

SP MP15AC.con
MNA Doodlebug.con
Slow Frieght.con

The Fairmont speeder and three companion cars are available from 3DTrains,

If any activity writers out there have free time, we would all enjoy more activities to join the one that has already been written for the SD&A.

I'll try to do better next time.

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