DiVecchio/Frazzini Notes 1030 (Notes Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Mark Camillo DiVecchio

DeVecchio, John {I15436} (b. )

Note: 1999 obituary of father, Joseph DeVecchio.
Given Name: John
Occupation: Place: Niles, OH
Change: Date: 2 Sep 2014
Time: 11:40:34

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DeVecchio, Valerie {I15437} (b. )
Note: 1999 obituary of father, Joseph DeVecchio.
Given Name: Valerie
Occupation: Place: Damascus, OH
Change: Date: 2 Sep 2014
Time: 11:41:06

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Rycraft, {I15438} (b. )
Change: Date: 2 Sep 2014
Time: 11:41:21

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Kennedy, Carol Ann {I15439} (b. )
Note: 2008 obituary of mother, Florence. Listed as Carol Ann (Gorden) Coler.
Given Name: Carol Ann
Occupation: Place: Poland, OH
Change: Date: 2 Sep 2014
Time: 12:00:33

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diPietrantonio, Carmela Nicola {I15440} (b. 26 Jan 1832)
Note: Film 1177433 1832 Nati #13.
1882 SEaM digital marriage record #1, 50y.
1901 SEaM digital marriage record #3 of son Feliciantonio.
Given Name: Carmela Nicola
Change: Date: 3 Sep 2014
Time: 16:56:56

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Pallone, Anna Giuseppa {I15441} (b. 23 Dec 1846)
Note: 1846 SEaM digital birth record #51, f: Carlantonio, m: Angela Stella Mancini.
1885 SEaM digital birth record #11 of daughter, Maria Loreta Zaccagnini.
1892 SEaM digital marriage record #15, 45y.

email from great-grandson, Gary Zaccagnini, May 2017.
Given Name: Anna Giuseppa
Change: Date: 13 May 2017
Time: 10:23:08

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diVecchia, Fioredomenico {I15442} (b. 20 May 1885)
Note: 1885 SEaM digital birth record #34, parents not listed but notation that his parents were married on 28 Apr 1892. Notation: married Anna Pace Zaccagnini on 28 Nov 1906.

1888 SEaM digital marriage record #10 of parents, born 20 May 1885.

1906 SEaM digital marriage record #18, 21y.
Given Name: Fioredomenico
Change: Date: 8 Sep 2014
Time: 17:04:28

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Zaccagnini, Francesco "Frank" {I15443} (b. 11 Jan 1873, d. 1 Feb 1916)
Note: 1873 SEaM digital birth index #3.

1898 SEaM digital marriage record #4. 25y.
1892 SEaM digital marriage record #15 of parents.

1910 census, Gennison, CO, 37y, married 11 years. Imm 1890 Pa. Railroad laborer.

https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=23137283 13 Jan 1873 Italy to 1 Feb 1916 Kansas City, Jackson, MO. "Son of Angelo Zaccagnino & Anna Palena".

email from grandson, Gary Zaccagnini, May 2017.

Posting on Ancestry.com by Catherine L. Best, 12 Sep 2000: "My grandfather, Frank Zaccagnini, was born in 1915, and died in 1998. I never got to meet him or any of my real family. I have a picture of him though. If there are any of my relatives out there, I'd really like to know my family history."

Posting on Ancestry.com by Deborah Davidson, 15 Oct 2000: "I just read your post about your grandfather Frank Zaccagnini, and I think he was my grandmother's brother! The patriarch of the family, also Frank Zaccagnini (born 13 Jan 1873 in Italy, died 1 Feb 1916 in Kansas City, MO) and Anna Josephine DuVicchio Zaccagnini (born 19 Mar 1881 in Italy, died 16 Oct 1958 in Chicago, Illinois) had seven children. He was a coal miner (died of black lung at 43) and they moved all over the country. The oldest son, Anthony was born in Italy. James S. Vincent Zaccagnini was born in New Mexico, Julia M. Zaccagnini Hemmingway (she married a relative of Ernest) was born in Illinois. Michael Zaccagnini and my grandmother, Mary Ann Zaccagnini Prombo were born in Colorado. Frank Zaccagnini was born in 1915 in Kansas City, Missouri, as was Ann J. Zaccagnini Turk. When the father died, most of the children were sent to live in other homes and orphanages because Anna could not care for them by herself. My grandmother settled in Morris, Illinois, and lives in Aurora, Illinois and just turned 87 in August. I think she is the last surving child. "

Posting on ancestry.com by Kayla Zaccagnini, 26 Dec 2000: "My name is Kayla and I think that my husband might be a relative. His name is Brent and we have two daughters, Jessica (18) and Alyssa (17) we live in Ottawa IL, his dad's name is James Vincent Zaccagnini Jr. James' father's name was James Vincent also and he passed away in 1993. He lived in Marseilles IL. And I believe that he was born in New Mexico. James Senior had 5 kids, Vivian who died I believe in 1980, Ernie who died in the early 1990's, Jim who is 63 and lives in Naplate IL, Jerry who lives in Marseilles who is about 58, and Julie who is 50 lives in Ottawa. Then there is Herbie who lives in Kansas MO who is Jim's (63) cousin. I am going to pass this along to Julie and James and maybe they can give you some more information."

Posting on ancestry.com by Shelley Zaccagnini-Wheatland, 26 Dec 2000 10:12AM: ┘SHi - I'm one of James Vincent's grandkids. My dad, James Jr., received an x-mas card from Mary Ann Prombo - she keeps in touch with him around the holidays. My dad went down to Frank's funeral in 1998. Also, we had a reunion at our house in 1992 or 1993 (I'll check with my dad on that) and Frank's two boys - Gary and Jimmy - also attended as did Frank. We still keep in touch with Michael's son Herb who lives near Kansas City, Mo. We live in Ottawa, IL which is where Grandpa Zac (James Jr.) settled (Marseilles, IL) near Joliet and Chicago. Mary Ann Prombo lives about 45 minutes from us. I will find out more info from my dad over the next few days and respond. Please respond to me regarding this if you would like. My email is Hope everyone had a nice holiday!!! Thanks - Shelley┘T

Posting on ancestry.com by haljul, 26 Dec 2000 01:21PM: ┘S I have pictures of your dad when he attended Uncle Frank's funeral-he is spitting image of him. My dad and your granpa-brothers.My address is 619 Magnolia Lane, Ottawa, IL 61350. Love to hear from you. Herb Z and I keep in touch often.Uncle Frank and family had quite a life. Love Julie. I am named after Aunt Julie, one of your grandpa's sisters.Telephone (815)433-4814)┘T

Posting on ancestry.com by haljul, 26 Dec 2000 01:27PM: ┘SI am Julie "Zaccagnini" Garner named after my Aunt Julie and yes I keep in touch with Aunt MaryAnn-my dad is James V, Sr.That C. Best is Uncle Frank's -recently found son and family before his death. Yes Aunt MaryAnn is the only surviving sibling.Everything you have said, I have heard quite a few times. Love Julie Ann (also named after Aunt Annie Turk. My email is hgjg71@theramp.net."

Posting on ancestry.com by, Cathy Best, Posted: 20 Jan 2001 12:42AM: ┘SSorry it took me so long to get back to you. I moved to Pennsylvania. It's finally nice to know who you're real family is. I never got to meet Frank(my grandpa) I talked to him twice after my father found him. Then he passed away. I often wondered if I had any relatives that look like me. I often wondered where I got this big nose from. I'm going to post my phone number so you can call me. 610-478-9360. Hope to talk to you soon. Cathy. Here's my e-mail address: Montevento@aol.com┘T

Posting on ancestry.com by, Cinnzenno_1 , 13 Jun 2004 09:17AM: ┘SBeen away a while. Haven't been in touch with any of you. I'm Franks grandaughter. I live in Missouri now. e-mail me or rite me. Want to meet family before we all keel over. lol. Cathy : 111 Rueben, Sikeston, MO 63801. Hope everyones doing well.┘T

Given Name: Francesco "Frank"
Immigration: Date: 1890
Cause: Black Lung Disease
Change: Date: 18 May 2017
Time: 06:38:58

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Babish, {I15444} (b. )
Note: email from brothers, Philip & Paul Babish, May 2017: "Our sister married Joseph Baghetti son of Anna and Frank. Anna was from West Aliquippa and her maiden name was DiPietrantonio."
Change: Date: 13 May 2017
Time: 12:26:14

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Kennedy, Pamela Marie {I15445} (b. 16 Jul 1981, d. 3 Feb 2010)
Note: U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Pamela Marie Kennedy
Last Residence: 44471 Struthers, Mahoning, Ohio
BORN: 16 Jul 1981
Died: 3 Feb 2010
State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (1983)

Pamela Marie Kennedy

STRUTHERS ┘X Services will be held Monday at 10:30 a.m. at the Clemente Funeral Home and at 11 a.m. at St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church, both in Struthers for Pamela Marie Kennedy, 28, who died suddenly Wednesday.

Pamela was born July 16, 1981, in Youngstown, a daughter of Robert Kennedy and Virginia Simchak.

She graduated from Struthers High School in 1999 with honors and was featured in Who┘us Who in America. She received an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Youngstown State University and was currently pursuing a Bachelor┘us Degree. She was employed as a computer design engineer and worked at Youngstown State University

Pam loved to dance and would swing dance on Thursdays┘u at Cedar's in downtown Youngstown. She was a ┘Scloset┘T bowler and loved wine tasting, family gatherings, roller skating and playing poker. She loved cooking, especially Indian and Chinese cuisine. She had a great sense of humor, enjoyed concerts, singing karaoke, math and reading books. She had a passion for Twilight, Buffy and Angel.

Pam leaves her two daughters, Ciara Ann Davis, 9 and Addison Elizabeth Kennedy, 2, both of Struthers. She was a great mother and enjoyed spending time with her girls at the park, and going to festivals and other activities.

Pam is survived by her two children; her mother, Virginia Simchak Sharpe and Ralph Genova; and her father, Boyd ┘SRobert┘T Kennedy and Maria Lebron; a brother, Rocky Kennedy of Austintown; a sister, Jennifer Sharpe of Youngstown; a grandmother, Virginia Lawrence of New Middletown; two nieces, Layla Elizabeth and Alyssa Turjonis; two nephews, Rocky Jr. and Ashton Kennedy; two aunts, Natasha Keller of San Diego and Carol Ann Coler of Poland; and two uncles, John Simchak of Sebring and Thomas Simchak of New Middletown. Pam also leaves many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and many loving friends and family and will be deeply missed by all.

Pam was preceded in death by her grandparents, Boyd and Florence Kennedy; a stepgrandfather, Kenneth Lawrence; stepcousin, Brian Collinsworth; and a cousin, Nancy Conley.

Monetary contributions can be made to the family to assist in the care of her two daughters.

Friends may call at the Clemente Funeral Home in Struthers on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m.
Given Name: Pamela Marie
Change: Date: 4 Sep 2014
Time: 14:51:41

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Simchak, Virginia {I15446} (b. )
Note: 2010 obituary of daughter, Pamela Marie.
Given Name: Virginia
Change: Date: 4 Sep 2014
Time: 14:51:50

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Davis, Ciara Ann {I15447} (b. ABT 2001)
Note: 2010 obituary of mother, Pamela Marie.
Given Name: Ciara Ann
Change: Date: 4 Sep 2014
Time: 14:52:50

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Kennedy, Addison Elizabeth {I15448} (b. ABT 2008)
Note: 2010 obituary of mother, Pamela Marie.
Given Name: Addison Elizabeth
Change: Date: 4 Sep 2014
Time: 14:53:16

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Kennedy, Rocky {I15449} (b. )
Note: 2010 obituary of sister, Pamela Marie.
Given Name: Rocky
Change: Date: 4 Sep 2014
Time: 14:54:02

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diGiovine, Emilia {I15450} (b. ABT 1900)
Note: 1920 9 Oct EI arrival, 20y, going to brother at 353 141 St, Cleveland, OH. Traveled with sister, Lucia, 21y. Father, Felice, in SEaM. Traveled with Maria Loreta Zaccagnini diVecchia and son, Carmine "Carlo". Emilia's mother was the brother of Giocondino diVecchia who married Maria Loreta Zaccagnini.
Given Name: Emilia
Immigration: Date: 9 Oct 1920
Place: Ellis Island, NY
Change: Date: 5 Sep 2014
Time: 21:12:03

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