DiVecchio/Frazzini Notes 838 (Notes Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Mark Camillo DiVecchio

diNardo, Giallorenzo {I8371} (b. 18 Jan 1847, d. BEF 1916)

Note: 1847 SE digital birth record #1. Listed as Giovanni Lorenzo. f: Paolantonio, m: Dmenica Filippa diVecchia.

1880 birth record of daughter, Costanza, 33y.

1883 birth record of daugher, Maria Giovanna, 33y.

1885 birth record of son, Nicolantonio, 38y.

See notes for son, Salvatore.
Given Name: Giallorenzo
Change: Date: 15 Aug 2017
Time: 20:37:35

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Crivelli, Salvatore {I8372} (b. 14 Nov 1890, d. 16 Oct 1976)
Note: 1890 10 Nov birth certificate held by Aldo DiVecchio. Father Filippo, 36y.
1909 2 May EI arrival, 18y, father in SEaM - Filippo Crivelli, going to brother Nicola at 810 Webstsr Ave in Pittsburgh, PA. Travelled with brother, Domenico and with Carmine Pallone 24y and Annio d'Amico (17y).
1914 16 May EI arrival, 29y, father in SEaM, Filippo, going to brother, Nicola Crivelli, Aliquippa, PA. Previously in the US from 1908 to 1912 in PA.
WWI Draft Reg, DOB, 26y, born SEaM. Supports father and mother. A&S RR. Aliquippa, PA.
WWII Draft Reg, DOB, West Aliquippa, PA, ref Clorinda Crivelli, J&L Steel.
1930 census, Aliquippa, PA, 40y, born Italy, first married at 30y, imm 1918, Naturalized. with wife, Clorinda, and children.

1940 census, Aliquippa, Beaver, PA, 49y, born italy. Same house in 1935. Rooming at their house were Vincenzo Cercone and James Silvestri.

1980 obitary of wife Clorinda Mancini Crivelli in the Beaver County Times.

U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
Name: Salvatore R Crivelli
Phone Number: 375-4633
Address: 3713 Green Garden Rd, Aliquippa, PA, 15001-1029 (1993)

Social Security Death Index
Name: Salvatore Crivelli
SSN: 168-09-9090
Last Residence: 15001 Aliquippa, Beaver, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born: 14 Nov 1890
Died: Oct 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (Before 1951)

PA Order of the Sons of Italy in America, Enrolment and Death Benefit Records, DOD, son of Filippo, wife Clorina Mancini, residence 223 Columbia Dr, Aliquippa, PA.

email from Mary Crivelli, May 2012: "My grandfather's name is Salvatore Crivelli. His brothers Nick. and Philip. Salvatore married Clorinda Mancini and Nick married her sister, Carm Mancini. Salvatore, Nick, and Philip were sons of Philip Crivelli."
Given Name: Salvatore
Immigration: Date: 2 May 1909
Place: Ellis Island, NY
Occupation: J&L Steel Corp.
Date: 1942
Place: Aliquippa, Beaver, PA
Change: Date: 26 Aug 2014
Time: 14:34:05

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diDominicis, Mariantonia {I8373} (b. )
Note: 1886 SEaM digital birth record #62 of daughter, Anna Lucia.
Given Name: Mariantonia
Change: Date: 16 Jun 2017
Time: 17:24:37

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d'Addario, Roberto {I8374} (b. ABT 1846)
Note: 1886 SEaM digital birth record #62 of daughter, Anna Lucia, 40y.
Given Name: Roberto
Change: Date: 16 Jun 2017
Time: 17:23:46

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Miller, Maxine Joan {I8375} (b. )
Note: 1966 engagement in Beaver County Times.
1966 marriage announcement in the Beaver County Times.
2004 Obituary of brother-in-law, Domenic.
Given Name: Maxine Joan
Change: Date: 6 May 2010
Time: 13:30:30

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DiVecchio, Louis {I8376} (b. )
Note: 2004 Obituary of uncle, Domenic.
Given Name: Louis
Change: Date: 9 Oct 2009
Time: 10:44:43

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DiVecchio, Michele {I8377} (b. )
Note: 2004 Obituary of uncle, Domenic.
Given Name: Michele
Change: Date: 9 Oct 2009
Time: 10:44:54

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DiVecchio, Marsha {I8378} (b. )
Note: email from herself, Marsha DiVecchio Blackard, Arp 2003.
2004 Obituary of uncle, Domenic.
Given Name: Marsha
Change: Date: 9 Oct 2009
Time: 10:45:47

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Blackard, Lawrence Brent {I8379} (b. )
Note: email from wife, Marsha DiVecchio Blackard, Arp 2003.

Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005
Name: Marsha Lynn Divecchio
Gender: Female
Residence State: Nevada
Spouse: Lawrence Brent Blackard
Spouse residence state: Nevada
Marriage Date: 31 Aug 1997
Marriage County: Clark
Officiant type: Religious celebrant
Recorded Date: 3 Sep 1997
Recorded county: Clark
Book: 903
Page: C866696
Instrument number: 71138
Given Name: Lawrence Brent
Change: Date: 12 Oct 2009
Time: 14:06:04

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Mastrantonio, Angela Domenica {I8380} (b. 31 Aug 1873)
Note: 1873 SEaM digital birth record #44.

1891 SEaM digital marriage record #4, 17y.
1901 SEaM digital birth record #40 of son, Luigi.

1920 EI reference of arrival of son, Luigi - mother in SEaM - Mrs. Angela DiVecchia
email from Tony DiVecchio, Oct 2009: grandmother on father's side is Domenica diNardo.
Given Name: Angela Domenica
Change: Date: 1 Aug 2017
Time: 20:15:30

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