DiVecchio/Frazzini Notes 317 (Notes Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Mark Camillo DiVecchio

Sansonetti, Joseph P. {I3161} (b. 3 Aug 1921, d. 21 Feb 1998)

Note: Info from Adelia "Lou" Sansonetti, his wife - Sep 2005

Social Security Death Index Record
Name: Joseph P. Sansonetti
SSN: 285-14-7977
Last Residence: 44333 Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States of America
Born: 3 Aug 1921
Died: 21 Feb 1998
State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (Before 1951 )

Ohio Deaths, 1958-2002 Record
Name: Joseph P Sansonetti
Age at Death: 76
Date of Death: 21 Feb 1998
Volume: 00014
Certificate: 400635
Date of Birth: 3 Aug 1921
State of Birth: Pennsylvania
Country of Birth: United States
Father's Surname: Sansonetti
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic
Years of Schooling: 5+ years college
Social Security Number: 285-14-7977
Census Tract: 5322
Primary Registration District: 9000
Hospital of Death: Out of State Hospital
Hospital Status: Hospital/D.O.A.
Certifier: Other
Classification of Place of Injury: Unspecified Place
Whether Injury Happened in Ohio: Yes
Given Name: Joseph P.
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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Buzzelli, Lorenzo {I3162} (b. ABT 1879, d. 21 Jun 1965)
Note: Lorenzo has a son in Detriot and a daughter, Mary, in Akron.
Info from Adelia "Lou" Sansonetti, Lorenzo and Amico were two different people.
Info from granddaughter, Darlene Buzzelli Weir, Jan 2007.

Possible Ellis Island: 23 Oct 1901, 22y, going to Dunbar, PA. Meat Cutter. Travelled with brother, Giovanni.

In the 1910 census, a "Benny" 24y and Filomena 21y, are living next door to Salvatore Buzzelli in Cleveland. States they were married 1 year. I don't know if this is really Lorenzo and Filomena before they had children.

Ohio Deaths, 1958-2000
Name: Lorenzo Buzzelli
Age at Death: 85
Date of Death: 21 Jun 1965
City of Death: Akron
County of Death: Summit
Volume: 18116
Certificate: 48868
Date of Birth: Est. 1880
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
City of Residence: Akron
County of Residence: Summit
State of Residence: Ohio
Country of Residence: United States
Hospital of Death: St Thomas Hospital Medical Ctr
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: Yes, used for certification
Given Name: Lorenzo
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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DeLaurentis, {I3163} (b. )
Note: Guestbook entry from Mary DeLaurentis Stabile, Sep 2005.
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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DeLaurentis, Mary {I3164} (b. )
Note: Guestbook entry from Mary DeLaurentis Stabile, Sep 2005
Given Name: Mary
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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Carlino, Giuseppe {I3165} (b. ABT 1843)
Note: Traced Pietro Paolo (his son). Found the birth of his son: Film 1448676 Nati 1886 #65.
The connection to the father may not be to the correct Antonio.

1869 SPA Status Animarum - via Santostefano - with father Antonio and sister Angela and brother Carmelo

1938 PA DC of daughter, Teresa Carlino Pollice.
Given Name: Giuseppe
Change: Date: 7 Oct 2017
Time: 20:21:28

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diDominicis, Filomena {I3166} (b. 29 Apr 1844)
Note: 1844 Ateleta digital brth record #30. f: Domenico (46y), m: Maria Mannella (40y).

Note that there is another Filomena born in 1842 Ateleta digital birth record #39. f: Antonio (30y), m: Agnesa Vossi (31y).

1868 SPA transcribed Banns records, #61,63 & 65, no age or parents transcribed.

1869 SPA Status Animarum - via Santostefano. Husband listed as Giuseppe. Living with Antonio Carlini (1812), Giuseppe's father.

1938 PA DC of daughter, Teresa Carlino Pollice. Listed as Filomena Domenicis.

I originally though that Almerinda and Filomena diDominicis were sisters but I have since learned that Filomena was Almerinda's aunt.
Given Name: Filomena
Change: Date: 13 Oct 2017
Time: 08:10:54

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Carlino, Pietro Paolo {I3167} (b. 11 Apr 1886)
Note: Film 1448676 Nati 1886 #65
Pat Lauterbach sent me this "I have some more information on Pietro Paolo Carlino of 1829 W. 32nd Ave from his Declaration of Intent: b. 8/12/1886 in SPA. Married Rose Moretti on 11/7/1909 in SPA. (She was born 3/1892 in SPA). Immigrated 3/21/1910. Children: Joe, Rudolph, Jim, Tony, Mary, Domenick, & Alfred.".
WWI Draft registration, Denver, CO. Wife and two children. Served in the Italy army for 35m.
Given Name: Pietro Paolo
Immigration: Date: 21 Mar 1910
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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Carlino, Teresa Domenica {I3168} (b. 1 Jan 1878, d. 28 Mar 1938)
Note: The date of birth is probably wrong. Brother, Alfonso, was born in Dec 1877. Not found in the SPA birth records.

1891 SPA transcribed marriage record #24. Listed as Teresa Domenica.

EI 18 Dec 1916 + 5 children, cousin in SPA - Achille diMartino, going to husband Paolo Pollice, Bound Brook, New Jersey.

1938 PA DC, 60y, 2m 27d. DOB 1 Jan 1878. Husband: Paolo Pollice, f: Giuseppe Carlino, m: Filotmena Domenicis. Reported by Cesare Pollice.
Given Name: Teresa Domenica
Immigration: Date: 18 Dec 1916
Place: Ellis Island
Cause: Miocarditis
Change: Date: 10 Oct 2017
Time: 19:10:24

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diDominicis, Domenico {I3169} (b. ABT 1800)
Note: 1827 Ateleta digital marriage record #1. 27y.

Film 1448675 Nati 1879 #62 of granddaughter Teresa Domenica Carlino (daughter of daughter Filomena)

Film 1448676 Morti 1881 #2s of granddaughter Maria Assunta Carlino (daughter of daughter Almerinda), reported by Giuseppe diDominicis, 50y (son).

There are two another diDominicis families having children contemporaneously- Emidio & Domenica Mannella and Antonio & Agnesa Vossi (?).
Given Name: Domenico
Change: Date: 11 Oct 2017
Time: 12:04:05

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Carlini, Domenicantonio {I3170} (b. 6 Feb 1873)
Note: Film 1448675 Nati 1873 #8
Possible 1908 18 Mar - Ellis Island arrival, 33y, wife(?) in SPA Anna Maria diCianno. Going to Odgen, UT, to brother, Francesco Carlino, 200 24th St. Previously in US from 1900 to 1905
Possible 1910 census, 36y, married, Cloverdale, Elko, NV, immigrated 1896, RR Boss, Section Gang, living with 7 men, but not SPA names
Given Name: Domenicantonio
Immigration: Date: 18 Mar 1908
Place: Ellis Island
Change: Date: 3 Oct 2016
Time: 10:59:16

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